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Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) Expeditions

Les Elfes International

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Duke of Edinburgh expeditions for schools – Switzerland

Nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Les Elfes International is the ultimate destination for schools embarking on the Duke of Edinburgh’s adventurous journey. Offering Bronze, Silver, and Gold programs, our expeditions are providing an inspiring and challenging environment for students. Les Elfes International’s experienced team, certified as award supervisors and assessors, ensures each journey is safe, educational, and unforgettable.


At Les Elfes International, we focus on fostering resilience, teamwork, confidence and leadership skills through immersive outdoor experiences. Choose us for a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award journey that not only meets all requirements but also creates lasting memories and personal growth for every participant.

Why choose Les Elfes for your DofE?

Organizing a Duke of Edinburgh’s adventurous journey can be challenging, especially in a foreign country. Rest assured, the les Elfes’ team will take care of every detail, ensuring a smooth and exciting expedition for students and teachers alike


Qualified Staff

The Les Elfes staff organizing Duke of Edinburgh’s expeditions are all qualified as Award supervisor and assessor. In addition, both award supervisor and assessor live year-round in the region, ensuring safe checkpoints and campsite locations

Supportive Staff

The staff will spend time with students to teach them how to effectively read a map and plan a route. They will help them prepare their bags and create a food list for their journey. Every evening a team meeting will be held to go through the day and prepare the next one. At the end of the qualifiyng journey, teams will have to present a summary of their expedition before getting their award delivered


Safety first

During the DofE expedition award, the supervisor and assessor select checkpoints with open views, allowing them to find students easily. Drones may be used to look for groups in forests, and each team will be equipped with a GPS tracker and a sealed mobile phone to be used only in case of emergency.


Equipment Provided

Prior to the practice journey, Les Elfes will provide all the camping gear necessary for students to sleep overnight in camp as well as material to cook food. Students will have an orienteering course and will start planning their route in teams under the supervision of the Award assessor and supervisor

Food preparation

Students will be given a food budget and will have to purchase food by sticking to their allocated budget prior to their expedition. They will be required to cook at least one warm meal on their expeditions


Align with local regulations

Camping in Switzerland is regulated. Thankfully, the Les Elfes team will ensure that all campsite selected allow students to spend an overnight there and will notify the local authorities prior to the expedition


Additional activities

After completing their adventurous journey, the school can extend their stay in Switzerland to explore its rich culture and engage in exciting activities (ropes course, zip line, trampoline park, banana boat, and more). These experiences ensure that students return home proud of their expedition accomplishments and escited by the fun activities they enjoyed in the beautiful Swiss surroundings.

Checkpoint and Campsite at safe and scenic locations

Experience the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expedition like never before with our meticulously chosen checkpoints and campsites. Nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, each location is strategically placed to ensure safety and accessibility. You won’t be far from our main campus or sheltered areas, providing peace of mind in case of inclement weather. Immerse yourself in the stunning alpine scenery while knowing that you are always close to a secure and comfortable base. Join us for an unforgettable adventure that perfectly balances excitement with safety.

Group of 4 students mountain biking through the swiss alps in Verbier during their Duke of Edinburgh's expedition with Les Elfes international summer camp

Level of supervision

During the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award most of the Les Elfes International’s team will be following a remote supervision-style. The award assessor will be supervising the team from a hidden place and using GPS trackers and/or drones if need be. However, should participants decide to undertake the journey in mountain bike and/or rock climbing, then a professional mountain guide will be appointed for direct supervision. This will guarantee participants safety at all times.

DofE – The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Sample programs

Examples of Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE expeditions, all available at Les Elfes International, Switzerland

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expedition

This is a sample schedule for the Bronze Adventurous Journey of 7 days. Les Elfes International also offers the possbility to do a 10-day trip combining a Bronze expedition, a cultural excursion in one of Switzerland’s iconic cities and some fun activities such as ropes course, mountain biking etc

Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expedition

This is a sample schedule for the Silver Adventurous Journey. Les Elfes recommends adding one rest day between the practice and qualifying journey (total trip: 10 days)

Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expedition

A minimum of 12 days are required to complete the practice and qualifying gold DofE expedition.  As an alternative, Les Elfes International also provides the opportunity to only do the 4 days of qualifying journey provided that the practice journey has already been done prior to arrival

What some of the teachers
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Do you provide Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expedition programs ?

Yes, our staff is qualified as Award Supervisor and Award leader to run the Duke of Edinburgh’s  adventurous journey.
We are able to run Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE expeditions. For a better experience and in order to be able to complete the training, practice journey and qualifying journey, we recommend to book the Bronze program for 7 days, Silver expedition for 10 days or Gold program for 12 days (8-day program is also possible for Silver but more tireing for students).

Can the students travel by bike ?

Yes, we are able to provide mountain bikes for the expedition. However, students will have their level tested prior to starting the practice journey. Additionally, Les Elfes may hire professional mountain guides to supervise downhill areas

What is the weather like for field trips ?

Spring brings temperatures of 10°C to 20°C in May, perfect for outdoor activities. Summer sees highs of 20°C to 27°C (68°F to 77°F) in June to August, ideal for mountain adventures but also swims in the lakes. From September onwards cooler temperatures come back with temperatures of 10°C to 20°C and colorful foliage in the forests.

Can students use the cable car ?

Students may only take the cable car to get to the starting point of their expedition on day 1. During the expedition, the use of motorized means of transportation is not allowed

Do you recommend participant to do an Exploration or Expedition journeys ?

Participants are free to pick an exploration or expedition journey as long as the entire group (minimum 4 participants) choose the same. With expeditions, two-thirds of the purposeful effort must be be spent journeying while exploration allows for one-third of the effort to be spent journeying and two-thirds spent observing and collecting information relevant to the purpose of the journey

Our staff

Each Camp is supervised by a Resort Manager and an Activities Manager. Les Elfes runs the camps with all appropriate staff, including animators, kitchen staff, nurse, night guard, cleaning team, private drivers,…

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