At Les Elfes we are very concerned about the safety of our students, and now more than ever.

In compliance with the Government’s decisions to decrease COVID measures as of 16th February 2022, you will find below the actions taken by Les Elfes International:

  • All Les Elfes staff is fully vaccinated.
  • We guarantee the presence of a nurse in our campus.
  • Our staff, nurse and housekeepers have been trained for extra measures to be taken since the coronavirus scenario took place.
  • Disinfectant dispensers are always placed in the chalet and available for use.
  • Masks are compulsory for adults and children in public transport. As per the latest decision of the Government, the mask is not required in indoor and outdoor areas. Despite that, we will respect and follow your request in case you would like your students to wear it.
  • In order to avoid any risk during your stay with us, the school will have to proceed with Covid Self-tests or Antigenic tests for everyone before the departure. If the participants are tested positive to Covid, they must stay at home. We will request from the trip leader to arrive at the campus with the list of the negative tested participants. This list will have to be signed by the trip leader.
  • If needed, Les Elfes can organize a PCR or an antigenic test before the participant’s departure with a local pharmacy to be paid by parents.

Parents must take care of all documents necessary to travel: visa and sanitary obligations (Covid Certificate, PCR or antigenic tests),  different from each country.

We continue to seek advice from the Federal Council of health. In case of changes, measures will be amended and updated accordingly.


Considering the current worldwide situation, we are offering special cancellation conditions. Les Elfes Int. SA offers 100% refund until 24h before the arrival
if :

  • The participants or his/her immediate family member is ill with COVID-19 during the 14 days before the arrival. Proof requested
  • If Switzerland or the country of origin requires quarantine upon arrival
  • If visa is not issued because of COVID-19 restrictions
  • If the borders are closed in Switzerland or in the country of origin

The reference to any of the above points needs to be proven by an appropriate


Travelling to Switzerland is finally as easy as it used to be!

To get a clear picture of the possibilities of entering Switzerland from abroad, we recommend that you visit the TRAVEL CHECK website.


Would you have any other enquiries, please find below the answers to the questions that you may have:


  1. How does Les Elfes identify someone who has Covid?

If a child is displaying symptoms, then we shall carry out a Covid test.


  1. What is the first step when you find a participant has Covid?

The participant will go into quarantine, the length of which will vary depending on when the first symptoms were detected, is between 7 and 10 days from the first symptoms. For example, if a child has a cough or fever on the 1st of the month, and we then test the child on the 2nd, and we receive results on the 3rd, then usually the child will have to quarantine until midnight of the 10th, again, this is not concrete but generally the case.

Depending on what the SWISS Medical and Health authorities decide, other kids may be tested, and further action is taken. As soon as there is an incidence, Les Elfes reports the same to the Swiss authorities.


  1. While he is quarantined, what about the other three in the room and whom he has been with?

Again, the authorities decide, and this is why our personal protection plan is key, if kids are wearing masks, and we social distance as much as possible, the authorities may not require us to test the other kids in campus, unless they have symptoms. But the decision of action vests with them.


  1. Where will the ill participant be kept, and who is responsible for his care?

The ill participant will be kept in a room dedicated to potential quarantine. There is no problem in the child quarantining on campus in his or her own room with others on-site, we just have to be diligent.

The Les ELFES Staff are responsible for the care during the quarantine.  Les Elfes will arrange with the authorities to obtain Covid recovery certificates (so the children can fly, and importantly be recognized as immune for at least  6 months) and transfers back to the airport, parents would have to take care of any UM if needed.


  1. Who will take care of the persons who were in contact with the ill participant until the result of the test comes back?

Les Elfes staff, again the nature of what the others in touch with the positive case are permitted to do, will be up to the Swiss authorities.


  1. Will Les Elfes charge me for any extra care if my child has to quarantine? Will my insurance company cover the change of flight?

 Les Elfes shall not charge for children extended stay at the camp. For the flight tickets, check with your provider, but if you take Les Elfes accident insurance then our insurance company will cover up to 2000,–CHF for the missed flight.


  1. If a child is in quarantine and his or her school party leaves, what is the procedure?

Les Elfes staff shall take full care of the child. If he or she needs to fly home after quarantine, then Les Elfes shall organize the transfers to the airport (not the flight, the school/parent will have to arrange) and if necessary accompany the child on the necessary flight back to school’s expenses.


  1. If a school teacher tests positive, what is the procedure?

Same procedure as if it were a child, if the school needs a ‘replacement’ adult to accompany kids for the transfer home, then Les Elfes will arrange for a staff member to travel with the group if necessary to fulfil their ratio of adult to children whilst in transit at school’s expenses. 

  1. If my child whilst at the camp is declared a person of close contact with someone who tested positive before the camp, what is the procedure?

This will be discussed with the medical authorities both back in the child’s home country and in Switzerland.  Several outcomes are possible, and we shall follow the necessary guidelines.

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