How to stay in contact with your child?

A common concern for parents is that you need to be able to contact us and your child during their stay.

Les Elfes has quite a liberal approach to electronic devices, unlike similar american camps, we do not forbid electronic devices at the camp.

We do still limit the amount of time students can spend on those devices.

Camp allows our yougsters to look up from the world on their screens and to experience the sublime in panoramic-real-life view.

We allow students to have their phones from 17h00 until 19h00 each afternoon to contact home.

For the remaining time all mobile devices are stored with Les Elfes staff in a secure locker at the campus.

Over the past few years we have trialed many electronic device policies and we have found 3 main benefits from our current policy:

Students mix more easily and make new friends if they don’t have an isolated alternative to social interaction. They learn to share in the experience of the camp with their fellow campers rather than hiding behind facebook and snapchat and communicating only with their friends at home. Camp is an opportunity to build lifelong relationships with students from around the world, don’t let an ipad interfere with that.

Campers without their phones adjust much faster than campers who have the option to speak to their parents every 5 minutes. The biggest problem we have with students who are feeling homesick is when parents continue to contact them outside of set hours. Students who are busy in activities and sharing new experiences under the supervision of our very experienced staff are happy and smiley but as soon as they hear the voices of their parents they start to remember home and start to miss them. It is normal and we often have a few tears at phone time but as soon as phone time is over and children return to being happy, smiley, well-adjusted kids who know that in one or two weeks they will go home full of stories to tell their parents. Please don’t be alarmed if your child cries when they speak to you. Camp is challenging and tiring and you are their security blanket at home that they can have a little cry to. It doesn’t mean that they are unhappy.


Campers experience more in the mountains than they can on youtube or facebook. The experience of being at camp is one that should be cherished and every moment needs to be experienced to the fullest. Every time a child glances at their phone they miss a special moment that they cannot get back. Not having a phone during activities means students experience every moment of the activity, they are involved and engaged and have the opportunity to learn.

Our reception is open from 08h00 until 20h00 and students can be reached via our receptionist at the campus.

For serious emergencies we also have an emergency number which can be used 24/7 to speak to your son or daughter.

We also welcome you to email if you have any concerns about your child and we endeavour to respond to all emails within 24 hours.

Your child would like to take away photos from their time at camp? All of our instructors carry a smartphone and take photos throughout the activities.

Photos are uploaded to our online blog with stories from each group every day.

They are also available on Facebook for you to download and keep and at the end of the week we collate a slideshow of the best pictures and videos of the week which students can take home with them to remember their time at the camp.

We also have a Les Elfes App where you can receive live updates about activities on camp and photos as they are tagged throughout the day.

At camp our Elfes learn to cope with adversity, harness equanimity and gain confidence in expressing themselves. Social media will still be there when they go home, but so will the knowledge that their resilience and personal strength can enable them to achieve astounding things!

