Best Winter Camp Switzerland and the Must-Try Activities


Finding fun and interesting things for your children to engage in during winter can be an arduous task. What with the dark, long, and boring winter months? As a result, many people will spend most of their time curled up on the couch.

Some will be sipping hot chocolate while others will want to keep up with the latest movies. Such sedentary practices can thwart your effort to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s find out some tips to help you survive the winter season. We shall also discuss some of the activities available at the best winter camp Switzerland. 

How to Survive the Winter Season

These tips will help you make it through winter with minimal struggle. 

Accept the Season

The sooner you accept winter regardless of the discomfort, the better it will be to cope. 

Change Your Priorities

The winter weather will leave you feeling sluggish. Counter the feeling by engaging in serene activities. You could also engage in activities you are passionate about. 

Dress Accordingly

Wear appropriate clothes to keep you warm. The best way to do so is by dressing up in layers. Ensure the clothes you wear are of good quality materials to help you survive the extreme cold temperatures. 


Exercising is an ideal way of igniting body warmth to keep the cold weather at bay. Try dancing, jogging, or engage in yoga practice. 

 Refurbish Your Surroundings

For the time you will be spending indoors, you want to make it pleasant and comfortable. Embrace fresh plants and flowers, scented candles, and attractive colors. Redecorating your home could go a long way to make it habitable.

Eat well and Drink Enough Water

Spiced, warming, and filling meals are ideal for extreme cold weather. Include complex carbs and root vegetables in your diet and drink lots of rejuvenating teas such as ginger, honey, and lemon tea. Include cinnamon in your coffee to make it tasty and help prevent blood sugar spikes. 

Best Winter Camp Activities in Switzerland

While winter can be extremely cold, there are numerous activities you can engage in to remain active. Spending time outdoors during winter comes with many health benefits.

Here are some outdoor activities for your child to try during a visit to the best winter camp in Switzerland. 


Snowboarding is a winter activity that has been in existence since the 1920s. It involves going down a snow-covered slope with a board fastened to your feet. The evolution of snowboarding was inspired by surfing, skateboarding, sledding, skiing, and surfing.

If you are a skateboarding enthusiast, then you will enjoy snowboarding too. Your child can participate in snowboarding whether they are beginners or advanced level.

Novice snowboarders should descend a moderately inclined slope. Seasoned snowboarders, however, can descend from more challenging peaks.    



Skiing is the most popular activity during winter. Skiing down the slopes on snow is a thrilling experience that both adults and children enjoy. You will find that many of the skiing areas are located inside the best winter camp in Switzerland. This means that there will be other interesting activities for your child to engage in. 


Sledding is a less complex winter activity that participants can execute in a seated position. This is an ideal activity to engage in on a sunny albeit winter afternoon in one of Switzerland’s best winter camps.

Sleds come in varying sizes and shapes making it ideal for both adults and children. To enjoy this activity, you will need a sled and a snow-filled hill before you can slide down.

Sledding involves sliding down and carrying the sled up the hill again before repeating the activity. This can be tedious but quite interesting. 


Camping during winter can seem impossible but it is achievable. Many schools in Switzerland organize the best winter camps which the children find interesting. Children get a chance to engage in skiing and other winter-based activities regardless of their level of experience. What’s more, going camping is a good way of exploring and marveling at the beauty that is Switzerland. 



Do you enjoy hiking but dislike the idea of wading through heavy snow? If you do, then snowshoeing is what you should try. This activity allows you to marvel at Switzerland’s natural and beautiful winter scenes.

You don’t need previous experience to engage in snowshoeing. Snowshoes available today are way larger compared to ordinary snow boots.

They are specially designed to cover up a larger surface area and reposition the participant’s weight. This enables them to walk rather than sink in the snow. Snowshoeing is a great way of hiking and convenient for all ages. 

Ice Skating

Ice skating involves gliding through an ice surface with blades attached at the bottom part of the shoes. These are also known as skates. If you are a beginner, watching experienced skaters can be quite interesting. While you may be convinced that it’s easy to execute, it may take months before you can finally master the tricks.

Construct Something


The best winter camp Switzerland can never be complete without constructing something on the snow. Snowman is one of the most popular sculptures during winter. Children can also exercise their creativity by making other snow sculptures depending on their preferences. For instance, children can build a slide of a snow fort. 

Try Ice Fishing

If you are passionate about fishing, you may want to try ice fishing. In this activity, participants drop a fishing line in a water body to catch fish. You may manage to go ice fishing in a heated cabin developed above the fishing hole depending on the winter camp you’re visiting. This activity is not different from traditional fishing. The only difference here is that it’s colder. 

Snow Tubing

Snow tubing is an advanced form of sledding, and the snow tube is usually unstable. While it can fit several people, determining whether it will go faster or slower can be difficult. You should exercise caution while snow tubing to avoid hitting uneven surfaces. Doing so can scatter everybody inside the tube into different directions. 

