Summer Camp and Security

Given all the factors to consider when choosing a summer program, parents should look at the security of the Summer Camp. There are several things that must be considered: Location, facilities, staff, medical support and activities are points to consider as safe.

Choosing a Great Summer Program: Advice for Parents

What is a good program?
Good summer programs encourage kids to learn new things about themselves and to explore unfamiliar activities. As you begin to research programs, you should ask how a program will influence your children now and in the future.

What about Les Elfes’ program?
“At Les Elfes Camps, children and teenagers discover other cultures and make new friends in a very international environment. Activities are designed to promote leadership, teamwork and to challenge students toward excellence in a way that maximizes both personal and group development and enhances self-confidence and interpersonal skills. As part of the language learning program, participants receive a certificate signed and graded by their teacher. The summer camp program is extremely varied and comprises a selection of fun activities and sports every day. Kids can choose to discover, practice and experience many new sports. As the camp offers more than 30 different outdoor sports, campers have a great choice! All the activities are suited for kids and teens and our aim is to allow youngsters to try out new fun activities in optimum safety.

11 questions to ask to evaluate the security of the camp

Parents often ask about the ratio of campers to counselors. While that’s a valid question, the maturity and experience of the staff is of utmost importance. Here are 11 important questions concerning safety at Les Elfes and our answers.

  1. What is the ratio of counselors to children?
    We endeavor to provide the perfect mix of guardian, friends and teachers to all students, and while we are there to make sure the students are happy, parents can be reassured that nothing comes before student safety. The organizer to student ratio is 1:5, however including all Les Elfes staff the ratio falls to 1:2.
  2. How do you select monitors?
    All our monitors have been carefully selected in accordance with Les Elfes criteria for skills and experience in working with children. On top of this, we use sports experts for some activities. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team of staff is 100% focused on the safety of the participants and the smooth running of the activities programs. Our staff are typically aged 18 to 28, and are fun, outdoors loving people from all over the world. Due to the responsibility of looking after children, applications are only considered when over the age of 20. We accept a limited number of Gap Year students aged between 18 and 20 for work experience only. All activity staff must have a valid first aid and CPR qualification, and be able to provide us with a copy of a police statement from your country of origin showing a clean record.
  3. How are your counselors trained?
    All our monitors and instructors have to take a two-week training course before the beginning of each season, one week of technical training and one week learning Les Elfes philosophy and safety requirements.
  4. Is there medical personnel on staff?
    All our camps have a nurse and all activity staff must have a valid first aid and CPR qualification.
  5. What would happen in the event of an emergency?
    In the event of illness or accident, we are only minutes away from world-class professional assistance. We have 3 up-to-date medical clinics in Verbier, and both campuses have access to a regional hospital and two University hospitals only 40 minutes and 75 minutes away respectively, or just 10 minutes by helicopter.
  6. Do your instructors carry mobile phones in case of emergency?
    All our instructors carry a mobile phone at all times that allows them to react very quickly in case of emergency.
  7. Is the health insurance and accidents coverage included?
    All our campers are fully covered by a swiss health insurance and accidents.
  8. How do you deal with weather conditions?
    Sports and activities are practiced only in suitable conditions and we are well informed of any weather condition changes. In case of necessary we modify the program of the day according to the weather conditions.
  9. How are the staff supervised?
    Each camp are supervised by a Resort Manager and an Activities Director whose job is to co-ordinate the instructors & counselors, supervise the activities, manage security, and in general keep things running smoothly at the camps. Each age group is managed by a group leader, an assistant and a team of instructors & counselors who accompany and take care of the children during activities and throughout the camp. Finally, there is a team of kitchen staff, house cleaners, drivers, and others, all of whom watch over the well- being of our guests during the camps. Our Activity Managers supervise the work  of our monitors and instructors all day long. Risk assessments are designed for each activity and are signed by all our monitors and head instructors during daily morning briefings and daily evening debriefings.
  10. How are the kids supervised?
    All our camps have a nurse and a 24 hour reception and night guard, which together with our monitors work, allows us to offer a 24 hours supervision of the children.
  11. What is the experience and history of your camp?
    Les Elfes has been operating since 1987. The resort of Verbier became the main base of Les Elfes with the construction of our own campus with its 140 beds and sports fields in 1995.

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