Winter camp 2023 – Daily journal – 15th Jan 2023

15/01/2023 - Skiing, storm and football match!

This morning the students set off to the ski slopes once more, facing the strong snow storm that had yet to approach. Afterwards, to take shelter from the storm, the students met up to enjoy their lovely lunch. 

After they escaped the storm once more they were offered activites which include shopping in the town, snow man building, and board games. 

Once everyone had returned from their activites and eaten dinner they were then offered their evening activities, which were watching the football match (Barcelona VS Real Madrid). But for those who didn’t so much take interest in the game were offered a Quiz game night in which they had to use their general knowledge of; movies, big company logos, songs, flags and city’s to win!

“The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning.” – Pelé

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