Enjoy a Bonfire

Few things can beat sitting around a bonfire and enjoying the warmth while sharing interesting stories. Many children from different countries and cultures visit the best winter camps in Switzerland each winter. Children will have a chance to bond with one another and learn from each other. The best way to enjoy a bonfire is to have some biting at hand. 

Toboggan Rides

Toboggan rides are an exciting way of enjoying the outdoors during the winter in Switzerland. The conventional toboggan is made using restrained parallel wood slats. These are bent backward and up at the front to form a flat J shape.

A thin rope is then driven through the edge of the curved area to offer simple steering. Modern toboggans are made using plastic, wood, or aluminum. Toboggan riding involves sliding down snow-coated slopes.

Several people can ride the toboggan at once in a sitting or lying prone position. The equipment can be controlled by lifting and spinning the front. This can also be executed by moving a foot slowly along the snow. The toboggan can also be used to drag loads through wilderness trails. 

Dog Sledding 


Dog sledding is a popular winter activity in Switzerland with various designated regions for the same. This activity also allows you to marvel at some of the sensational views in Switzerland. 

About Les Elfes

Les Elfes is a popular resort located in Verbier which has been in existence for thirty years. The resort has evolved over the years and today boasts several campuses in Verbier. Les Elfes has a 250 bed capacity for students attending camp in different seasons.

The camp hosted 500 students in the first year of its inauguration and today hosts up to 5,000 campers from different countries annually. Up to 200 international schools participate in one of the many programs that are on offer at Les Elfes. More than 100 staff members work at Les Elfes. 

What’s Unique about Les Elfes?

Les Elfes remains open throughout the year. There are numerous mountain sports and festivals that attract visitors from various parts of the world. During winter, campers will enjoy snow-coated streets complete with alluring wooden chalets.

There is a large ski area with approximately 100 lifts providing access to more than 400km of pistes. Beginners will enjoy a ski area located in the village which guarantees convenience and safety. Les Elfes offers ski lessons during spring. This is the ideal time for beginners to learn how to ski. 

Summer Activities

Summer activities in Les Elfes include:

  • Mountain biking
  • Ropes course
  • Rock climbing session
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Hiking

Winter Activities

Les Elfes is popularly known for offering exciting winter activities. These include:

  • Ice skating
  • Skiing
  • Game competitions
  • Campfires and 
  • Snowboarding

School Trips

Les Elfes offers both ski and field trips where students engage in various activities and educational programs. Over the years, this resort has evolved to become one of the safest and highly supervised regions. 


Are you considering going camping at the best winter camp Switzerland? There are numerous outdoor activities you can engage in during the cold season. Being active is beneficial for your health. It will also help you counter winter blues. 

Winter is Coming! Checkout some of the Best Winter Camp Activities

The winter season can be boring more so because you and your children can no longer engage in the fun and exciting wintertime activities. Winter can make both children and adults lazy seeing that they spend most of their time indoors. However, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore with the numerous winter camp activities available in Switzerland. 

How to Survive During Winter Camp 

Here are some tips to help your child survive through winter camp with ease. 

Ensure their Tent has a Vestibule 

When choosing a tent, make sure it comes complete with a vestibule or a hallway. Make a ditch at the hallway to allow accumulation of cold air. This will make way for warm air to rise over the cold air and make your sleeping compartment warm. The ditch will also come in handy to ensure kids can sit upright inside the tent with their feet down, just as they would do while sitting on a chair. 

Pack their Stuff in Water Proof Bags 

During winter, the weather tends to be drizzly and wet which means stuff will take longer to dry. To ensure that your child’s belongings remain as dry as possible, pack them well in waterproof bags. You should also ensure that they understand the importance of storing their essential equipment inside the tent when they’re not using them.  

If you have to Boil Water, Don’t do it inside the Tent 

Camp instructors and organizers should already know this fact. When you boil water inside the tent all moisture from the boiling water freezes inside the tent. As a result, a slight encounter with the tent walls will cause snow to fall inside the tent. Remember, you want to ensure that your belongings are dry and having moisture inside the tent isn’t going to help you achieve your dryness goals. Where possible, boil your water outside the tent.  

Ensure Your Child’s Sleeping Bag is Warm Enough

A sleeping bag is a must-carry item whether you’re going for summer or winter camp. However, your child’s winter camp sleeping bag should be sufficiently warm to keep them comfortable throughout the camping season. Opt for a synthetic sleeping bag during winter because it can withstand wetness and still keep kids warms enough. 

Where to go for Winter Camp Activities in Switzerland 

Switzerland is a beautiful country where both adults and school-going children from various parts of the world go for both winter and summer camps. The country has different places you can choose as your camping site. What’s more, there are numerous activities you and the children can engage in as we shall see later in this post. Here are some of the places you may want to go for your winter camp.

Camping Des Cheseaux

This camping site is located in Saint-cergue Switzerland. Some of the facilities available include; a playground for the children, a meeting room for the adults, a launderette, and free wifi. Both children and adults can participate in some of the sports activities offered here such as horse riding, alpine skiing, and mountain biking, and snowboarding. There’s a cinema room where you can enjoy yourselves and relax after a hard day’s work. 

