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Mountain Hut

International All-Year Round Camps
in Verbier, Switzerland

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As part of the Les Elfes international summer camp Switzerland experience, our young adults will spend a night in a mountain hut in Switzerland.

The mountain hut experience is usually carried out during the second day of the camp. This is a great opportunity for our participants to interact with each other and get to know each other better. At the end of this activity, our students will be closer together and the rest of their stay will be even more memorable.

The Discovery group can go to “Bonatchiesse” near Verbier. The older group, on the other hand, will try out real mountain huts, of which the canton of Valais is rich. In the evening, our youngsters will be able to gather around a big campfire and eat lots of marshmallows and smores. Campers will tell stories and sing camp songs, laughing and sharing memories with other summer campers from around the world. The next morning, students will wake up and eat a yummy breakfast of cereal, bread, jam and butter. Then they may build shelters out of wood or explore the area nearby.

Explorers and pioneers may go to Lac Tanay, a beautiful, picturesque lake situated an hour away from Verbier. Campers will reach the destination via bus and hike up to the traditional mountain huts in this area. The cabins have rules and will show to students their assigned dormitories. In the summer, it may be very hot, so summer campers can use their pocket money to buy ice cream.

Kids may go to the forest to collect firewood to make a big campfire next to the lake. For dinner, they may have a delicious dinner of salad, spaghetti bolognese and crème brûlée made especially for them by the landlady of the mountain hut.

After dinner, they may tell ghost stories and even sing songs. If a student knows to play a musical instrument he/she may want to bring it along for the singing we do around the summer campfire. The following day, students might hike up to a stunning waterfall, and have a picnic lunch by the lake and even go swimming in a mountain lake. After, they may play a big game of capture the flag and then hike back down to the buses to head back to the international summer camp.

About Verbier

Verbier, the original home of Les Elfes, is situated in the French speaking part of Switzerland and only two hours away from Geneva. Verbier’s stunning location on a south facing plateau guarantees an exceptionally sunny climate in both summer and winter.

In addition to the breathtaking panoramic views, Verbier is one of the most famous resorts in Europe and offers a variety of sport and leisure activities all year round in a cosmopolitan and relaxed atmosphere.



Our two purpose built wood and stone chalets follow the Swiss Alpine tradition and offer charm and comfort to our guests. Both chalets are situated in green, peaceful nature surroundings.

Our staff

Each Camp is supervised by a Resort Manager and an Activities Manager. Les Elfes runs the camps with all appropriate staff, including animators, kitchen staff, nurse, night guard, cleaning team, private drivers,…

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Group of kids and teens having fun at the lake doing banana boat during their 2024 international summer camp activity at Les Elfes




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