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Our day began with a delicious breakfast shared by all the kids, a delightful way to fuel up for the adventures ahead. After breakfast, the kids split into different language lesson groups, each eager to learn and engage. Post lessons, the groups embarked on various exciting activities. One group tackled a challenging rope course, testing their agility and teamwork. Another group ventured into the mountains for a thrilling mountain biking experience, enjoying a scenic picnic lunch amidst nature. Meanwhile, a third group experienced the exhilaration of trottinetes, zipping around with glee. The final group opted for a fun-filled session of bowling, striking up both pins and camaraderie.

Throughout the day, some of the more daring kids took to the skies with paragliding, soaring high and capturing breathtaking views. As the sun began to set, everyone reconvened on campus for a hearty dinner, sharing stories of their adventurous day. The evening culminated in a joyous group activity: creating a music video together. Laughter, music, and creativity filled the air, bringing everyone closer and ending the day on a high note. The blend of learning, adventure, and teamwork made it a day to remember for all.