Association Annapurna Nepal – Fabiana Report September 2017

Strong relationship with the Association Annapurna Nepal Les Elfes proudly continues its strong relationship with the Association Annapurna Nepal, working with mainly young girls either orphaned or with very little in the way of a supporting family. In 2017 we sent 6 staff members to Nepal including Fabiana our staff member from La Tzoumaz who had some fond memories to share with us.
Fabiana Report September 2017: At ANA- Association Annapurna Nepal- I had opportunity to spend time with a host, at that time in  September, their were 13 girls and 2 boys. Schedule The volunteering schedule was based on a visit twice a day. The first one in the morning, to help the children getting ready to school. The second visit in the evening, to help with homework, studies and recreational activities.  Saturdays were different though, I could spend the whole day with them and full day of different activities. Exam Time It was exam time when I was there, therefore in the first week we were doing mostly studies. I was more related with the younger ones, since the older had already a well organized study method and  it was in these moments I learned a lot, mostly about their culture and how life is so different to here in Europe.  Furthermore, we had good laughs together about how different these “two worlds” are. As the time  passed  by I could see how hard working they are through good life habits, routines and studies. I am not  used to seeing children who really like to study it was so impressive. Dashain & Tihar We were also near the time for the biggest festival celebrated in Nepal- Dashain & Tihar- which I would say is like our Christmas in Europe. Everyone gets home, from all over, to get the blessed “tika” (red dot in the forehead) from the elder relatives. With this came a great invitation to attend at their celebration in school. The subject was “Talent show competition” for which the girls, in between studies, were practicing. The school was decorated and all the children were very excited. Once again I had the opportunity to get a bit deep into their culture through the performance of the children from this school and was amazed. I sweetly remember at one point the teacher presenting the show asked two of our elder children to switch the language to English so I could understand. After School Activities When the school was completely over we had more time for some activities such as crafts,  some necklace making, baking, playing traditional games from Europe, among others. Also I had the time to show them a presentation about my Island- San Jorge- Azores-Portugal- and along some of the dances from Portugal and Brazil. How great are the differences but how connected all the people are through singing and dancing. Continuing in the subject we also did one of the most famous après-ski activities from Les Elfes- the music video. This one consists in dancing and mimic-off a song that afterwards will be edited with some effects and mixtures. They were very excited with it. Perfect Farewell As all the pleasant times fly by, my great time with these children was about to finished and nothing better for a perfect farewell than some ice cream to delight all the taste and a big “thank you” video to send to Les Elfes and all the supporters. After this time the children went to their villages to visit some relatives or close neighbours and therefore get their blessings as well. My journey in Nepal was not quite finished as I had the opportunity to explore a bit of the beautiful Annapurna’s mountains, the amazing Budist temples in Lumbini and finally the wild jungle in the Chitwan National Park. This experience was one of the kind and it really took me out of my comfort zone to a beautiful place and to a beautiful home where so much values are being passed to these children who somehow lost the base of support at a very young age. But they are doing the most out of this opportunity at ANA and really prepare themselves for a bright future. I can only finish by recommending to all the colleagues who feel somehow committed with doing some service out of their comfort zone, to join the family in Nepal and get ready for an enriching exchange. To Philippe and to Les Elfes’ family (including staff, partners and supporters) as he proudly calls us, a big “Dhanbad” (thank you in Nepali) for the lovely opportunity that now I can share with others.

The Swiss Ski School has accredited Les Elfes Team

Greetings All !

Congratulations to Les Elfes team who passed their two week Les Elfes training. For us it is crucial the team has been correctly assessed both on snow and of it, and the Swiss Ski School has accredited them all, a great achievement. We wish you all fantastic Holidays, for those of you celebrating Christmas, we wish you a merry one, and to all a wonderful New Year and 2018 ahead. We are still taking bookings for Christmas and New Year with sessions starting 23th, 26th and 30th of December. Contact us for more information: or call +41 27 775 35 90.

Finally Summer is here





Dear Parents, Friends and Campers,

Finally, Summer is here, our first session begins and we are excited to welcome our first arrivals.

Summer brings a fantastic atmosphere to Les Elfes, the diversity in cultures and nationalities provides a unique atmosphere and special environment. Camp life offers so much to the campers, the activities on offer are broad, and campers have fantastic opportunities to learn and experience new things. Being away for two or three weeks can be tough for many, especially first time campers, with our dedicated team of staff and positive atmosphere campers will develop a little independence and learn how to manage life away from home.Above all else, camp is a global community, all ages from every corner of the globe come through our doors, and from day one are treated the same, emphasizing on respect and caring for others, no matter the race, religion or gender. At Les Elfes our mission is not only to ensure our campers have a fantastic time, enjoying new activities, and take valuable skills away, but to educate our campers on how to value one another as people, to forge friendships for life.leselfes-photos



Day Camp

This summer our day camps also run alongside our residential camps, campers can be dropped of to Les Elfes in time for languages at 9am, and picked up in the evening after dinner or evening activities between 7pm-9pm. Day camps offer a good insight into life at Les Elfes, and for younger children works very well, if parents wish for campers to try a night at camp this can be arranged. 


