Verbier Wins the Best Ski Resort 2019

Verbier has for the second year been voted the best ski resort 2019 in Switzerland. Val Thorens, on the other hand, was awarded as the best ski resort worldwide. The award was presented during the annual World Ski Awards which were held on Saturday, November 23rd in Kitzbühel, Austria. 

In his speech after the reward, the Téléverbier Group CEO Laurent Vaucher said: “This distinction is the result of all the efforts made by local players and partners. Verbier does not only offer beautiful slopes, but a real customer experience that everyone can enjoy. Indeed, Verbier offers its customers a complete panel of sporting, cultural and relaxation activities.” it was a double celebration for Verbier after the hotel W was also voted the best mountain hotel, both in Switzerland and globally for the fourth consecutive year.

Speaking after the award, Pierre-Henri Bovsovers, the hotel’s managing director, attributed the win to the continued dedication and support from the hotel owners and the hotel W Verbier hotel team members. In his words: “It is the support of our owners, and the dedication of each team member in providing outstanding service, exceeding the hotels guest’s expectations 24/7, as well as their passion for their work, that have made these prestigious awards possible.”

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Gala Ceremony

A big delegation from Verbier was in attendance during the gala ceremony when the winners from various categories were finally announced. Verbier had been nominated in Switzerland’s best ski resort award category alongside other finalists which include: St-Moritz, Zermatt, and Gstaad. The nominated candidates had a period of 16 weeks to market themselves in a bid to get the prestigious award.

There were numerous challenges involved during that period and Verbier had to go the extra mile in mobilizing all available resources to finally be announced the winners. To be declared winners, Verbier needed to garner as many votes as possible. The Chalet Les Anges de Zermatt was voted the best ski chalet in the world in Valais. 

About the World Ski Awards

The world ski awards were launched in 2013 as the only organization that recognizes and awards excellence in the ski tourism industry. The main objective of the World Ski Awards initiative is not only to reward leading organizations in various fields in the ski industry. It also seeks to enhance standards in the industry.  

Verbier Ski Resort 

Verbier is the leading resort in the largest ski area in Switzerland, the 4 valleys. Not only is the region scenic, but it’s also sunny with picturesque terrain. Verbier attracts different clientele such as students, wealthy families, and a wide range of celebrities. You can easily access Verbier seeing that it lies just two hours from the Geneva airport. There are readily available public means of transport that you can leverage on.

Are you an adventurous ski enthusiast? Do you love snowboarding and other snow-related activities? If you do, then Verbier is a must-visit resort that features excellent slopes to meet the needs of different individuals, regardless of their experience levels. There are 80 lifts in Verbier providing access to over 450kms of runs. These are inclusive of some of the best lift-served away from the piste in the Alps.

The slopes in Verbier offer a snow-sure experience as well as exceptional scenery to marvel at. Enjoy exceptional views from the top of Mont Fort at 3,33m. The views can go as far as Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn. Due to the far-reaching snowmaking and the altitude within the ski area, visitors are advised to place their bookings either early in the season or later. You can access 2,700m from the resort via two continuous gondola rides which take less than 11 minutes. The higher you go, the more extensive the snow terrain shall be. The main network of pistes in Verbier is directly above the resort, which is served by the Medran gondola.

A popular complex was launched at the lowest point of Medran gondola between the 2013/14 season. There are restaurants, shops, and the luxurious W Verbier hotel. What’s more, there are numerous bars, lounges, cafes, and other public areas. These enhanced the resort’s focal point. There’s a regular free shuttle bus that connects Medran with the lifts with other smaller ski locations within Verbier through different routes within the town’s chalets. Many of the visitors accessing Verbier can also gain access to the central region and its slopes via the bus. 

Opening of the lifts

The lift connections were launched during winter in 2013/14. This made it easy for visitors to explore all the 4 valleys ski area. You can now access the center of the Bruson ski area, which locals initially called the insider’s secret. All you need to access this region today is two seamless gondola rides from Verbier. The availability of a send high-speed gondola has revolutionized the link between the 4 Valleys resorts of Nendaz and Siviez.  

