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The day at camp began with a delicious breakfast, energizing the kids for the activities ahead. Following the meal, they headed to their language courses, eager to learn and practice new skills. Some opted for optional courses like tennis, golf, or horse riding, enjoying the chance to pursue personal interests.

By midday, everyone returned to camp for a hearty lunch. The afternoon was packed with exciting activities tailored to different age groups. The youngest campers embarked on an indoor rock climbing adventure, where they tested their agility and had a blast scaling the walls. The middle group participated in a sports day, engaging in various games and friendly competitions that promoted teamwork and physical fitness. Meanwhile, the oldest group ventured outdoors for rock climbing, challenging themselves on natural rock formations and enjoying the fresh air and scenic views.

As evening approached, the campers gathered for dinner, sharing stories and experiences from their eventful day. After the meal, the fun continued with a variety of evening activities. Some played mini golf, honing their putting skills in a relaxed setting. Others participated in “The Cube,” a game designed to test their problem-solving abilities and teamwork. The day concluded with a special treat for the big kids: a campfire. They gathered around the flickering flames, sharing stories and bonding under the starlit sky, creating memories that would last a lifetime.