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Les Elfes International Camps
Verbier, Switzerland

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During Spring we offer many age-specific courses and clubs, running through our 2-week program. The underlying theme of team spirit and teamwork is further strengthened through the after-dinner activities at the campus.

Dynamic and interactive workshops & activities enable our students to develop a toolbox of teamwork skills that will help them to build mature lasting relationships with friends and colleagues, create imaginative and complex solutions to problems and focus on their Emotional Intelligence using theories and practices from a range of academic scholars in the field of experiential learning.

The Personal Development Program aims to equip our campers to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and to apply that knowledge when leading others and preparing for the world of work. Managing their expectations, motivations and reflection processes can enable students to further understand the concept of success. It is one thing to learn how to become an organised, calm or articulate individual, but understanding the fundamental concepts affecting your experience will allow you to lead others to achieve more.

Les Elfes Spring Camp is focused on providing a holistic learning experience to our campers through its Out-Door and Personality Development Programs during the two weeks.

Leadership workshops

Navigation & Orienteering 7-12 years

Catch them young and see them grow! That’s the motto of this program. Inculcating LIFESKILLS is the central theme. For our campers, we have an exciting opportunity to learn new skills using the natural environment surrounding our camp. Students learn much more than just map reading and compass skills! They learn about the detailing & pacing. They have the chance to learn to become self-reliant and yet responsible members of a team and have confidence in challenging situations.

Young Toastmasters 7-12 years

Developing the Art of Communication one to one and communication one to many. The participant learns to overcome nervousness while addressing a large audience. They learn to organize their content in a systematic and logical manner. They not only learn to speak but also develop the art of listening. Through many attempts, they learn to participate in and lead group discussions or meetings. They also offer advice to help others improve their speaking and leadership skills.

Art, Creative Writing and Theatre 7-12 Years

The blend of Drama, Art, and creative writing has been there since the time Plato started his Academy. He believed Theatre is a pivotal outlet for self-expression. The use of drama and art in education leads to holistic learning, accelerates personality development, and imparts students with crucial life skills, problem-solving skills, leadership, cooperation and collaboration. Be it through puppetry or role-play, students learn interpersonal and group communication. This program is designed to spark creativity in each participant. They are exposed to different mediums such as art, written compositions, and theatre. The focus is to explore different spaces, emotions and ideas by linking the three and creating pushing the participants’ creativity.

Roadmap to Future 13 years +

One of the most important skills that we can cultivate in our children is the capacity to make the right choices in life. And this is a skill that can be introduced and enhanced very early in life. This program is aimed at helping young adults understand themselves better so that they can plan for their future careers. Career choices are not just based on Academic performance but interests, aptitude, and personality. This 6-session program will handhold them through taking a pause to know themselves, prioritize their goals and perform with the help of cultivating the right habits.

Bushcraft & First Aid 13 years +

If you were stranded on a deserted island or had to spend a week in the wilderness, would you have the necessary tools to survive and even thrive? This course combines an Emergency 1st Aid course with a combination of survival techniques, shelter construction, navigating in the wild and most importantly teamwork and managing stressful situations. It helps the participant build skills such as adaptability, multitasking, thinking on their feet and teamwork.

Mountain Biking 14 years+

Enjoy the exhilaration of gripping the handlebars of a mountain bike and learn how to charge down dirt paths, up steep hills and around challenging obstacles. This technical programme focuses on developing a range of mountain bike techniques on varied terrain.
It is an intensive programme for our eldest students, with each session building on the difficulty and intensity of the last to develop a confident and well-rounded technique. The course content will include: An introduction to fundamental bike skills, understanding equipment & safety, developing a dynamic body position for riding & leading others in the mountains.

Internship (After having finished Grade 10+ or equivalent exams)

A growing facet of the Les Elfes camp, our internship courses are becoming more competitive and more sought-after each year. Our interns have an assigned staff mentor and defined responsibilities at the camp. During the day, they join their groups to participate in activities but in the evenings, when they wear their Les Elfes uniform, they become a part of the Les Elfes Team to take on responsibilities. They assist the mentors in the evening activities.
Each applicant for the internship program must complete an application form and an interview to achieve one of the places on the program.

The clubs

The three sessions start with establishing an objective and focuses on a target/ goal at completion. The program end with each club exhibiting their achievements/ learning’s during the Talent Show. The aim of the Clubs is to introduce concepts and skills in a play way method.

Junior Apprentice 7-12 years

An extremely stimulating modified version of apprentice to suit the younger participants. This entrepreneurial challenge for our younger ones makes them work as part of a team to develop a product, identify their USPs, develop an advertisement and deliver a pitch, with a pricing structure to outsell it against their competitors. Thinking out of the box and team building are great takeaways of this club.

Elf MasterChef 7-12 years

Get a little messy and learn a few delicious and easy to make recipes. Participants learn to make dishes from scratch. Adding to the experience is information on nutrition and ingredients.
They also learn how to make variations of the same dish to add a little application thinking. Fun factor & food always make this club a big success

Getting Crafty 7-12 years

For those who have creative juices flowing, we give them the perfect opportunity to get crafty.
This club is all about learning interesting new craft ideas and making stuff that can be used later by the participants. A great way to hone aesthetic talents.

Dragons Den 13 + years

An entrepreneurial challenge for our older campers who work as part of a design team to develop a product, conduct market research, identify their USPs, create and deliver an advertising pitch, along with a pricing structure, to compete for a place in the market for their product. A great foundational experience for those wanting to go the business world for a career.

The Voice 13 years+

Writing is often seen as a solitary art; however, this program encourages collaborative spaces. The Workshop also opens the participants to the vistas of the true spirit of creativity. As a finale, participants collaborate and produce a session journal with interviews & witty articles about coparticipants. This Journal is then presented to the whole camp on the day of the Talent show.

Click & Capture 13 Years +

Learn how to get the most from your camera to take stunning pictures. Our photography and videography club not only include perspective photography, stop motion and illusions but beyond that it’s about bringing out individual ingenuity. At the end of the program all the creativity has to be showcased by creating a storyline of their own with the newly learned techniques. This is a highlight at the talent show at the end of the session

About Verbier

Verbier, the original home of Les Elfes, is situated in the French speaking part of Switzerland and only two hours away from Geneva. Verbier’s stunning location on a south facing plateau guarantees an exceptionally sunny climate in both summer and winter.

In addition to the breathtaking panoramic views, Verbier is one of the most famous resorts in Europe and offers a variety of sport and leisure activities all year round in a cosmopolitan and relaxed atmosphere.



Our two purpose built wood and stone chalets follow the Swiss Alpine tradition and offer charm and comfort to our guests. Both chalets are situated in green, peaceful nature surroundings.

Our staff

Each Camp is supervised by a Resort Manager and an Activities Manager. Les Elfes runs the camps with all appropriate staff, including animators, kitchen staff, nurse, night guard, cleaning team, private drivers,…

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