Choosing a Summer Camp: What to Look for to Ensure the Safety of Your Child at Camp

The report cards have been given, and all the children are so excited because the much-anticipated summer holiday has just begun! In popular imagination now that school is out, the long summer holidays conjure up a picture of carefree youthful exploration. However, for a number of parents, the anticipation of the fun summer holiday with their children is lost in the pressured rush of figuring out the children’s new schedule and budget now that they are home.

Many parents agree that the holiday should not compromise of long unplanned days, where their children just spend their time at home inactive and most probably over eating. According to extensive research childhood and teen obesity is 10 times higher than it was in the 70’s. In most households the TV and the fridge are in close proximity. Television adverts bombard the children with tempting fast foods. The combination of inactivity, boredom and sweet treeats is not a good recipe for healthy kids.

Many parents rely on the term-time services that schools give their offspring, such as supervision and meals. During the summer holidays, parents and guardians are faced with challenges of how to replicate the onscreen excitement of a video game into reality. Well, how about a summer camp adventure for your child?

Combating summertime boredom with a safe summer camp.

It’s important to think for a moment about the large number of opportunities summer can bring. How children can continue to keep their minds and bodies active during the long holidays allowing them to prevent boredom, crankiness, depression and staying out of trouble.

One of the most common questions amongst parents is, “What are children really learning while they are away at camp?” “Is my child safe while away from home for such a long time?”

All these questions are extremely valid, and the maturity and participance of the camp staff members with the children is of extremely vital. As we all know, not all summer camp experiences are rosy. Infact, there may be a number of experiences that parents and participants as well would rather forget all about. In as much as camp has so many fun and exciting things to offer during the long hot months, parents must always remember that safety is a priority when you take your kids to summer camp.

Parents and guardians often research on summer camps that offer amazing opportunities for children to discover new places, make new friends from different backgrounds as they spend their days enriching their minds.

That is why parents always invest time into researching on how to find a safe summer camps for my child. With a cool 90 days of summer, we are aware that it is crucial to give our children the opportunity to take a deep dive into exploring different interests. It is also important to ensure that our children are not missing out on any mind enriching activities and outdoor adventures during the long summer holiday.

However, before packing up your child’s bag and sending them off to camp, parents should get to know what medical and safety services are available at camp. The Les Elfes summer vacation camp complies with the top key factors that are important and practical to keep your child safe this summer. Below is a list of some of the roles that are implemented to allow your child to have a great no-regrets summer.

The camp has undergone Accreditation

Before committing to educate your child in a certain school, every parent ensures that the school has been accredited. In the same way, it is important to take your child to a summer camp that is accredited as well. Accreditation ensures that the camp owners and directors as well are educated on the most delicate and important aspects on operating a healthy and safe camp.

A lot of parents assume that all summer camps have undergone accreditation and that is why they are operating, but this is not the truth. In today’s world, anyone can setup a camp and simply start advertising. However, only the most professionally run camps qualify. A camp may still be of very high quality but if it is not accredited then it is highly advisable that you do not send your child to that camp.

The accreditation of the Les Elfes camp ensures that different health, safety and quality standards have been met in every aspect of the camp’s operation from the food service to healthcare to staffing. Accreditation also allows experts from different organizations to continue working with the camp owners ensuring that they keep up with the standards. Additionally, the accreditation has always assured the parents that their children are in good hands.

Camp employees are screened rigorously

When your child is away for weeks at a time, you want to be confident that your child is safe around all the employees within the camp. Anything and everything can be questioned when it comes to your child’s care.

 The summer camp representatives are always open and transparent about the employee screening process. Every member of the camp staff including the volunteers go through the screening program that also includes an extensive background check. All the monitors, staff members and volunteers are accurately selected in line with the Les Elfes criteria for skills and experience in working with children.

The staff members are typically aged between 18 to 28, and the camp ensures that the hiring process is based on their qualifications, training and experience in providing children with a safe, fun, educational camp experience. Your child will be spending time with camp leaders and staff members who are trained and have worked with a number of children on a series of summer vacation trips.

In addition, the camp sources for sports experts for sporting activities. The team is purely focused on the safety of all the children during sports. Ensuring that precautionary measures are followed is their responsibility and this facilitates the smooth running of all the activities and programs.

The camp nurses and other medical personnel are always on-site helping children and staff members as well with medical support. There are also trained first aid staff and lifeguards close by when children are swimming. Thanks to the background check and the extensive training process that camp employees and volunteers go through, only staff members with valid first aid and CPR qualifications work within the camp.

Additionally, the camp is open to learning about every child’s allergy and medication. There are a number of places set aside where children who don’t feel well can go and rest. Guardians feel more comfortable trusting that their kids are engaging in the right activities and the staff can interact well with the child while ensuring the successful performance of all the activities.

The social environment at the camp is fun and safe

A fun and amazing camp experience involves making friends and offering the kids opportunities to practice skills needed to build and sustain relationships. The social environment within camp includes children from the age of 7 and both boys and girls. The social environment also encourages children to interact with other children from different backgrounds and worldviews.

Social dynamics such as bullying is prevalent at camp and has a high impact on the emotional functioning of children. The camp takes vital steps to tackle and deal with such issues head on. Camp counsellors and monitors supervise the children at all times allowing them to recognize and respond to any kinds of bullying behavior. They will stop cycles of abuse before they even begin, ensuring a safe and positive camp experience for everyone.

The camp has also included a health insurance and accident coverage.

Being prepared for a variety of scenarios is critical in today’s world. In the event of any illness or an accident, it is important to have resources available. It’s also very necessary to develop emergency procedures that will be followed by staff members and volunteers in case of incidents such as sudden bad weather, a fire or structural failure.

Parents and guardians also prefer to consider the camp’s response to more serious emergencies including major incidents that will require help from an emergency service and implementation of regional emergency plans.

Typically, all campers and persons registered with The Les Elfes camp are fully covered by a swiss health insurance. That includes camp leaders, monitors, counselors, facilities maintenance crew, and similar camp employees. If a child falls ill while at camp or an accident occurs, there are medical facilities providing professional assistance only a few minutes away.

There are 3 modern medical clinics within Verbier region, Switzerland and both medical facilities have access to a regional hospital and two University hospitals that are 40 minutes and 75 minutes away respectively, or only 10 minutes away by using a helicopter. The medical insurance policy is essential for your child covering injuries or sicknesses that could happen at camp.

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