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Les Elfes International Camps
Verbier, Switzerland

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Welcome to Les Elfes International Camp, where adventure meets excellence!
Get to know the passionate individuals who work very hard to make your camp experience unforgettable.

Founding family

Philippe and Nicole Stettler: the founders

Philippe was born and raised in Lausanne in 1952. Throughout his life, he has always been passionate about sport and nature, in particular skiing and Verbier. His passion for these activities has led him to spend many memorable moments on the snowy slopes of Verbier. Nicole was born in Japan in 1957, but grew up in Basel. She continued her studies in Basel before moving to Lausanne in 1987. It was there that she met Philippe in 1981, during a stay in Verbier. Their love grew over time, and they married in 1990.Philippe and Nicole had two daughters. In 1994, they decided to settle in Verbier, where they have found happiness and fulfillment. They had the idea of creating their own business: vacation camps for young people from all over the world. Their aim was to offer children an unforgettable experience in an exceptional natural setting, while enabling them to take part in a variety of sporting activities, including skiing. Today, Philippe and Nicole continue to run a successful business in Verbier. Their passion for sport, nature and creating unforgettable memories for young people from all over the world motivates them every day to offer unique and enriching experiences.

Alexandra Stettler: the CEO

Alexandra took over the reins from her father Philippe Stettler in 2023. She has happy memories sledging to the Verbier School in her ski pants during the winter months, before going on to continue her studies. At the age of 19 Alexandra left Verbier to gain valuable experience in Lausanne, New York, Barcelona, Zurich and Singapore. She studied at École Hôtelière de Lausanne which involved spending six months in New York in an events management company. Following a Master’s degree from a business school in Barcelona, Alexandra worked in various roles in the finance industry for seven years. Whilst working in Singapore she realised that she wanted to work in a business that aimed to make children happy and decided it was time to return to Verbier and take on the mantle of managing les Elfes International. Now she is excited to be back in her hometown, and is looking forward to welcoming campers to enjoy sports and games and make lifetime friends and memories. Unfold.

30 years, and counting…
30 years of passion for Education, Sports and, of course, our many children. How time flies…

Beginning with one small chalet welcoming 100 students per year, to now where we run three campuses welcoming over 5000 students, from 70 nationalities, per year. Les Elfes has certainly evolved.

It has been 30 years of happiness, of wonderful encounters, of travels throughout the world experiencing different cultures. From our camps in the 90s focused on mainly outdoor sports we have now changed towards a more educational approach: Leadership training programmes, career orientation, web identity and online protection, etiquette courses and language lessons.

Les Elfes is also proud to have evolved into one of the few camps worldwide who operate from December until October.

In these 30 years we have seen former students have children who attend the camp, work here as monitors and even become managers here with us. This encapsulates the essence of family here at Les Elfes and it has been an honour to welcome each and every one of you.

Nicole and Philippe, along with their partners, would simply like to say “Thank You” to all: parents, students, associates and, of course, our staff without whom nothing would have been possible.

Thank You for your continued trust.


Resort Managers 

Each Les Elfes Campus is managed by a resort manager. They are responsible for all of the campus’ operation and ensure the wellbeing of students.

Resort Manager, Verbier


Iggy is our Resort Manager in Verbier and has been with us for nearly 9 years, working at each of our different campuses before settling in Verbier. After finishing her honors degree Iggy worked as an event manager in London and began travelling the world teaching skiing and snowboarding in North America, Oceania & Europe. Iggy’s passion for working with children was born during her years in Girl Guiding in the UK and she brings that enthusiasm and her love for the outdoors to our students at Les Elfes. This season is an exciting one for Iggy because it will be the first season her young son Julian will be old enough to try snowboarding for the first time. Iggy is a strong and organised leader at Les Elfes but she has a special talent for remembering to bring fun with her to the camp each day. She spends lots of time with our campers sharing her rubbish jokes and making them smile with her unusual taste in socks.

Resort Manager, La Tzoumaz & Zermatt


Nuno has been working for les Elfes since 2007. He started as a snow sports instructor and grew up in the company and became the Resort Manager in la Tzoumaz.

Nuno was a travel agent before, he visited a lot of countries and now is welcoming our guest from all over the world. Funny story he met his partner in la Tzoumaz, they have 1 year and 1 week difference and they lived next to each other when they were babies and never met before. Now they are parents of 3 boys and the famous la Tzoumaz Husky Sherkhan.

Nuno has the ability to manage our different campuses and he is in charge of our Spring Camps.

Group Leaders and Activity Manager

Group Leaders and Activity Manager oversee Les Elfes International camps’ activities during both summer camp and winter camp. They ensure that the rest of the staff gets the important information regarding safety procedures, children’s dietary/medical conditions and program description.

Group leader pioneers - Snowsport animator


Hey, I’m Aliena from New Zealand! I’m 27 and this is my second year as an elf. Before coming to Les Elfes, I’ve had a variety of different gigs. I grew up on a sheep farm and I’ve since worked on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, in wineries, mountain lodges and for a heli skiing company in Canada. I also have a business degree with a double major in marketing and management.


I love being active, outside and travelling. In my spare time you’ll either find me outside running, biking or hiking, or I’ll be busy planning my next adventure!

Assistant Group Leader Pioneers - Snowsport animator


Hi my name is Evgenija. I’m from Macedonia but living abroad since i am 18. I have finished my studies in Romania as a PE teacher. I love outdoor activities and love to feel alive in the nature!

