How to prevent homesickness?

Homesickness is one concern, children might develop before and while attending holiday camp. Be assured, that this is normal!  We would like to give you some advise on how to deal with this type of concern.

Please see below a few tips provided by our experienced staff:

How to deal with homesickness before and during summer camp?

For kids that have anxiety about going back to camp, or kids that are first time campers, this time of year can be difficult for them. Anxiety is building and they need to work on it so by the time camp comes they are ready to enjoy a great summer!

Keep an eye open for less noticeable signs such as changes in sleep patterns (trouble falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep) or difficulty separating from you.

8 tips to help kids relax and have a positive camp experience:

  1. Talk about Les Elfes with your child in the weeks before summer camp starts! Try to find out, if your child has any fears or concerns about being away from home… All our staff at camp would be more than happy to answer any questions.
  2. Focus on the FUN side of summer camp at Les Elfes and try to highlight it in daily discussions with your child before camp starts.
  3. Remind your kids of the awesome games, crafts and sports in which they’ll participate. Show your child our camp brochure with cool pictures or go on our website, and discuss what a typical day at Les Elfes will consist of – hiking, rock climbing, swimming, mountain biking and many, many more different outdoor activities!
  4. Keep the farewell brief and do not make it dramatic. Also for parents, it can be hard to say good-bye. When children feel the pain of their parents, they will be more likely to get homesick during the time at camp.
  5. Please do not make any rescue promises to pick-up your child if they do not like the camp. This could have an adverse effect and they may not try to integrate.
  6. Summer camp at Les Elfes is a great way for kids to become independent and to grow up. While your child is at camp, try to keep the contact to a minimum in order to maximize this effect. Even if it is hard for you, please keep phone calls, text messages or emails short.
  7. Express confidence in your child’s resilience and admiration for his or her courage in going to camp.
  8. Tell your child that you are sure he or she will get help from counselors and friends when needed. All the staff at Les Elfes work here because they love working with children and want them to have a great time!

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