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Les Elfes International Camps
Verbier, Switzerland

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#Since 1987

The best international camps in Switzerland for kids & teens

Les Elfes International is a family business which has been running since 1987. At Les Elfes, we strive to provide the best possible experiences in fantastic environments that students will remember for a lifetime.

In 1987, we welcomed 50 students per year, and today we are delighted to welcome over 10’000 campers coming from over 75 countries and to work with more than 250 international schools that take part in one of the numerous programs offered by Les Elfes.

We have been taking care of young campers from all over the world for decades and we are very good at it. We have multiple locations and campuses and are proud of our summer, spring & winter activities which are wonderfully diverse, and of our international staff that works year round to create lasting memories for campers.

Our history

Les Elfes has been operating since 1987 and the resort of Verbier, known worldwide, became the main base of Les Elfes..
Construction of our own campus with its 140 beds and sports fields in 1995.
Five years later in 2000, Les Elfes opened new campuses in Crans-Montana with 50 beds. To keep up with growth, Les Elfes has bought a new camp in La Tzoumaz (also known as Verbier North) with a new 60-bed building.
Philippe Stettler, the founder of Les Elfes decides to retire and his daughter Alexandra joins the company
Les Elfes expands internationally with the construction of a new building in Niseko, Japan designed to welcome school groups from around the world. In parallel, a second building is built in La Tzoumaz, adding 90 beds to Les Elfes’ capacity.

Why Les Elfes ?

and also

  • Staff to camper ratio – 1:2 (counting all staff)
  • Staff to camper ratio 1:7 (counting only monitors)
  • Purpose-built Campus
  • 4-bed rooms with private ensuite bathroom
  • Control & ownership of all our products and services (building, skis, minivans, pick up service at the airport, airport booth, food, etc.)
  • Privately managed restaurants on the slopes ideal for little breaks and lunch
  • Mandatory 2-week training for new monitors
  • Swiss Ski School accreditation for all instructors
  • Personal, Educational and Leadership programs facilitated by Outdoor education professionals
  • For groups, 1 free space per 10 students
  • 24/7 supervision with day staff and evening staff
  • Nurse and Night Guard on campus
  • Snow guaranty from beginning of December to end of April
  • Focus on personal development and outdoor experience
  • English as a common language
  • Network of international friends for life
Les Elfes International sumemr camp 2024 mascotte looking happy

Our top 4 priorities


Since 1987 Les Elfes has worked with professionally trained and experienced staff to offer the very best activities to our students. Safety is of the upmost importance to us when planning our activities and we are continually working with highly-skilled staff, both inside the camp and outside, to truly make the most of our striking, mountainous surroundings without introducing unnecessary risk to our programs. Our camps are equipped with extensive camera surveillance, a night guard, professional staff trained in first aid, an on-site nurse, three medical centres in the nearby town, and rigorous risk assessments for all activities at Les Elfes International.

Girl playing in the snow in Verbier, Switzerland during her 2025 Winter camp with Les Elfes International


With over 40 exhilarating activities in summer and full days of ski lessons in winter, complemented by engaging language classes and captivating excursions, our campers simply don’t have the time to get bored! Learning to ski or to rock climb is not just about donning the equipment and taking part. Although that is the first step to enjoying the camp there are so many hidden values in adventurous activities. Students will need to work together to reach the top of a climbing wall and to navigate in the mountains when hiking, they will have to overcome difficult challenges and struggle together breaking down barriers and strengthening friendships along the way.


70+ nationalities, bi-lingual instructors, special diets available (halal, vegetarian). At Les Elfes, we celebrate the rich mosaic of cultural diversity, we prioritize creating an inclusive environment where every student, irrespective of their origin, beliefs, or appearance, feels heard and respected. It is the international atmosphere at Les Elfes which makes the camp such a special place. It is a really significant experience for young people to travel away from home and to spend time with new friends from around the world. Our students come to us hoping to improve their languages, learn some new snowboard skills or mountain bike for the first time, but it is the friendships they take home with them that truly shape their time with us.Our language courses, sports programs, and even our evening activities support our camp model of integration for all ages and ethnicities allowing our students to benefit from a  mix of cultural variety and to build bonds that will last a lifetime

New friends made at Les Elfes International summer and winter camp 2024

Personal development

At an international camp like Les Elfes, the children will be exposed to so many opportunities to naturally work on their personal communication skills to enhance these important areas of their development. These skills which we plant at an early age will only broaden and expand throughout the rest of their lives. Campers will have the opportunity to better themselves by supporting others, challenging themselves to achieve the unimaginable and comforting one-another when things become difficult. They will learn about communication, independence, time management, personal organisation, group dynamics and problem solving whilst in a fun and safe environment.