Verbier Drawbacks  

The Verbier terrain can be taxing, and this has seen the rise of numerous exciting spectator events. These include; the Verbier High Five where non-professionals compete with world champions, Xtreme Verbier which marks the Freeride World Tour finals, and the Patrouille des Glaciers, a tiring ski touring race from Zermatt. There are various drawbacks to Verbier even though it’s the best ski resort in Switzerland.

If you are a beginner, you will realize that the beginner ski areas at the bottom of the mountain are isolated from the other pistes. This means that beginners won’t be able to access the main ski area with ease. Of course, there are many other things to do within the beginner areas apart from snowboarding and skiing along the slopes.  

How to Get to Verbier 

You can access Verbier from the Geneva airport. The resort is approximately 161km, and it’ll take you around two and a half hours to get there. If you prefer to travel via train, the nearest station is Martigny.  

Why you Should Choose Verbier as Your next Ski Location

Verbier is nestled along the south-facing sunny plateau at 1,500 m complete with magnificent views. The ski playground in Verbier stretches to Mont-Fort at 3,330 m from Le Châble at 850 m. Verbier has up to 140 km of slopes and a big percentage of those are red with a small amount of blue and black and the off-piste routes.

The resort is part of the largest ski area in Switzerland. One of the most interesting facts about Verbier is that you can ski from November to May. Are you hunting for ski locations in Switzerland? Here are various reasons why you should consider skiing in Verbier. 

Indoor Entertainment

There’s a new sports centre hall that’s open every day from 10 am to 9 pm. There’s a 600 m² climbing wall, a covered tennis court, 2 squash courts, and a multiple sports ground. There’s also a Mondzeu swimming pool at the heart of the resort that features a 19 m indoor pool. Further, you’ll also find a gym and a sauna. 


Skiing off-piste in Verbier is less risky, even when you don’t have a guide. This is because route runs are monitored. Professional snowboarders and skiers can select one of the seven marked freeride routes. These are; Vallon d’Arby, Mont-Gelé, Otanes, Gentianes-Tortin, ChassoureTortin, The entertainment, and La Côt-Le Châble. There are numerous events in Verbier during the ski season ranging from artistic, cultural, and gastronomic events.

For instance, the Polaris Electronic Music Festival takes place from November 28th to 1st December. Haute Cuisine takes place from 1st to 4th April, while the Verbier Art Summit takes place between 31st January to 1st February. Verbier Xtreme takes place from 28th March and 5th April, and the Patrouille des Glaciers ski mountaineering race takes place from the 27th of April to the 3rd of May. 


Expert snowboarders and skiers get the opportunity to drop on a remote peak via helicopter. From this point, they can enjoy breathtaking views before descending on untracked powder. Trient Glacier, Rosablanche, Petit Combin, and Pigne d’Arolla offer memorable descents in clear high mountain terrain. 


Après-ski was recognized across the globe for its cosmopolitan and rousing nightlife. From the slopes, you’ll only need to take a short walk to the popular places which have elevated the resort’s reputation. These include; Fer à Cheval, Pub Mont Fort, the Rouge, Off-Piste at the W, and the Farinet. 


The La Tzoumaz sledge run is the longest toboggan run that you’ll find in western Switzerland. If you’re adventurous and courageous enough, try to throw yourself down. From the summit, you can enjoy 10 km of spills and fun, complete with a 848 m descent. You’ll need helmets to maximize your experience.  


The management of the Verbier resort has worked together to steer Verbier to where it is today. Winning the best ski resort for the second year is a clear indication that the resort is a must-visit area. Remember to visit the Verbier resort on your next ski holiday.


How to Navigate through Switzerland using Public Transportation

The public transport network in Switzerland is not only efficient, but it’s also safe. Some of the options you can use include buses, trams, taxis, and trains. There are numerous cycling routes as well. Let’s discuss some of the transportation options that you can use to navigate through different cities. 

