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Camping games are a perfect way to keep children active during the summer season. A camping trip allows kids to reconnect with their peers and make new friends.

There is a wide range of fun camping games to choose from. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can even make your games. In this post, we shall discuss fun family camping games that families can indulge in during your next camping trip.

Camping Games for the Whole Family

Whether your campsite will be in your backyard or out in the wilderness, camping games are ideal during the summer season. Playing family games together is a proper way of strengthening your relationships. Further, you get to spend valuable time with the people you love. What a better way to relax and break away from the hustles and bustles of daily life? Here are some nature scavenger hunt inspired games you can try.

· I Spy

I spy is a great game that the whole family can play after lunch or when relaxing from a hiking trip. Every participant gives hints about an item they can notice near them and repeat: “I spy with my little eyes” The person who can guess the object correctly becomes the winner.

· Card Games

Card Games

There are numerous card games available for players of all ages, such as Kings Corners. Two players can play this game, where each receives seven cards. The remaining cards are then placed in a pack, face down, in the middle of the playing area.

A player then snaps four cards from the stack and puts them to the east, west, north, and south of the pile. Players take turns playing their cards lower in position and a different color on the packs. Players place the kings in the corners, and once the feeder pile is gone, the first player that runs out of cards wins.

· Park Ranger

To play this game, you need a big playing area complete with preset boundary lines. Choose one player from the group to become the park ranger. He (park ranger) will start in the middle of the playing area while the other players stand shoulder to shoulder in a line in front of the park ranger. Each player will pick the animal they want to be, but not reveal it to the other players. The park ranger will announce features that the other participants’ animals should have. What happens if a participant’s animal lacks a characteristic the park ranger mentions? They have to run through the area before the park ranger labels them. The park ranger attempts to tag as many people as he can. Tagged players will become trees where they remain stationary without moving their feet. The last person who does not become a tree wins.

· Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is one of the great games to include in your camping activities list. Prepare a list of things that campers may find on the trail. You can also get a printable scavenger hunt list on the internet. Let them mark off the objects they see instead of collecting them. Adults should confirm the finds and the first camper who discovers all the objects will receive a gift.

· Campfire Games

Campfire Games

Apart from roasting marshmallows by the campfire, there are other games that campers can play in the evening. All that young and older kids need to play campfire games is enough warmth and creativity.

· The Telephone Game

To play this game, players should sit shoulder to shoulder. The participant sitting at the beginning of the line creates a long sentence. They then whisper it to the player seated to the right, who then whispers it to the next person. The last person on the finish line will repeat the sentence loudly and will not be the same as it was in the beginning.

· Twenty Questions

Participants play this game in turns. One player thinks of an object, and the other participants can ask twenty questions to figure out what the item is. The player who has the answer can only respond to yes or no questions.

· Name That Tune

Participants will take turns playing this game. One player will hum a specific tune for approximately a minute while the others try to guess the song. The participant who makes most correct guesses becomes the winner.

· Camping Trip

Camping trip is a fun game that kids will enjoy. Each child repeats: “I’m going on a camping trip and I’ll bring…” they will then say what they will bring from their camping trip. The trick here is that the players must complete their phrases with an item whose name begins with the preceding letter. For example, if the first person will be bringing acorns, the next player must bring an object whose name starts with letter B like Bananagrams.

· Two Truths and a Lie

To play this game, campers around the campfire will share three details about themselves. Two of them will be true, and one will be a lie. The rest of the players must guess the lie correctly.

· Charades

Charades is an ideal campfire game for a small or large group. Have the participants write down some camping ideas to try on pieces of paper, and put them in an empty coffee mug or hat. Move around the campfire clockwise, pick slips, and act out hints to the phrase you choose until the other participants guess it right. Winners can enjoy s’mores by the campfire.

· Glow in the Dark Jenga Games

Glow In The Dark Jenga Games

Jenga is a miniature piling block game that is fun to play both during the day and in the evening by the campfire. You can purchase the stacking blocks from Amazon. Jenga games will bring out the fun on a rainy day.

· Cornhole

Cornhole is ideal for small campsites because it does not include lots of running around. To play this game, form a group of two or four people and have them stand 25 feet apart. Each group should have a board with a hole cut through it. Every team member will toss beanbags and try to pass them in the hole. The first team that gets 21 points becomes the winner. What happens if you do not have boards? In this case, you will need to exercise your creativity. Sketch a goal on the ground and toss pine cones.

Active Camping Games

These outdoor games are ideal in a spacious place and require more movement. They are perfect for energetic children.

· Knot Tying

You can make this a knot-tying challenge. Ensure each child can tie and untie a knot before the game begins. Assign one participant as the timekeeper, and let the players compete to tie up the perfect knot. Organizers can set the game up in barrier course format with different knot tying stations on various items. The first player to tie and untie the appointed knots becomes the winner.

· Go Fish Yourself Game

Go-fish is a fun game that is perfect for the whole family. Up to 6 players can play at once. You will need a sense of humor to enjoy this game. The idea of the Go-fish yourself game is not to set up pairs. Instead, you will be forcing your peers to set up pairs. Each pair creates a set of funny rules for the participants to follow. If you cannot follow the rules, then you will have to exit the game.

· Glow in the Dark Frisbee

When the darkness sets in, many campers will be looking forward to going to bed. However, this does not mean the end of camping games for the day. Older children can continue playing as the glow in the dark frisbee brightens the surroundings. You can even make an illuminated nightfall ring toss using glow sticks.

· Sleeping Bag Relay Races

This game is similar to potato sack relay races, with the only difference being that the sleeping bags. Carry some old sleeping bags and get the children to hop-race up to the finish line. Gift the winner with a packet of s’mores.

· Yahtzee Board Game

Yahtzee Board Game

Yahtzee is one of the standard board games that you can play on a flat surface like a picnic table. Players roll 5-dice in turns three times, hoping to make 1 out of 13 categories. However, they do not always achieve this. The game ends once all the participants enter a zero, or a score in all the thirteen categories. The players then compare their scores to identify the winner.

· Camping Bingo

Camping bingo is a fun game that helps campers to improve their problem-solving skills. Each kid receives a large card, each containing phrases, words, or pictures. While each child gets the same words, they are usually in a different order. Once the supervisor calls out a word, the kids look for the correct square on their card and outline it. The first child to get five words highlighted vertically, horizontally, or in a row becomes the winner.

Camping Games are an Ideal Entertain Option in Summer

Playing a wide range of camping games can be entertaining for the whole family. If you are planning your next camping trip, make sure you try some of the games we have discussed here. Apart from being easy to play, these camping games will teach the kids critical life skills.

Register now and enjoy some of these fun camping games with your whole family.