Duke of Edinburgh Bronze trip

As always our Duke of Edinburgh programs are taking place and new to Les Elfes for summer 2017 we are offering a unique chance to complete your Bronze practice and qualifying expeditions at our international camp. Since 2014 Les Elfes has been licensed as one of the first International Trained Activity Providers (ITAP) worldwide to deliver the Adventurous Journey and/or Residential Project of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. We are the first ITAP based in Switzerland. Open to individuals and groups the open Bronze trip will run at our Crans-Montana campus, nestled on a stunning plateau of the Swiss Alps with views of Mt. Blanc from 12th August to 19th August 2017. 




Summer 2017 New Personal Development Programs

Summer 2017 News
We are also taking bookings for Summer 2017,  with a number of new personal development programs on offer:


Moutnain Fitness (Exlporers and Pioneers Only)

Utilising the stunning settings and outdoor environment in Verbier  our day program is run by professional Personal Trainers. The day  will include a studio circuit session whereby students will take part and enjoy some high intensity cardio/ TRX /spin sessions with music to match. Also included, a high altitude hike incorporating  yoga , Par Cours Vita and sessions orientated towards, body strength,  body weight circuits and active recovery stretch sessions. Students will also make there own healthy snacks and lunch, with focus on nutrition education and some recipes for them to take home. It all sounds hard work, but we assure you it is all conducted with a fun approach and there is something for everyone to learn and take home with them.



First Aid

Students will spend a day with a professional First Aider who has many years of experience training adults and children in this field. First aid awareness is such an asset to have, and we feel that the course is invaluable.  By the end fo the course the students will be able to understand the key aspects of first aid, and have the key information needed to recognize and treat an injury confidently. From resuscitation to choking, spinal injuries or wounds, a range of scenarios will be carried out. Upon completion,  all our first aiders will receive a certificate from World Class Training a recognized member of the Association of First Aiders.And following great results last summer we are still proposing the following for 2017;



 Our leadership programmes cover a broad scope across a range of parameters within the field. From the 2-3 hr. facilitation session designed to address single issues such as communication skills, team building and stress management to the 1-2 week residential courses encompassing the complete range of Les Elfes leadership and personal development programmes. Resources for programmes include specially designed games and puzzles that isolate a single aspect of learning and allow learners to experiment with skills in a safe and supportive environment and then be guided through reflective and analytical processes to examine experiences from new perspectives. Our most valuable resource however is our natural environment and our new residential leadership courses are delivered as much as possible within this natural environment, immersing learners in the setting which deepens meaning



Our career programme combines a practical development training model with components designed to equip student for the world of work. We have inspirational guest speakers to enlighten students about the range of different opportunities and paths for reaching their goals. Topics covered will be what choices career paths students have made currently and why, what direction or field of work they are interested in, and importantly what skill sets do they feel they are strongest. The course is a mix or classroom and practical outdoor tasks. The objective is for students to have a better understanding of their own talents and what it takes to achieve the success they seek.


Web Identity

Our Online Protection and Web Identity Course will give students an insight and understanding into an aspect of the web that they would not have had before, our aim is not to put students off from the likes of social media or to reduce the time they spend on the internet, but how to be more productive, protective of your data, and more importantly, protective of your personal image online.  Stéphane Koch, whose vast resume includes Masters of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Economic Crime Investigation,  a degree of Specialist in Public Relations (ISRP),  the position of Vice-President of High-Tech Bridge SA (a company specialized in Ethical Hacking) will be delivering the course to our students.


Arts, Cooking, Theatre

For our youngest students we offer a diverse range of activities designed to give students the opportunity to express themselves and to explore their creative talent. Our programme combines art classes with a local art school, cooking and food preparation workshops, theatre and improvisation sessions and a chance for public speaking and group presentations to build confidence and team working skills.


Fresh snow in Verbier already!!!

Greetings All,

Les Elfes Winter Camps are close to starting, fresh snow in Verbier already!!! It looks set to be a great December, and with more snow forecasted this week, the slopes will no doubt be in great condition.

