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It has been a busy day of learning at camp today!

The day began with our language courses where our students studied French, English, Spanish or German. After that we enjoyed a delicious pasta lunch together before splitting up into our courses.

Some of our older studients learnt about photography this afternoon in a fun interactive session. We had a big group focussing on leadership through a range of development training activities. In our first aid and mountain fitness course our students honed their life saving skills and learnt about the affects of altitude on the body. Our robotics group built robots and then learnt to programme them to complete different tasks and to play games with them. In art, cooking and theatre our students painted and used different materials to create texture. In cooking they made sushi and chocolate cookies and brought them back to the camp to share with other groups and in theatre they made collaborative movies and played a range of acting games.

This evening our Discovery group have an entertaining fashion show planned where they will create their own outfits and compete on the catwalk for the highest scores. Our Explorers have a chilled movie night with popcorn after a busy day of learning. Our Adventurers are still full of energy so they’re going to run it off in the sports centre with football, volleyball and basketball and our Pioneers have a choice of three activities including card games, watching the European football match and enjoying the facilities in our games room.