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A Remarkable Second Session at Les Elfes Summer Camp!

What an extraordinary session we’ve had! We had the pleasure of hosting a wonderfully diverse group of students from around the globe, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the USA, India, Singapore, Spain, France, China, and many more. This vibrant mix of cultures enriched our camp, making it an exceptional experience for everyone involved.

Due to the high influx of eager campers, we introduced a new age group this summer session—the Adventurers. This group embraced a wide range of exciting activities, from off-road mountain scooters to rock climbing, making unforgettable memories along the way. We’re incredibly proud of our Discovery, Explorer, and Pioneer groups, too, each excelling in their unique adventures.

Discoveries: Young Explorers

Our Discovery group was fantastic this session. They showcased politeness and mutual support, fostering a friendly and encouraging environment. Activities included hiking, mountain biking, music and quiz games, and practicing tricks at the trampoline park. Their creativity shone in design challenges, and they showed bravery in rock climbing. Their energy and teamwork in football and evening games were remarkable, making their time at camp truly enjoyable.

Explorers: Embracing Challenges

Our Explorers demonstrated remarkable growth and embraced the spirit of challenge and perseverance. From reaching new heights on the climbing wall to discovering mountain biking trails, they pushed their physical and mental limits. Evening activities, including campfires and team-building games, helped them form lasting friendships and a tight-knit community. Their enthusiasm and willingness to dive into new experiences made this session a whirlwind of energy and joy.

Adventurers: Les Elfes new group!

The new Adventurers group set the bar high with their maturity and sporty spirit. From off-road mountain scooters to rock climbing, they embraced every challenge with enthusiasm. Sports day showcased their competitive spirit, while hiking adventures revealed their love for nature. They continuously stepped outside their comfort zones, growing individually and forming strong friendships within the group.

Pioneers: Exemplary Spirit

Our Pioneers group was inspiring with their adventurous spirit and determination. They tackled new activities like Real Fly, Bridge Swinging, and Camping, showing incredible resilience and supporting one another throughout. Their journey together created a sense of unity and camaraderie, leaving a lasting impression on all of us.

Unforgettable Overnight Adventures

Les Elfes Summer camps overnight cabanes provided campers with special bonding opportunities, fostering strong relationships and unity. Whether it was a serene hike to a Swiss cabane, adventures at a skill park, or a challenging hike to Taney followed by tubing at Lac Léman, these experiences were treasured by all.

Diverse Activities and Optional Courses

This session, many students personalized their summer camp experience with optional activities like tennis, golf, horse riding, and paragliding. They also engaged in courses on etiquette, leadership, art and cooking, photography, first aid, and robotics. These activities allowed campers to make friends across age groups and learn new skills.

Excursions and Special Days

Excursions to places like Aosta, Bern, the Alpine Zoo, and a chocolate factory enriched the campers’ experiences. Highlights included a full-camp BBQ and International Day, where campers shared their cultures, played games, and celebrated with a colorful Holi festival.

Download Our Memory Book

We invite you to relive these incredible moments by downloading our Memory Book. Dive into the adventures, friendships, and triumphs of our campers captured in beautiful images and stories.

Looking Forward to next Summer session

As we look forward to the next session, we can’t wait to create more unforgettable memories. Stay tuned for more updates and highlights from Les Elfes Summer Camp. If you’re interested in an enriching and exciting summer camp for kids and teens, discover more about our offerings at Les Elfes by visiting our Summer Camp 2024 page.

Thank you to all parents for your trust and support. Here’s to many more sessions filled with learning through adventure!