As for us, our staff members will take part in a two week training camp being closely examined on a variety of topics, from safety on slopes, their instructing, to first aid, all in order to make the camps are run to the highest quality, and most importantly to make sure anyone coming through our doors have the time of their lives!

Our first groups will arrive from Singapore, Switzerland and China, and the international atmosphere is back, whether you celebrate Christmas or not Les Elfes is a special place in December.

We look forward to welcoming you all.

Discover Lemania-Verbier International School

Nestled in the heart of Verbier, Lemania-Verbier International School offers world-class education for students aged 3 to 15.

Striving for educational excellence, LVIS currently welcomes 60 students from around the world in a beautiful mountain setting. Students follow the English National Curriculum, and classes are taught in English and French.

Our coherent continuum of programmes runs from pre-school (Key Foundation Stage 1) through to secondary school (Year 9). Following the accreditations the school received for the IGCSE and International Baccalaureate (IB), we will be offering these programmes from 2018, thus enabling students to carry out their education in Verbier until the age of 18.

In order to help students fulfill their full potential, we proudly offer small class settings with highly qualified teachers, providing them with an individually tailored education with extra support when required.

Education goes beyond the curriculum at LVIS, and students are provided with a learning experience that will last a lifetime. Learning is inspired by critical thinking, creativity and open mindedness to the beliefs and cultures of others.

With a strong emphasis on competitive Sports and the Arts, LVIS offers each student the possibility to expand their knowledge and interests through a comprehensive set of artistic, cultural, athletic and technological activities. Naturally, skiing is an integral part of our programme during the winter season with skiing programmes offered to all students in what is the biggest and most beautiful ski area in Switzerland. The school has its very own LVIS Racing Team with competitions throughout Switzerland.

LVIS is entering into a development phase and has exciting plans to build a new boarding school, which will enable us to welcome up to 300 students.

For more information please visit their website: or email at

Winter Special Events and Celebration

Dear All,

I write to you with glad tidings, there is much to celebrate in the next few months, so please read on.

First snowfall…

For many in this little alpine resort the start of the winter season is certainly the most exciting part of the year, Les Elfes Verbier is no exception. As the memories of a brilliant summer and autumn fade we look forward with eager anticipation, winters chill is starting to creep in, the mountains are crisp and the air is fresh, one can scarcely believe how quickly these frosty seasons come around. The lanscape changes its hue of greens to oranges and soon, the first snowfall will dust the peaks far and wide, anyhow, enough of of the georgraphy lessons.

Winter is coming soon

This Winter our Sessions begin on the 3rd of December and students can choose from wither one or two week sessions, details are on our website. Christmas week is something truly special on camp, with the international community we have getting involved in the positive atmosphere. Wether you celebrate Christmas or not, skiing and snowboarding on the 300km + slopes in the 4 Valley, or excursions to Montreux Christmas Market, there is much fun to be had.

Special New Year Sessions
New Year is just as fun, the resort is busy and bustling with holidaymakers from all over the world, and of course the mandatory firework displays! There is a cosmopolitan feel to Verbier that is quite unique and this is certainly captured in the Les Elfes festive spirit.

International atmosphere
It is the international atmosphere at Les Elfes which makes the camp such a special place. It is a really significant experience for young people to travel away from home and to spend time with new friends from around the world. Our students come to us hoping to improve their languages, learn new ski or snowboard skills, but it is the friendships they take home with them that truly shape their time with us. Our language courses, ski and snowboard programmes and even our evening activities support our camp model of integration for all ages and ethnicities allowing our students to benefit from a melt-pot of cultural variety and to build bonds which will last a lifetime.

Switch to the new App as soon as possible

Dear All,

Firstly we would all like to thank you for using out Les Elfes App and hope that you have been satisfied with all of the content and regular information. We now have an update to our app, and in order to have the best possible experience, we suggest you switch to the new app as soon as possible. We wish you a very pleasant summer ahead, any questions or issues, please do let us know.