All year long camps

Les Elfes is the only camp open all year long (approx. 10 months) and this allows us to have a staff that is employed permanently! When your children will come back to the campus for the second or the third year, they will surely recognize the monitors and staff they met during their previous visit.


Despite Verbier’s reputation as a leading ski resort in the winter, the summer is packed with festivals, mountain sports and visitors from all over the world.

Each weekend brings a new crowd starting the summer with the Verbier Festival, a prestigious Classical Music Festival, attended by the most esteemed musicians from around the world, to the celebration of the Swiss National day on August 1st and of course the different sports tournament such as the Tennis Open, Padal Masters, and E-bike festival.


Nestled on a sunny plateau deep in the Alps, Verbier has the quaint feel of a traditional Swiss Village. Snow-covered streets scattered with delightful wooden chalets, exquisite restaurants and high-end snowsports shops. Despite its small feel Verbier maintains the exhilarating vibe of an International hub packed with skiers from the neighboring Italian and French resorts and tourists from around the world.

Verbier’s 4 Vallées Ski Area is the largest lift-linked ski domain in Switzerland with almost 100 lifts accessing over 450km of pistes and a beginner ski area right in the village which means optimum safety and convenience for first-time skiers. For returning skiers and snowboarders Verbier offers fast progression into an expansive and varied resort. Snow on the pistes is guaranteed from late November to the end of April and the spectacular scenery from the top of the ski area – Mont Fort, at 3,330m – boasts views as far as the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc.

Verbier is also home to a range of thrilling international spectator events including: Xtreme Verbier (the finals of the FreeRide World Tour competition), the European Ski Race and the Patrouille des Glaciers (a grueling ski touring race starting from Zermatt to Verbier).


As the winter snow begins to melt in Verbier, our spring camps offer a unique blend of skiing in Zermatt and exciting summer activities in Verbier. Experience the thrill of hitting the slopes in Zermatt, home to breathtaking alpine scenery and unique skiing opportunities overlooking the Matterhorn. Then, transition to Verbier for a week filled with exciting summer adventures amidst the stunning Swiss Alps. From hiking and mountain biking to cultural events, our spring camps provide an unforgettable experience for adventurers of all ages. Join us in embracing the beauty and excitement of spring in the Swiss Alps with Les Elfes International.

Our social & environmental actions

At Les Elfes International, we believe in making a positive impact beyond just creating memorable experiences for children. We are dedicated to integrating sustainable and socially responsible practices into our operations, ensuring that our efforts contribute to both environmental preservation and social welfare


Les Elfes International supports the Annapurna association. This organization, founded in Verbier, concentrates on educating young girls in Nepal. In total, we have 25 underprivileged children that we are supporting through Annapurna association. The idea of helping girls go to school stems from our belief that every child has the right to an education, no matter where they come from. Research shows that families of literate and educated mothers have higher standards of hygiene, a better understanding of family planning, and an increased likelihood of children going to school.

Les Elfes Green

Welcoming over 10’000 kids a year from all over the world, we have a big responsibility. A camp is a fantastic tool for children to develop a range of skills and a great place to learn about a vast number of topics, away from the classroom. One topic we are especially keen on is our climate, the impact we have on our environment and in general, being more aware of how small changes can make a big difference. We, therefore, have looked at ourselves as a company and how we operate, leading by example as best we can, the challenge is certainly a big one. We started with several changes, from stopping the use of disposable plastics and switching to washable reusables, reducing the amount of paper we use, and we plan to go fully electronic with our day to day admin with the use of notebooks, to better controlling the heating systems and lights.

Our partners


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About Verbier

Verbier, the original home of Les Elfes, is situated in the French speaking part of Switzerland and only two hours away from Geneva. Verbier’s stunning location on a south facing plateau guarantees an exceptionally sunny climate in both summer and winter.

In addition to the breathtaking panoramic views, Verbier is one of the most famous resorts in Europe and offers a variety of sport and leisure activities all year round in a cosmopolitan and relaxed atmosphere.



Our two purpose built wood and stone chalets follow the Swiss Alpine tradition and offer charm and comfort to our guests. Both chalets are situated in green, peaceful nature surroundings.

Our staff

Each Camp is supervised by a Resort Manager and an Activities Manager. Les Elfes runs the camps with all appropriate staff, including animators, kitchen staff, nurse, night guard, cleaning team, private drivers,…

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Group of kids and teens having fun at the lake doing banana boat during their 2024 international summer camp activity at Les Elfes




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