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The Les Elfes Switzerland summer camp is located in Verbier. Les Elfes camp attracts thousands of children from different parts of the world. The camp is popularly known for its remarkable beauty and the availability of multiple outdoor activities. 

Les Elfes camp lies in the charming Swiss Alps. If you’re planning to send your children summer camp, then you can be sure they’ll enjoy the camp’s blend of educational, cultural immersion, and adventurous experiences. Les Elfes camp is known for its unique summer activities for children of all ages including mountain biking, rock climbing, mountaineering, orienteering, and water sports. These activities enable children to learn new skills.

Les Elfes Camp Offers Activities for Children of all Ages

It doesn’t matter whether children are experienced or a beginner in these activities. There are experienced and qualified trainers ready to train them from scratch. What’s more, Les Elfes offers extensive programs for children of different ages, and that allows them to make new friends, understand new cultures, develop new skills, and explore the alpine environment. 

Whether students choose to marvel at the incredible scenery or participate in fun outdoor or educational activities, Les Elfes is your one-stop camp for them to enjoy unforgettable moments. Indeed, Les Elfes camp has an unforgettable and irresistible charm and allure, and this explains why I planned my revisit to the area, despite having spent some days in the camp last summer. 

This article covers the magic of Les Elfes camp, the available activities for children of different ages, and how visiting the camp helps them create unforgettable memories. This comprehensive article will help you understand why you should send your kids to Les Elfes summer camp at least once in their lifetime.

Unveiling the Magic


Les Elfes is nestled at the core of the Swiss Alps, providing a charming natural setting. Crystalline mountain lakes, opulent alpine meadows, and splendid snow-capped peaks define the camp. The landscape is marked with scenic villages and a Les Elfes chalet, creating a postcard-appropriate scene at each end. Les Elfes’ spectacular mountain vistas are some of the camp’s breathtaking facets of natural beauty. 

Towering peaks like the renowned Matterhorn control the horizon, providing the alpine landscape with a sensational backdrop. These impressive mountains provide breathtaking views triggering a sense of awe and wonder. 

Les Elfes goes down in history as one of the camps with some of the most pristine forests in the world. These display vibrant colors all year round. During summer, beautiful wildflowers cover the hillsides before the foliage transforms to create an awe-inspiring collection of golden hues during autumn. Les Elfes camp is also surrounded by many rivers and lakes that reflect the neighboring peaks to create a relaxing atmosphere. 

If you’re visiting Verbier for the first time, you can immerse yourself in exciting activities while marveling at the elegance of the alpine waters. 

The scenic surroundings and natural beauty of Les Elfes camp offer a nice blend of tranquility and luxury, giving campers an alpine experience to remember. 

New Activities for Different Age Groups

Les Elfes camp offers a wide range of fun and educational activities designed for kids in the discovery age group. These activities are tailored to give children an enriching yet fun experience while promoting cultural awareness and personal growth. They combine fun, education, and adventure to give the children an all-round experience that stimulates curiosity while promoting personal growth and creating lifelong memories.

. Activities for Discovery Age Group (6-10 years)

Here are some activities for children under this age group.

Outdoor Adventure

Children can engage in various outdoor activities that encourage them to work as a team while exploring. Other outdoor activities include building snow forts, ice skating, and tobogganing.

Arts and Crafts

Creative workshops take place at Les Elfes, allowing children to learn and practice their artistic skills. They can engage in activities like crafting and painting, which allows them to activate their imagination and creativity. These workshops create an opportunity for children to express themselves and carry their unique mementos and creations home.

Leadership and Team Building Activities

Les Elfes includes leadership and team-building activities in its program for children in the discovery age group. Children can learn and develop their communication skills, teamwork, and problem-solving expertise through these activities. Children can also participate in collaborative projects, group games, and team challenges that encourage togetherness and cooperation.

Cultural Experiences

Les Elfes is committed to providing children with a multicultural experience. They can participate in activities that help them learn about the music, arts, and cultures of Switzerland and other international traditions. For example, they can attend cultural exchange sessions with their peers from other countries, participate in local delicacy-tasting activities, and learn traditional Swiss dances. 

