Difference between 2 and 4 weeks Summer Programs

At Les Elfes we are currently offering 2 and 4 week programs for our summer camp.

It is important to identify exactly the difference between these programs.

During a two week session the students take part in many activities as you can see. The four week program further develops the students’ learning of these activities, such as in mountain biking in the first week they may take part in a gentle route and the following occasion a more challenging route, or in rock climbing, students may be introduced to rock climbing in the first two weeks and further on experience a more challenging face.

It must be clear that the monitors and group leaders will always make sure the students are safe and that we are not pushing them too much, at the same time, we understand given the right guidance, students can achieve more than they ever anticipate, this is the key to learning through adventure.

Also within the four week programs the students can choose some of their activities so that they can further develop the activities they enjoy the most.  Also they will have the choice of the different mountain huts or camping locations ensuring they experience a diverse Alpine experience ,  this is also the case with the excursions, again providing the students with a range of cultural visits.

It is important for the students to understand that although the programs are pre defined, within the weeks 3 and 4 they do have more choice, and therefore able to enjoy the activities they do best, and at the same time learn new skills in new activities.

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