Swiss Public Transport

Switzerland has one of the most organized public transport systems complete with timetables and information available online. If you’re planning to visit Switzerland by rail, road, or air, you can be guaranteed of reaching your destination with minimal struggle. 

The Swiss Rail Network

The Switzerland rail network is convenient and well organized; you’ll be able to access any destination in the country through the rail. The Swiss Federal Railways is also known in French as CFF, FFS in Italian, and SBB in German. It provides travelers with multiple options to choose from. You can choose to travel using 1st class or 2nd class tickets. The validity of your tickets often depends on the distance you’ll travel and your preferred means of transport. City tickets from Swiss Federal Railways will give you a one-day travel pass for trams or buses to your destination.  

The Swiss Pass

The Swiss pass was initiated during summer in 2015. It incorporates the previous travel cards which came as a single card into one chip-based plastic card. When it was first launched, it only replaced the GA card and the Half Fare card. Today, however, the Swiss Pass incorporates various other services. Currently, the pass can be used to cover ski resort tickets and PubliBike bicycle rentals. 

Understanding the SBB (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen)

The SBB.ch or the Swiss Federal Railways application is the best transportation app option you can use while in Switzerland. It’s the official app in the country that covers boats, trains, trams, cableways, and subways. It’s also the most effective app you can use to navigate through the country. Already available in an updated version, it now features advanced options to enhance your travel convenience. 

Characteristics of the SBB App


The characteristics of this app include;

·         A Basic and Touch Timetable

The touch timetable feature is one of the most popular among travelers within Switzerland. With this feature, you can utilize the personalized interface to switch between two locations. This will reveal the next available trains between the locations.

This option works perfectly and fast, you can choose the pencil icon located at the lower right side of the screen to personalize your locations to incorporate the destinations you frequent the most. While many destinations come with default images, you can choose and upload your preferred image from your photo library. You can also change the location and size of each destination depending on your preferences.

The standard timetable is specially designed to function accordingly. It also allows users to choose their preferred travel date where they’ll be headed to and where they’ll be coming from. Users will also be able to select their mode of transportation. 

·         User Experience

This app leverages your GPS to establish your location. After launching your Swiss Pass account, it becomes personalized to make it easier to use. Head on to settings and click on the edit start page. This allows you to personalize what they’ll be seeing on their app or home page. This adds to the convenience of this app. While the SBB is a standard transportation system it’s easy to use, elegant in terms of design and pays close attention to detail, which spreads through the entire app. 

·        Connections

As you prepare your journey, the volume of information secured in every session is essential considering the screen size assigned to each connection. Each connection in this app displays the number of connections, the duration, departure, and arrival, approximated availability in both 1st and 2nd class, the exiting platform, as well as the walking distance if any both at the beginning and the end of your journey.

Choosing an individual connection propels you to another screen that features more details. Further, it incorporates maps which you can adjust to display the walking courses between the connections. By choosing the three-dot icons located at the top right area, you can; include the connection to your trips, share the information through your preferred messaging app, and export the itinerary to the default calendar on your phone.

Finally, you can purchase your tickets easily and fast from your screen. You should first, however, configure your profile through logging to your Swiss Pass account. Further, you can choose the types of tickets you need and pay for them using your preferred payment method. 

Paying for Tickets and Boarding

Public transport vehicles in Switzerland come with advanced and automatic passenger managed doors. The buttons are located along the pillar on the interior door and at the exterior door. It’s worth noting that the doors only remain open for 3 seconds unless you are either pressing the button or are standing along the footboard.

Further, you may need to know that many buses, trains, and trams don’t come with inbuilt ticket machines. This is why it’s necessary to buy a ticket in advance to avoid hefty fines. If you’re traveling through the yellow post buses, you can purchase your tickets from the driver.

 Traveling in Switzerland by Rail


To get the best in Switzerland, you may want to travel by rail. Not only is rail safe and comfortable, but it’s also eco-friendly. With the Swiss Travel Pass, you can board both buses and trains without having to purchase any more tickets. 

