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Languages courses

Les Elfes International Camps
Verbier, Switzerland

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To ensure we offer the best possible tuition for our students we work in partnership with Verbier Language School to offer specialist camp teachers in each language for every course.

Each of our courses follows set criteria for levels of language proficiency, with detailed certificates and a portfolio of work which students may take away with them.

Language lessons

Students are grouped according to their language levels, with a maximum class size of 7 students per teacher. 3 types of courses, Conversational, Intensive and Private are available in  French, English, Spanish, Mandarin (only available during summer camp) and German.

Conversational Language Course

Our conversation course is a highly interactive course designed to get students speaking in their chosen language. During winter camp, the course consists of 6 hours per week given from 17:00 to 19:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. During summer camp, languages are given in the morning and are typically taught over 4 days from 9:00 to 10:45

Intensive Language Course

For more in depth learning, the intensive language course combines speaking with reading and writing. During winter camp, the intensive course consists of an additional 2 hours given on Fridays from 17:00 – 19:00. Summer camps’ intensive classes take place from 09:00 -12:00 totalling 12 hours per week.  It is ideal for students studying for an exam or wishing to make quick, comprehensive progress in their languages in just 1 week. 

Private Language Course

Our final course is for those students who wish to have one-on-one tuition. This can be added to one of our other courses or chosen alone to allow any number of hours per week. The focus is flexible, and it is a great course for students with specific learning objectives.

International day

Once per session, Les Elfes organizes international day together with all campers. It is a fantastic opportunity for students to present their culture, do some public speaking, and enjoy the food from each other’s countries.

At Les Elfes International summer camp, campers come from all over the world. Within this international community, we feel it is important to recognize the traditions and culture of each other. It not only gives students the opportunity to celebrate their nation or beliefs but allows them to bring a little piece of their home culture into the camp.

The fabrics of society are made up of many cultures, and here at Les Elfes international camp we constantly strive to recognize them all, and if it means cooking some traditional dishes, or decorating the chalets accordingly, then we are more than happy to encourage summer campers to do so and will help them along the way.

On International Day, campers are divided by nationalities and spend the morning preparing a presentation of their country during their language classes. The presentation will focus on the country where the campers are from. Campers will have the morning to prepare a large poster, have access to arts and crafts, music and pictures, and will present the information on their heritage, culture, beliefs, as well as the fun and cool parts of their countries and cities of origin.

The students will also give a menu or dishes to the chefs in the days leading up to international day. The chefs will then prepare meals from all over the world, so students on this day will not only present and listen to presentations but eat and sample the flavours and smells of the Far East, South America, Europe, the Middle East and more.

In the afternoon, the entire campus turns into an inflatable fair with lots of games and fun! The day culminates with a mini replication of the Indian Holi festival, where campers laugh together and throw colors all over the campus.

About Verbier

Verbier, the original home of Les Elfes, is situated in the French speaking part of Switzerland and only two hours away from Geneva. Verbier’s stunning location on a south facing plateau guarantees an exceptionally sunny climate in both summer and winter.

In addition to the breathtaking panoramic views, Verbier is one of the most famous resorts in Europe and offers a variety of sport and leisure activities all year round in a cosmopolitan and relaxed atmosphere.



Our two purpose built wood and stone chalets follow the Swiss Alpine tradition and offer charm and comfort to our guests. Both chalets are situated in green, peaceful nature surroundings.

Our staff

Each Camp is supervised by a Resort Manager and an Activities Manager. Les Elfes runs the camps with all appropriate staff, including animators, kitchen staff, nurse, night guard, cleaning team, private drivers,…

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