Winter camp 2023 – Daily journal – 24.01.2023

24.01.2023 - Skiing, ice skating and sports!

Today the kids had a wonderful time at the mountain skiing with their instructors and practicing new skills. In the afternoon they grabbed some snacks and a few of them went ice skating to see the sunset and try a new sport. The rest of the group went to town to get to know Verbier a little bit better and do some shopping! After that we had dinner and everyone chat to each other and made new friends. Finally, we all went to the sports Center to play some football and do some rock climbing and everyone had a great time! They all went to bed early as they were exhausted after so much sport and activity!

“The only one who can tell you ‘you can’t win’ is you and you don’t have to listen.”

Jessica Ennis-Hill 

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