Download the app


New Etiquette Classes Summer 2016

Dear Campers, Parents and Friends,

At Les Elfes we have high expectations for our students and we endeavor to enable them to achieve the most from their time with us.

An important part of the experience we offer is the ‘family’ atmosphere that we have on our camp.

We offer different programmes for each age group however on our campus the way the groups are combined during meals and some activities means that all of our students, regardless of their age group, are part of a bigger supportive team who look after one-another and share their stories together at the end of the day.

Unsurprisingly therefore for many students this is a new environment, and simply being way from home and part of a larger group is a new concept, and for many being out of their own culture and country is also a new chapter.

As a result of this we are proud to have conceptualized Etiquette classes at Les Elfes. Understanding how to feel self assured, and confident in a range of environments especially away from parents in a new part of the world is something we feel many of our students can benefit from.

In collaboration with Chalet D’Adrien, a Relais Chateaux luxury 5 Star Hotel in Verbier with a simply stunning gourmet restaurant.Students will spend time learning and putting into practice a range of topics, such as sitting correctly, manners at the table, etc.Manners cost nothing as the saying goes, and more than ever children are tested, graded, assessed from early ages.


Our Etiquette course is run once per session:

These dynamic and interactive workshops will enable our students to develop a toolbox of teamwork skills which will help them to build mature lasting relationships with friends and colleagues, create imaginative and complex solutions to problems and focus on their Emotional Intelligence using theories and practices from a range of academic scholars in the field of experiential learning.

The course will be around 6 hours long and divided into two sections:


In collaboration with Chalet D’Adrien, a Relais Chateaux luxury 5 Star Hotel in Verbier with a simply stunning gourmet restaurant.

Students will spend time learning and putting into practice a range of topics, such as sitting correctly, manners at the table, table setting, silverware settings, dining dos and don’ts, interacting with servers and many more. Although many of us take these topics for granted, for many it can be quite daunting, with our help and guidance, we believe students will approach these situations with a newfound confidence and enthusiasm.

They will learn proper table manners, manners at home, manners when out and about, honesty, integrity include role playing and exercises, multimedia materials, and comprehensive lesson plans so students learn the value of proper behavior, self-respect, and self-confidence all while having fun.


Manners cost nothing as the saying goes, and more than ever children are tested, graded, assessed from early ages. Manners and decorum are increasingly important.

Students will learn the value of proper behavior, the power of please and thank you, public manners, talking to adults, eye contact, standing tall and making small talk. With our fun interactive class, student will carry out role playing scenarios where they can present their best side and make the most of the opportunities that come their way.

Being prepared for success in the global economy of the 21st century, in a variety of situations is crucial, with this fun, interactive course, students can develop important skills, manners, become more accommodating of others and become impressionable for all the right reasons.

We have just a few days left of our winter season here and whether you are travelling to visit us for skiing in Spring or adventurous activities this summer camp we look forward to a great trip together.

For those who have visited us already this winter, thank you for a fantastic season.

The Chalet d’Adrien
Relais & Châteaux, 5 star hotel in Verbier

This hotel offers personalized proposals of stay to all parents willing to accompany their children joining the international holiday campus “Les Elfes”.

Visit their website

New Personal Development Programs

As Leo Tolstoy said, ‘Spring is the time of plans and projects’ and for us here it is no exception, at Les Elfes we have been busy developing and fine tuning our Spring and Summer programs and new to this year are our Personal Development Programs. These dynamic and interactive workshops will enable our students to develop a toolbox of teamwork skills which will help them to build mature lasting relationships with friends and colleagues, create imaginative and complex solutions to problems and focus on their Emotional Intelligence using theories and practices from a range of academic scholars in the field of experiential learning. The Four main PDPs will be:

Web Identity

Perfecting your online identity is an ever increasing topic and very much of the now. Personal branding and social media awareness is tantamount to how people not only see you but potentially see what you do each day. We teach pragmatic approaches on this topic, and cover many different aspects of data management, from uploading images appropriately to dialogue with other online users in different scenarios.


