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Live from the Campus

4th July – Excursion Day

Today, the campers had an exciting day filled with various excursions. One group visited the Bern Zoo, where they enjoyed observing the animals and had a delightful picnic lunch. After their meal, they went shopping in Bern, exploring the local shops and enjoying the city’s charm.

Another group headed to the Bear Park, where they spent time watching the bears in their natural habitat. They also had a picnic there, followed by some shopping in Bern, making the most of their time in the city.

The final group had a sweet adventure at the Swiss chocolate factory. They learned about the chocolate-making process and indulged in some tasty samples. For lunch, they went to the Gruyère Castle, enjoying the scenic views and delicious food. Afterward, they went shopping in Vevey, exploring the picturesque town.

In the evening, all the groups returned to the campus and had dinner together, sharing stories about their day. The evening activities were also well-organized and fun. The youngest campers played a game called “The Cube,” the middle age group took a torch-lit walk through the village of Verbier, and the oldest campers enjoyed a game of mini-golf. It was a day full of adventure, learning, and fun for everyone!