Message to Session 4 Campers

Another session passes and we are now at the height of Summer here in Verbier.
This session was three weeks long starting the end of June and we have really got to know the kids well, from many different countries and cultures and backgrounds, it has been great working with them.

The weather has been up and down but the kids have stuck at it, and we have been extremely impressed with the attitude shown by not one or two but by all of the students. It is certainly a real challenge being away from home for this amount of time, and in a new environment at camp it can be difficult sometimes, making new friends and experiencing new activities, so well done to all of you.

I was particularly impressed with our Discovery students this session, some great kids who at the start of the camp were very a little shy and some were even a little homesick, but by the second week we could see a dramatic change in the interaction with each other, the confidence was growing and the all round attitude was fantastic, so well done Discovery!

Also to some of our Arab students who were here this session, for Muslims at the moment it is of course the time of Ramadan, and for students to fast and still take part in the languages and activities must have been a real challenge, so well done and great commitment.

Safe travels home all of you and make sure to thank your parents for this fantastic opportunity, I hope you have learned from Les Elfes and continue to do well in your lives.

We hope to see you all in the future, and wish you all the success, from all departments at Les Elfes, a big thank you.

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