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Live from the Campus

5th July – Last Day Session 2!

The last day of session 2 with the kids at the campus was filled with excitement and adventure. After breakfast, each group set out for their respective activities, eager to make the most of their final day. The youngest group headed to Lake Day, where they enjoyed a delightful boat ride across the serene waters. Their laughter and joy were infectious as they splashed and played, making lasting memories.

The middle group embarked on a thrilling visit to the Xtreme Park. There, they faced various challenges and exhilarating rides that tested their courage and teamwork. Afterward, they cooled off at the Aqua Park, where they had a blast on the water slides and pools, enjoying every moment of their aquatic adventure.

Meanwhile, the oldest group took on the daring activity of bridge swinging. The thrill of swinging high above the ground was an unforgettable experience for them. Later, they experienced Real Fly, where they got a taste of what it’s like to fly, adding an extra layer of excitement to their day.

Everyone paused their activities to enjoy a picnic lunch, sharing stories and laughter. The camaraderie among the groups was evident as they bonded over their shared experiences. When they returned to the campus, a delicious dinner awaited them, providing a perfect end to their active day.

After dinner, all the groups gathered for the much-anticipated prize-giving ceremony. The event was a joyous celebration, with many awards handed out to recognize the kids’ efforts and achievements over the past two weeks. The highlight of the evening was watching the videos that the staff had created, capturing the memorable moments and adventures the kids had experienced. The videos brought smiles, laughter, and a few tears of joy as everyone reflected on their incredible journey.

It was truly a grand day, marking the end of an amazing session filled with fun, friendship, and unforgettable memories.