Winter camp 2023 – Daily journal – 26th January 2023

26.01.2023 - excursion and music video!

This morning the individuals set off on their excursion to the Calier Chocolate factory in Gruyer where they learnt about the history of the company and how the chocolate is made, then they tasted some samples. After that they got back on the bus and went to the cheese factory to watch the cheese makers at work and become a cheese tasting expert, they then went shopping at the mall to buy toys and snacks.

Meanwhile, the school went skiing on the mountain, as usual and when they finished they showered and went to the Milkbar in Verbier to drink hot chocolate and milkshakes and to eat crepes.

After the dinner the individuals had a casino night to play poker or board games or even learn games they didn’t know before. The school made a music video where they split into groups and each choreographed a part of a song then they all performed them while we followed with a camera.

“What is life if not a gamble.”

F.E. Higgins

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