Multiple Benefits of Personal Achievements

Why is it important to have personal achievements?Fun-Ski-Girls
  • To reach goals and targets
  • To overcome any obstacles that may get in the way of succeeding
  • To have a challenge, do your best and to make yourself proud of what you  have accomplished.
  • To push yourself to use the skills learned and to continually improve to be the best you can be
Recent studies have found that students who participate in social and educational learning programs benefit in multiple ways. Compare this to students who do not and they improve significantly with respect to:
Achievement test scores and school grades
Social and emotional skills
Positive social and classroom behavior
Conduct problems such as classroom misbehavior and aggression
Attitudes about themselves, others, and school
Emotional distress such as stress and depression
Which achievements could your child reach during a winter camp at Les Elfes?
Challenge yourself by learning Skiing and Snowboarding

During 6 days per week and 6h / day, from total beginners to high level experts, our students learn how to ski and snowboard. No matter the level they have at their arrival they will all discover that they can overcome their own limits and will return home proud after achieving their newly achieved skills. Many parents have commented on how their children have returned with a greater sense of self confidence, independence and pride. After each session, a race is organised in order to give a certificate to the camper to show him/her how he/she improved since previous  years  or since the begin of the camp

Which level is your child? Discover it through those detailed description of achievement levels.

Improve your social and international skills through language lessons

Taught by the  Verbier Language School.  Students will undergo language lessons for 8h per week. As students come from all over the world, the multi lingual aspect of Les Elfes is both interesting and new to many students, and allows the students to discover how to communicate with people from different cultures and mother tongues. Parents often relay on how their kids found international long life friendships and how they have become more aware of the culture difference through the world. Teachers will evaluate the students at their arrival and departure in order to provide them with a  certificate and make them proud of their achievements since their arrival or since last year.

Improve even more with intensive language program

For those who are looking for deeper international objectives. We propose intensive language programs of 15h per week in addition of the ski and snowboard lessons. With this program students will have even more achievements and gain skills that will be useful for their entire life and future carriers.

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