Traveling to Switzerland by Post Bus

The post bus service is also perfect when it comes to exploring Switzerland. The system comprises of the popular yellow buses which have been in use for more than 100 years, helping passengers traverse through 848 routes across mountains and lakes.

One thing that you and the entire family will enjoy about the post bus service is the comfort and modernness of the buses. Further, you’ll get an opportunity to travel in the buses that are specially designed to traverse through the sharp alpine passes. Traveling by post bus is an economical way of exploring the country.

Ensuring that Children Arrive Safely at Camp 

Numerous children go camping annually unaccompanied by their parents or guardians. Still, many parents are worried about sending their children to summer camp alone. If your child will be attending the Les Elfes camping resort, you can be sure that your child will be safe.

At Les Elfes, there is a well-managed pickup service that will ensure that your children arrive at camp safely. Children are picked from the airport by experienced and qualified drivers who then take them to camp. This system is designed to give parents peace of mind, knowing that their children are safe and well taken care of. 

Where do Unaccompanied Children go When after Alighting from the Plane?

There is proper management at Les Elfes to ensure that each camper receives the best treatment. Unaccompanied campers will be welcomed at the Geneva Airport arrival hall where Les Elfes has an office. Here, they’ll be met by helpful and friendly staff that will transport them to a modern private bus to the camp. Arrival time from the airport is approximately one and a half hours. 

Does this mean that Parents can’t accompany their Children to Camp?

Many parents are glad to accompany their children to camp, at least so that they can have an overview of the activities they’ll be engaging in. The management at Les Elfes is always ready and happy to meet parents and guardians. If they’re driving, the parents can drop their children at the camp.

They can even choose to spend the entire night with the kids. There are no restrictions when it comes to arrival and departure times. This is because the campo receives children from diverse places across the world. The arrival time, therefore, depends on their time zone.

Whether the campers are traveling to or from the campsite, you can be guaranteed to get that they will be safe. At Les Elfes, the safety of the children comes first and this is enough to allow parents to send their children to camp with minimal worries. 

When Should Children Fly Alone?

Children can be allowed to fly unaccompanied from the age of five years old. However, it’s worth mentioning that every airline has varying policies, requirements, and restrictions. Often, airlines will require the phone number and the name of the pickup person. Your child will be under the care of an attendant the moment they board the plane.

The attendant will then hand your child over to the pickup person on arrival to their destination. Assuming that the journey involves boarding a connecting flight, your child will be handed over to an airport employee or the gate agent who will then direct the child to the right gate. Your child will be under adult care always and you need not worry about their safety. Many airports have kid-friendly lounges to keep the children busy and occupied. 


During the school holidays, many children from various parts of the world go camping in Switzerland. Allowing your child to travel to overseas allow them to explore the country, become independent, and view life from a different perspective. 

Staying Safe during Camp: What Les Elfes does to Guarantee Safety


Camping is fun and exciting, but it can be dangerous too. What are some of the dangers that you should be on the lookout for? How can you stay safe while camping? What does Les Elfes do to guarantee safety? Read on to find out. 

Dangers to Avoid while Camping

While campers are susceptible to various dangers, many of these dangers can be avoided with proper preparation. Whether you’re planning for a school summer or winter trip, here are some of the common dangers you should avoid while camping. 

· Fire

A good campfire in the evening after a vigorous skiing session can be fascinating. Still, it can also pose a risk. You need to ensure that your fire is well built to prevent it from escalating and getting out of control. This will protect you and the forest. As you camp, it’s your responsibility to avert forest fires. Apart from taking the ideal measures to prevent fires, ensure your campfire is built far from the tents.

While many tents are made from fire-resistant materials, this doesn’t mean that they can’t get damaged. Always keep flammables away from the fire. If possible, build a non-flammable obstruction around the fire to prevent spreading. 

