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The day at camp began with a hearty breakfast, fueling the kids for their busy schedule. Energized and excited, they headed off to their morning language lessons, choosing between Spanish, German, Mandarin, and French. Each child immersed themselves in the new language, eager to practice and learn.

Post-lessons, they engaged in optional activities such as tennis, golf, or horse riding, relishing the variety and freedom of choice. These activities built their appetite for a delicious lunch, where they chatted and laughed, sharing stories of their morning.

The afternoon was a whirlwind of adventure and sports. Some scaled the heights of the rock climbing wall, while others played tag rugby, navigated mountain biking trails, or enjoyed a spirited sports day. Each activity brought joy, camaraderie, and a sense of achievement.

As the day drew to a close, the older kids got ready for a special evening out, dining at a nearby restaurant. The highlight of the day was the disco party, where everyone, regardless of age, danced and celebrated together. Music, laughter, and the twinkle of disco lights made it a night to remember, capping off a perfect day at camp.