Winter camp 2023 – Daily journal – 14th Jan 2023

14/01/2023 - bowling day!

This morning, the individuals were on excursion, where they played a few rounds of bowling in the morning then they got the bus to Montreux where they did some shopping and ate lunch. Some of the kids stayed on camp or went skiing as usual and a small group of new students arrived on camp and started to settle in.

When the groups of kids got back from skiing on the mountain they were able to go to the village and go shopping or they could just stay on camp and play some games until dinner time.

For dinner today the kids ate cheese fondue and pizza, it was the first time eating fondue for many of the kids on camp. After they finished their food they could play games in the games room, they could watch a movie in the cinema room or they could try their luck at the casino night where they played black jack and other games.

Every day is a fun day at Les Elfes Winter Camp

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