· Animals

Animals, especially bear that live in many of the camping sites during winter are beautiful to look at, cuddly, and lovable. You could easily want to touch them. However, they can be dangerous. Be careful when storing food, especially leftovers. Avoid leaving food out as the odor can attract bears and other animals or even insects. If you have to east, make use of the specially designated eating areas.

Always keep a distance from bears should you spot one. Be particularly careful of the mother bears as they’re overly protective of their cubs. They can easily attack you if you threaten them. If your camping trip involves staying in a place close to bear activity, shout at the highest of your voice when you encounter them and this will scare the animals away. 

· Extreme Weather

Weather can be unpredictable and can fluctuate anytime regardless of the number of times you check the weather forecast. Some of the things you should be on the lookout for include lightning. Have plans in place to counter flooding, extreme heat, and cold weather conditions. Check the weather forecast every day and be ready to handle any eventualities. Hypothermia, for instance, isn’t a preserve of the winter period only.

Sudden downpours, cold summer nights, and extremely sweaty hikes are factors that can trigger hypothermia. What can you do to avoid this situation? If you’re camping during the rainy season, you want to pitch your tents away from moving water and stay away from flat areas to safeguard you from severe flash floods. Assuming you experience: extreme sweating, fall in a pool of water, or are caught in the rain, dry yourself off immediately and change to dry clothes.

Wrap yourself in a blanket and keep yourself warm. During lightning attacks, don’t stand close to lone trees. If you can, take refuge in a depression along the terrain or in between a collection of both small and bigger trees. Try to minimize contact with the ground as much as possible if lighting attacks find you in an open field. Stay as hydrated as possible during extreme heat. Experts recommend a liter of water every one hour.

· Berries and plants


One of the exciting experiences during camp is sampling wild plants and berries. However, you need to understand that these can be poisonous. Unless you or your guide is experienced in selecting safe to consume wild berries and plants, the best option would be to avoid them. While many of them are safe for consumption, others can be hazardous to your health. 

· Insects

Encountering insects in the wilderness is a common occurrence. It’s worth noting that many insects carry various types of diseases. While insects are unavoidable, they can be annoying and disruptive. Always carry insect repellant to counter insects. Ensure your repellant of choice contains picaridin or DEET and reapply regularly when inside the water if you sweat often, and before going to bed. Inspect your clothes and tent for insects such as ticks just to be on the safe side. 

  • Staying Safe During Camp
  • You can maximize your camping experience with the following safety tips. 
  • Pick the Ideal Site and Shelter

To secure the best camping site and shelter for your camping experience, you need to consider your: medical needs, physical limitations, and age. The same should apply to all the other people you’ll be camping with. Remember, varying amenities will be at your disposal depending on whether you choose to stay in an RV, a cabin, or a tent. If you’ll be camping in a cabin, for instance, you’ll get both bunk beds and full beds.

If you opt to use a tent, on the other hand, you may want to carry various essentials such as; sleeping bags, air mattresses, and other basic items. As much as cabins and recreational vehicles (RVs) are more secure and come with various amenities, a big percentage of campers still prefer camping in tents. As a tent camper, you’ll be provided with fire rings, picnic tables, recreational spaces, and restrooms complete with showers at Les Elfes. 

· Monitor the Weather

Check out the weather forecast before embarking on your trip. Still, while you’re packing, ensure to have essential clothes for use during snow, rain, high humidity, or high heat should the weather change abruptly. 

Adopt Safe Food Packing and Storage Strategies


As we’ve seen above, storing your food on picnic tables or unsecured places is the leading cause of getting attacked by wild animals. Store your food in tightly closed waterproof containers and secure them in an insulated cooler box. Remember, you can be susceptible to foodborne illnesses while camping. What you need to do to avoid such inconveniences is: thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water. You also want to keep raw food separately from your cooked meals. 