Nature Exploration Activities

Nature-based activities at Les Elfes camp help children appreciate the environment. They can participate in guided nature walks, learn the importance of conserving natural habitats, and study the local flora and fauna. These activities encourage children to connect with the natural world while helping them understand sustainability.

. Activities for Explorers Age Group (10-14 years)

Les Elfes offers various engaging and fun activities specially customized for children aged ten to 14 or the explorer’s age group. These activities provide children with an opportunity for cultural immersion, skill-building, adventure, and personal development. They include:

General Summer Camp Activities

Les Elfes international summer camp offers other activities for children allowing children to showcase their talents. These include: billiards, basketball, trampoline, musical instruments, card games, theatre, picnic, bonfire, barbecue, photography on campus, boat trips, disco, talent show, and shopping in Verbier.

Ball Summer Camp Sports

Campers can engage in a wide range of ball sports such as: tennis, minigolf, golf, football, volleyball, basketball (streetball), beach volleyball, table tennis, badminton, squash, and pétanque.

Outdoor Adventures

Les Elfes offers riveting outdoor adventures, and these allow participants to explore the surrounding natural landscapes. These include mountain bike excursions, guided hikes, and rock climbing expeditions. These activities are designed to give explorers an exhilarating experience and promote resilience, problem-solving, and teamwork. 

Cultural Immersion

Campers can learn about the Swiss culture as well as the cultures of other international participants. They can do so by participating in cultural exchange activities that help them appreciate diversity while promoting intercultural understanding, learning traditional dances, and enrolling in language lessons. 

Leadership Development

Les Elfes camp offers activities that help explorers develop their leadership skills. These include group initiatives that promote cooperation, decision-making, communication, problem-solving challenges, and team-building exercises. These activities are designed to instill resilience and confidence while enabling the explorers to work together as a team. 

Environmental Awareness

Les Elfes camp stresses the significance of environmental stewardship. Explorers can engage in activities designed for ecological sustainability and conservation. They can also embark on nature walks, engage in environmental awareness workshops, and learn about the local fauna and flora. These activities promote a deep understanding of the natural world while teaching participants why they should conserve it. 

Creative Workshops

Explorers can leverage the various workshops available at Les Elfes to discharge their creativity. These workshops include music lessons, photography, and arts and crafts. They allow participants to learn new skills and express themselves in a supportive environment. Further, they encourage participants to learn the art of self-expression and imagination and attain personal growth.

. Activities for Pioneers Age Group (15-17 years)

Activities for 15 to 17-year-olds are enriching and exciting. They’re designed to create cultural immersion, challenging adventurers, personal growth, and leadership opportunities. They include:

Advanced Alpine Sports

Pioneers can improve their skills in alpine sports via specialized training and advanced lessons. They can participate in advanced snowboarding or skiing lessons during winter. These activities offer a rewarding yet thrilling experience for teenagers seeking to push their limits.

Outdoor Expeditions

swiss outdoor


Outdoor expeditions at Les Elfes camp allow pioneers to explore the picturesque Swiss Alps. They can go on multiple-day camping, hiking, mountaineering expeditions, or challenging rock-climbing excursions. These activities promote self-reliance, teamwork, and resilience while giving participants an opportunity to marvel at the impressive alpine landscapes.

Leadership Development

There are specially designed leadership development programs at Les Elfes. Pioneers seeking to develop essential leadership skills can enroll in these programs. They include leadership seminars and workshops, and community service projects. By participating in these projects, teenagers become more resilient, improve their problem-solving abilities, and become better leaders.

Language Studies and Cultural Immersion

Pioneers can delve deep into language studies and cultural immersion. Language lessons help them improve their communication skills. The ability to speak well means that pioneers can participate in cultural activities or workshops that help them understand the Swiss culture better. These activities promote cross-cultural communication while giving pioneers a global perspective. They also widen their horizons. 

