At Les Elfes we are very concerned about the safety of our students, and now more than ever.

The global health situation has affected the lives of all of us and has negatively affected the possibility of movement between regions and countries.

To guarantee an optimal health environment and to assure you as parents, Les Elfes has introduced several COVID-19 measures that have been in place since April 2020.

Thanks to these measures, Les Elfes has been able to open its camps since June 2020, welcoming around 400 students to its summer, autumn and winter camps.

Below you will find the measures taken:

  • Before the beginning of our camps, all of our staff need to make a PCR test
  • We guarantee the presence of a nurse in our campus
  • Our staff,  nurse and housekeepers have been trained for extra measures to be taken since the Coronavirus scenario took place
  • Disinfectant dispensers are placed in the Chalet and available for use at all times
  • Before the arrival of every student, Les Elfes International shall require a medical certificate that attests the enrolled student is in good health.
  • Upon arrival, students need to submit a good health declaration at the camp’s reception desk.
  • Staff and students’ temperature will be measured every morning. Coronasense autonomous fever sensor has been installed at the camp’s reception.
  • Before the beginning of our camps, all the participants need to present:
    • The proof of full vaccination against COVID
    • Negative PCR test (done max 72h prior to arrival)
    • Negative test (done max 48h prior to arrrival)

We continue to seek advice from the Federal Council of Health. In case of changes, measures will be amended and updated accordingly.

Are you thinking of reserving the summer camp for your child, but the health news related to the Coronavirus makes you hesitate? Do you want to guarantee your child a place this summer but you don’t want to risk paying fees in the event of cancellation? 

At Les Elfes we have decided to bear for you the risks linked to the Coronavirus and we, therefore, allow you to book your child’ stay guaranteeing the full refund if you decide to cancel the trip until 24h before your chil’s arrival.

Considering the current worldwide situation, we are offering special cancellation conditions. Les Elfes Int. SA offers 100% refund until 24h before the arrival
if :

  • The camper or his/her immediate family member is ill with COVID-19 during the 14 days before the arrival. Proof requested
  • If Switzerland or the country of origin requires quarantine upon arrival
    If visa is not issued because of COVID-19 restrictions
  • If the borders are closed in Switzerland or in the country of origin

The reference to any of the above points needs to be proven by an appropriate


Travelling is not as easy as it used to be. Between the difficulty in obtaining short-term visas, the sometimes required quarantine and the decrease in the number of flights between countries, travelling has become very complicated.

In addition, decisions made by governments change rapidly.

To get a clear picture of the possibilities of entering Switzerland from abroad, we recommend that you visit the Swiss Confederation website where you will find specific information for each Country. CLICK HERE to access it.

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