Winter camp 2023 – Daily journal – 22.05.2023

day 1 of skiing... let's goooo

First day on the mountain the kids go out and explore the mountains while learning and improving their skiing, one slope at a time. When they arrived back to the hotel, they showered and changed then got their phones to call their parents and tell them about their day. A small group of the kids went into town to get some ice cream and souvenirs from the village.

There are five courses each day teaching many topics such as navigation and orienteering, public speaking, mountain biking, leadership and bushcraft along with many more other courses.

After dinner and dessert they went to do their clubs including Shark Tank, where they learn about product design and how to pitch an idea, photography and journalism to contribute to the magazine and brainstorm ideas and Chef’s table and crafts that includes creating a company that makes and designs cookies. Then all the kids went to bed to get a good night sleep for another long day tomorrow.

“Don’t follow the leader, make the leader follow you…”


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