Winter camp 2023 – Daily journal – 17th Jan 2023

18/01/2023 -Swimming, shopping and ice skating!

There was heavy snow on the mountain today, so when the kids arrived back on camp they were exhausted so they all relaxed for a while and drank hot chocolate and ate some snacks to regain some energy for their afternoon and evening activities.

The school had their usual rotation of activities where they do sledging, ice skating and the egg drop challenge. Meanwhile the individuals had languages for some and shopping or swimming for the rest.

A couple groups of individuals went on dine out tonight. They could go for a burger, a pizza or fondue.

In the evening the school group split into two groups, one of the groups did a quiz while the other group played The Cube, where they tested their team work. The individuals either went to the sport center and played football or they could rock climb if they wanted to.

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves .” – Edmund Hillary

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