Within our Etiquette classes students will become familiar with understanding decorum in formal and less formal scenarios and how to present one self in a range of environments. Perfect for students who are stepping into a new arena such as university overseas. With our fun approach our classes will best prepare students on how to conduct themselves in a confident and comfortable manner, or how to best tackle an interview or even to host a dinner party!

Careers Programme

Our careers programme combines a practical development training model with components designed to equip students for the world of work. We have inspirational guest speakers to enlighten students about the range of different opportunities and paths for reaching their goals and a first aid course, run by a professional trainer, in which students can take away a valid first aid certificate as part of the professional development portfolio for universities or colleges.

Leadership Programme

Our leadership programme comprises interactive development training sessions and an introduction to a range of academic models covering group dynamics and leadership techniques. Our students have the opportunity to apply their new skills in outdoor activities and to set personal goals throughout the training to develop their personal leadership style. Through our programme students are empowered to use their knowledge of the theories underpinning affective leadership and the confidence to grow as a young adult to become a successful leader for others.


For our youngest students we offer a diverse range of activities designed to give students the opportunity to express themselves and to explore their creative talent. Our programme combines art classes with a local art school, cooking and food preparation workshops, theatre and improvisation sessions and a chance for public speaking and group presentations to build confidence and team working skills.

Разнообразие рождает умных!

Разнообразие рождает умных!
Где провести каникулы с пользой?

С юга – Италия, с севера – Германия, на западе – Франция, на востоке – Австрия и крохотный Лихтенштейн – неудивительно, что в Швейцарии говорят аж на четырех языках. Часы и сыр, банковские услуги и ножи, горнолыжный туризм и шоколад, образование и одежда – сколько всего разного и качественного подарила миру небольшая Швейцария. В этой миролюбивой и безопасной стране с высоким уровнем жизни вашему ребенку будет что посмотреть и перенять.

Мы знаем в Швейцарских Альпах особенное местечко: называется Вербье. Чтобы дети непринужденно учили иностранные языки, социализировались, интересно и активно отдыхали – словом, наиболее разнообразно проводили свое время, с 1987 года здесь работает международный детский лагерь Les Elfes.

Что нового ожидает вашего ребенка в 2016 году?

Les Elfes – это не только изучение английского, французского, немецкого или испанского языков; не только спорт, игры, экскурсии, разнообразная культурная программа, но и особенный подход к личностному росту учащихся.
Представляем вашему вниманию программы персонального развития (Personal Development Programs):

1. Осознание себя в пространстве Интернета (Web Identity)
О том, как создавать собственный образ и осознанно вести себя в социальных медиа, как управлять своими личными данными в Интернете.

2. Правила поведения в ситуациях личного и делового общения (Etiquette)
Программа идеально подходит для тех ребят, которые в будущем собираются поступать в зарубежный университет. О том, как уверенно себя вести, оставаясь в хорошем расположении духа, как грамотно проходить интервью и принимать на праздничный ужин гостей.

3. Планирование будущей карьеры: воркшоп (Career Guidance Program for 15–17 years old)
Здесь ваш ребенок погрузится в мир профессий, определится со своими интересами, попрактикуется и, возможно, даже получит свой первый сертификат для портфолио (пригодится при поступлении в университет).

4. Развитие лидерства: воркшоп (Leadership Training Program for 12–14 years old)
В живом общении, уличных активностях и взаимодействии друг с другом дети учатся занимать лидирующую позицию исходя из специальных технологий лидерства и знаний групповой динамики.

5. Раскрытие талантов и творческого мышления: воркшоп (Cooking/Art/Theatre for 7–11 years old)
Самые младшие участники смогут проявить себя в приготовлении блюд, рисовании, создании театральных постановок, публичных выступлениях. Это поможет выявить таланты вашего ребенка, развить в нем уверенность и командные навыки.
Весна в разгаре, до лета осталось всего два месяца:
успейте спланировать каникулы!