Adopt Proper Campfire Safety Measures

Often, campers light a fire during the night to counter the cold as they catch up with the happenings of the date. Ensure your campfire is approximately 15 feet away from shrubs, tent walls, and trees. Maintain a small fire and contain it within a specific area such as a fire pit. What’s more, avoid leaving your fire unattended and have a bucket of water nearby. This will help put out the fire before retiring to bed, or in the tent, the fire gets out of hand. 

Mind Your Allergies and Safeguard your Skin from the Sun

Do you suffer from allergies? Are you under any medication? Pack any medication you use as the first method of countering allergies and relieving the problem should it arise. Further, have a first aid kit with you and be on the lookout for various symptoms such as breathing difficulties, dizziness, and swelling around areas where you’ve either: been bitten by insects, or when plants come into contact with your skin.

While some people opine that UV rays are unavailable during cloudy days, you can easily damage your skin then as would be the case during sunny days. Use sunscreen and wear sunglasses and a hat. These can go a long way in protecting you from harmful UV rays. The sunscreen you choose should be a broad spectrum with approximately SPF 15. Remember to use a good quality lip screen to prevent cracking of the lips. 

What Does Les Elfes do to Guarantee Safety During Camp?

Les Elfes is committed to ensuring that every camper remains safe during camp. Management of the camping resort collaborates with various personnel at the resort to guarantee safety on their popular sports. These include; snowboarding and skiing. While these activities are risky, the management team has on standby a team of experienced and professional staff. These are trained to ensure the resort is as accident-free as possible.

Les Elfes is strict when it comes to snowboarding and skiing activities for kids. The management doesn’t allow children to ski alone without a guide. The camp organizers at Les Elfes understand the importance of warming up before embarking on any activity on camp. Further, participants are allowed regular breaks which they can utilize to either enjoy a hot cup of beverage or take a nap.

Camp organizers at Les Elfes reiterate the importance of drinking sufficient fluids to protect yourself from getting dehydrated. All the counselors at Les Elfes marketing department have with them an extensive first aid kit and mobile telephones. These kids should possess proper training in basic CPTR and a basis.

There are nurses on standby at every campus in Les Elfes. Instructors here are certified by the Swiss Ski School. All the equipment that campers use while camping at the Les Elfes club is owned by the establishment. To guarantee the safety and proper function of the equipment, 30% of them are replaced annually or repaired to ensure ultimate quality and performance. Do you need an airport, transfers will you need to move too far off areas to participate in various destinations?


Safety is an ideal requirement for you or kids when they go out camping. Understanding the dangers you should avoid, how to stay safe, and what you can expect from Les Elfes is critical. It’s the first step towards maximizing your camping experience.

How the Annapurna Project is Changing the Lives of Girls in Nepal


The Annapurna association, also known as AA is one of the projects that Le Elfes supports. The project focuses on providing education for girls in Nepal. Currently, Les Elfes supports up to 25 less privileged children through the Annapurna project.

The Annapurna project emanated from the need to provide an equal opportunity for both boys and girls to attend school. Les Elfes organizers figured that being educated would give girls the authority to do anything to improve their lives and that of others.

Why Nepal?

Deep in the rustic Himalayan community of Nepal where the Annapurna project is set up, the gender gap is shocking. Often, girls don’t get equal rights to education as is the case with boys. Due to prolonged periods of being out of school, girls become susceptible to early marriage, abuse, violence, trafficking, and insecurity.

What’s even more shocking is that; after getting married off at an early age, these girls often spend the rest of their lives depending on their spouses. This cycle is bound to repeat itself over and over again if something is not done. Action should be taken to save the future of the girl child in Nepal. 

What can be done?

Annapurna is a specially designed program that focuses on ensuring that girls in Nepal get good quality education. To achieve this, the program organizers seek to provide the girls with the necessary support they need. The organizers pay special attention to girls from the remote villages, who are more vulnerable to getting married off early, trafficking, and abuse.

The Annapurna project organizers are certain that education can break poverty cycles and change lives. When a girl is educated, they will understand the need to provide decent education to both their sons and daughters. This will play a major role in promoting gender equality, and education will be embraced throughout the generations. What’s the long term impact of these steps, you may ask?