Camping Des Frassettes 

This camping site located in Gryon offers 65 pitches of caravans, tents, and motor homes. There’s lots of bread for the kids, a playground, and a kid’s club where children can engage in various camp games to keep them occupied albeit the cold weather. Other activities you can engage in at this campsite include; table tennis, boules, and board games.

Camping Molignon 

If you’re going for your winter camp in Les Haudères, then the Camping Molignon is an ideal site for both adults and children. While here, you can enjoy the scenic sights of panoramic mountains. If you enjoy marveling at rivers, then this site lies approximately 25 meters from the river.

All you need to enjoy the beautiful sight of a frozen river is walk towards it. This site offers 120 pitches of caravans, tents, motorhomes, and also offers table tennis on site. If you prefer engaging in diverse activities, you may want to explore other fun camp theme ideas from a nearby location. These include; horse riding, hiking, climbing, snowboarding, and alpine skiing. 


Verbier is a popularly known alpine village situated in Valais Canton Switzerland. If you’re planning a winter camp for students in your school, this location is ideal as it offers a vast ski area complete with exceptional views of the Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn.

Here, you’ll have an opportunity to explore and marvel at the ski slopes, a lake, and a nature reserve. If you’re planning to visit Switzerland for your winter camp, Verbier camps should be a must-visit location. 

Must-Try Exciting Winter Camp Activities

If you want to keep the children occupied and busy during winter camp, do it through camp games. Let’s find the outcome of the ideal games for winter camping. 

Tug of War

If you’ve ever played tug of war, you know how challenging it can be. Now imagine how much more challenging it will be if you tried playing it during winter. Not only will the game be fun and exciting, but it will also present you with more challenges especially because it involves sliding and slipping on snow. All you need for this game is a strong rope. You will also need to shove away the snow to prepare a middle ground for the game. 


Snowboarding is a fun and exciting winter sport that has been practiced since ancient times. Unlike in the past when participants engaged in the sport by tying wooden planks or plywood to their feet and fastening them using horse reins and clotheslines, today, snowboarders use a special boot specially designed and fixed on a mounted binding. The evolution of snowboarding was and inspiration derived from various other winter sports such as skiing, surfing, sledding, and skateboarding.  

Language Courses 

It’s important to understand that sometimes the weather can be extreme during winter camp. If you’re tasked with organizing the winter camp, you need to consider this fact and include various winter themes to choose from. Language lessons are an ideal indoor winter camp activity which the children will enjoy. Remember, children are fascinated by learning new stuff and it’s no doubt that they’ll be interested in learning a new language. What’s more, they’ll be excited to learn new words in the company of their peers.  

Scavenger Hunting

Scavenger hunting can be fun for the kids, especially if they’re trying this for the first time. Make use of food coloring and have the kids use different colors to dye ice cubes. Come up with a creative game where the kids can take turns in hiding and searching the ice cubes. This game is guaranteed to keep children occupied and entertained. 

Learning Leadership Skills 

Winter camp is an ideal opportunity to develop your child’s leadership skills. As the children engage in different activities with other children from various parts of the world, they get a chance to learn how to be good leaders. Seeing that parents won’t be there with them, the children get used to taking charge of different tasks.

One good thing about winter camps is that children are often divided into groups where each group is tasked with delivering certain responsibilities. This exposes the child to various situations and stimulates their brains enabling them to make decisions. By sending your child to summer camp, you give them a chance to experience the world differently, to see things from a different perspective, and to participate in different challenging activities that they would otherwise not have managed at home.  


Sledding is also known as sledding. It is a popular winter sport where participants sit on a sled and slide down a snowy hill. Children can participate in sledding while on a winter camp. However, they should be assisted by adults depending on their age and previous experience. 

Have Cooking Competitions 

Learning how to bake or cook is one way in which children can engage in fun learning activities while on winter camp. To get your recipe right, you have to incorporate various skills through counting, measuring, sorting out, sifting out, and pouring out your ingredients. Camp leaders can make the activity more fun by having the participants practice their recipes from scratch. They can as well identify and name each ingredient as well as try other different cooking methods such as boiling. Cooking can also help students understand various concepts in science.  

Make and Wrap Gifts

Making holiday cards and gifts can be a good opportunity for students to enhance their creativity and writing skills. Come up with the card making concept, and have the children execute it on their own. For instance, you can teach them how to create the cards while incorporating a short letter complete with the salutation, the body, and the closing part. Leave the rest of the task to the children and watch them put their skills into practice.

Once the gift and card making activity is over, have the children wrap and address their gifts to one another. Camp leaders can leverage the wrapping session to develop measuring and math skills by having the children measure their gifts using a ruler or tape measure. The children can also determine the amount and design of wrapping paper they need for their gifts. 


Winter comes with unfriendly weather and planning for winter camps can be challenging for both organizers and parents. However, there are many exciting activities that your children can participate in during winter camp. Where possible, allow your children to go for winter camps and watch them develop exceptional skills.