Spread kindness always!:)

Activity Manager - Group leader Explorer


Hi, my name’s Sam! I have been working at Les Elfes for over 5 years now, since I moved to Verbier in 2018. I have a beautiful fiancée who I am marrying later in 2024! I am sports made! I watch Football, Cricket, and Rugby to name a few, alongside playing football for the local team and organising a weekly darts tournament in the village!

Group Leader Discovery


Activity manager - Evening manager


Since I was born I have lived in the mountains, I started skiing when I was 3 years old and since then I have never stopped. I managed to turn one of my passions into my profession and that is one of the most wonderful things that has happened to me. At the age of 18 I competed in the Spanish snowboarding championships and since then I have been a ski and snowboard teacher. Thanks to this job, I traveled the world and learned more techniques and ways to share this knowledge. Over time I added more knowledge until today where I am trying to help with all my experience of more than 20 years doing seasons here in Les Elfes and I feel very happy with this.

Activity manager



Children’s health is extremely important, that is why Les Elfes is very happy to rely on a professionally qualified nurse on campus. Our professional nurse, checks children every morning and assesses whether a visit to the medical facilities is necessary or if campers should be given a rest day instead.



I’m Paula, I am 28 years old and I am from Argentina. I studied medicine and I specialized in pediatrics I am passionate about travelling and meeting new people from different cultures In my free time I like to go swimming and hiking. I love nature and I feel really grateful to have the chance to live here surrounded by this breathtaking mountainous landscape. I don’t ski but learning it is one of my 2024’s goal




My name is Adrian, I am 25 years old and I’m from Transylvania, Romania.

In 2022 I graduated the University of Medicine and I’m a Nurse. My biggest passion since I was 6 years old is skiing and My other big passion is playing drums. Sometimes you can find me playing volleyball, tennis, table tennis, and swimming. Until now I worked as a salesman, nurse and ski instructor. I can say that I do enjoy a lot to be here as a ski instructor and nurse .


Our team of animators is fully equipped with first-aid training, ensuring both safety and fun for all campers.


Les Elfes International camps have multiple in-house Chefs that craft balanced and varied meals 4 times per day! Campers get to savor delicious meals meticulously prepared by our talented chefs and tailored to children’s dietary needs. Whether halal, koscher,  gluten-free, vegan, or allergy-conscious, the Les Elfes kitchen team has got you covered. 


Reliable transportation is key, and the Les Elfes’ team of expert drivers is here to deliver just that. With a commitment to punctuality and professionalism, Les Elfes’ drivers will pick children up from the airport, drive them to all of the camp’s activities and drop them off again at the end of their camp experience.

Les Elfes International camp has a team of drivers that take campers to all of their activities during summer camp. In this picture they are seen posing in their uniform in front of the Les Elfes branded private bus

Cleaning team

At Les Elfes International, our housekeeping team will come and clean the campers room every day. Our skilled housekeeping team works tirelessly to maintain clean accommodations and campuses for our young campers’ comfort. From fresh linens to spotless surfaces, every corner of the campus will be cleaned daily and maintained by our dedicated professionals.

Night Guard

At Les Elfes International Camp, safety is our top priority, day and night. Meet our dedicated nightguard, Charlie, who is ensuring peaceful nights and secure surroundings for all camper.

Head Office

Our head office works tirelessly to help promote Les Elfes camps worldwide, answer any questions prior to camp start dates and ensure a smooth enrollment of campers.

Head of Sales and Marketing


Carlotta Ceruti, 31, an Italian with a passion for marketing, has been working for six years with Les Elfes International in Verbier. In this Alpine paradise, winter turns into a skiing season, while summer is all about running, climbing and cycling. Verbier, for Carlotta, is not just where she lives: it is a world-famous ski resort and an idyllic place for summer activities where she can live out her interests. Lucky to call this place home, Carlotta combines her role as Head of Sales and Marketing at Les Elfes International with her outdoor passions. In her own words, “I am grateful to share this magic with the Les Elfes International family and to contribute to making Verbier a centre for all-weather enthusiasts. Life here is an adventure, and I am loving every moment”.

Les Elfes International summer camp mascotte looking happy
Head of schools


Nadiia is a group accounts manager and she takes good care of all the students and teachers that come to Les Elfes from all across the globe.

Prior to joining Les Elfes family, Nadiia has followed a career path in international hospitality as working in the USA, Egypt, UAE and Qatar.

Today, she is happy to live in the pristine beauty of Swiss Alpes with her husband and two little ones. Nadiia enjoys spending time with family, travelling and improving her portrait photography skills.


Client Sales Support Coordinator


Consuelo moved from the tranquil Italian countryside to Switzerland in 2015 and was  instantly captivated by what she describes as ” corner of paradise.” She joined the Les Elfes Team in 2016, initially as part of the animation team. Her natural aptitude for hospitality brought her to the role of Head of Reception to then pass in our Head Office.

Building on her talent in guest relations, Consuelo transitioned to her current role as Client Sales Support Coordinator. In this capacity, she serves as a trusted advisor for parents, offering comprehensive insights into the day-to-day life at the camp and assisting them in navigating the booking process with ease. Whether it’s answering queries about camp programs, addressing concerns, or providing personalized recommendations, Consuelo’s expertise ensures that every client receives good support and guidance.

Beyond her work, Consuelo loves hiking and exploring Switzerland, this country that she now calls home.