Nepal is a developing country. If everybody commits themselves to educate girls, they will instill in them a sense of responsibility. The girl will then feel the need to educate her siblings and other girls within the region. This will create change, and help the girls to become self-dependent. Empowering girls with a good quality education is a great investment, which will trigger them to create significance in their community. 

Charitable Organizations in Nepal


Numerous charitable groups strive to assist the poor in Nepal. However, Annapurna is a unique project specially designed to create a difference. The Annapurna project strives to provide girls with an education. With the current hard economic times, many people are unable to meet the needs of their kids. Still, parents do everything they can to create better opportunities for them, albeit with little success.

The organizers of Annapurna have in the past had difficulties in identifying vulnerable children who need assistance. Children who are currently under the organization were identified via local contacts. The organizers are committed to providing a conducive family atmosphere, improved lifestyle for the children, and a great education system. 

Where is the Annapurna Home?

Both the school and the house are located in the Pokhara Valley. Brilliant lakes surround the region and it’s overlooked by the mountains of Dhaulagiri ranges and Annapurna. The region is the ultimate definition of a wonderful environment. Children and their minders have easy access to schools and hospitals. 

How does Les Elfes help?

  • Les Elfes is committed to providing financial support by donating a certain percentage from their camp bookings.
  • For every volunteer, Les Elfes caters for their flights
  • In Les Elfes, some of the staff are tasked with visiting Nepal once in a while to engage in volunteering work. The staff is excited to interact with the girls as seen in the following testimonial from one of the volunteers. 

My Annapurna Association Nepal Experience


The AAN home is located in the northwest suburbs of Pokhara, in a much quieter and calmer part of the city, surrounded by crop fields with a mountainous backdrop. The girls have only moved into the new building this year for which they are so grateful for, as it is a much more pleasant environment for them to stay.

Their new home has plenty of space and storage for all the girls, a large kitchen, a study room, and even outdoor space to grow their vegetables. The girls are looked after by home mum Niru along with a handful of volunteers who help with everything from housework, maintenance, and homework. The volunteers visit the home every day and you can see how much they mean to the girls, and how they have created a family atmosphere in the home.

At the time of my visit, 19 girls were living in the home and they were studying hard for their upcoming exams. The girls all recognize how lucky they are to have the opportunity to a good education and study hard every day. Typically, they study for an hour before school in the morning and for a few hours after, until they have completed their homework.

Once their homework and chores are done the girls turn the study room into a playroom and dancefloor! Uno is usually a game of choice along with a mixture of traditional and modern dances. During my stay I would visit the home twice a day, both before and after school, primarily to help the girls with their school work, along with help in the garden and cleaning around the home.

I would help the girls study for their upcoming exams, particularly the younger girls with their English and Mathematics. The education system in Nepal demands a lot of hard work from pupils and it was a joy to help the girls and to see the progress every day. As the younger girls would complete their homework we would play games and dance with them to give the older girls some time to study without distractions.

The older girls had some very important exams in September as they prepare for their future. I had the chance to speak to Santoshi who told me how she is studying hotel management and hospitality, as she hopes to join Pokhara’s growing tourism industry, with the area becoming more and more popular for trekking. She told me that she has been with the home for over 10 years along with two other girls.

They have grown up together at the home and now have the chance to finish their qualifications and start a fruitful and successful career thanks to the support provided by AAN and the education they have received. Seeing the girls’ progression from children without much education, to young women who have all the qualifications for a successful career was amazing.

To see first-hand what opportunities AAN can provide these girls was incredible. Every donation and every bit of help AAN gets goes straight to these young Nepali girls, and it gives them a chance in life, that they might not have previously had.

Thank you so much for the opportunity!



Education is a critical part of human life and parents need to take their children to school regardless of their situation. However, some children come from overly underprivileged families, which makes going to school an arduous task. This is where the Annapurna project comes in not only to help these children go to school. The project helps them develop a concrete future for themselves and future generations.