Career and Life Skills Programs

Programs that offer practical knowledge and skills for a better future play a huge role in a pioneer’s life. These include lessons about building resumes, tackling interviews, time management, and financial literacy. These programs equip pioneers with excellent life skills that benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Environmental Conservation Drives

Les Elfes camp encourages pioneers to advocate for sustainable practices and promote environmental awareness. To actualize this, pioneers often participate in environmental stewardship workshops, ecological conservation projects, and nature-based activities, reiterating the importance of conserving the environment.

Adventure Awaits

As mentioned above, Les Elfes camp offers various adventure activities for children of different ages and adults of varying skill levels. These activities are specially designed to allow you to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring natural environment of the Swiss Alps as you experience the alluring outdoors. You can participate in the following activities at Les Elfes regardless of your skill level.

  • Mountain biking
  • Climbing and mountaineering
  • Trekking and hiking
  • Ziplining and visiting adventure parks
  • Paragliding 

Embracing the Local Culture

Les Elfes is in Switzerland, a country renowned for its rich traditions and cultural traditions. But it also upholds the local culture in different ways, as seen below.

· Swiss Cuisine

Swiss Cuisine

If you’re visiting Les Elfes camp for the first time, you’ll get to sample Swiss cuisine, popularly known for its delicious and hearty flavors. Some traditional dishes on offer include melted cheese served with bread cubes or fondue, melted cheese scraped onto potatoes or raclette, Swiss chocolate, and fried grated potatoes or rosti. These culinary experiences give you a taste of Swiss culinary art and its focus on traditional recipes and quality ingredients.

· Cultural Workshops

Campers can participate in cultural workshops and learn about Swiss traditions, arts, and crafts. These programs include cheese-making presentations. These immersive experiences allow kids to understand the local traditions and culture. 

Visitors can also explore the local culture through:

  • Attending alpine festivals
  • Participating in cultural and language exchange programs
  • Engaging in Swiss outdoor activities
  • Going on excursions to local villages

The Swiss people are renowned for their welcoming and warm hospitality nature. They are accommodating and ready to help, polite and friendly, and willing to share their local traditions with visitors. Swiss residents also respect others’ privacy while appreciating cultural diversity. 

Rediscovering Winter Wonderland

The winter season is a time to behold in Les Elfes camp and Verbier in general. Thousands of visitors from different parts of the world visit the Verbier to experience the beauty of the Swiss Alps. Various aspects contribute to Les Elfes camp’s allure during winter, and these include:

  • Snow-capped alpine landscapes
  • Top-notch snowboarding and skiing during winter
  • Comfortable alpine chalets
  • A family-friendly and festive atmosphere
  • Adventurous winter activities
  • Apre-ski and nightlife

A Haven for Relaxation

Switzerland displays a peaceful and serene atmosphere, and this makes it an ideal location for people looking for a break from the fast-paced world. Various aspects are responsible for making the country a haven for relaxation, and they include:

  • Flawless natural surroundings
  • Serene accommodations
  • Calm and quiet environment
  • Spa and wellness facilities
  • A connection with nature
  • Mindful activities
  • An emphasis on the theory of slow living

Unforgettable Memories

During my revisit to Les Elfes 2023 trip, I created lasting memories that will remain in my heart. Here are some of the experiences that made my time revisit worthwhile.

  • Adventurous escapades such as skiing down the slopes during winter
  • Cultural immersion
  • The area’s breathtaking natural beauty
  • Beautiful sunsets
  • Availability of a wide range of activities to participate in
  • The warm and welcoming nature of the residents
  • Moments of serenity and calmness
  • The unforgettable alpine beauty
  • Personal development


Les Elfes international summer and winter camp remains one of the most beautiful camps in the world. Thousands of campers troop to the area every year to enjoy the alpine experience, participate in a wide range of activities, and immerse themselves in the winter wonderland. Les Elfes summer camp offers a combination of a serene atmosphere, warm hospitality, adventure, and natural beauty. 

If you’re looking for a reason to send your kids to the camp, you should revisit les Elfes reviews to be convinced. Don’t let your children read about Les Elfes camp in the books. Instead, enroll them in the camp, pack their travel bag, and let them experience the allure of Les Elfes camp firsthand.

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