Do Kids Spend Easter Break in Spring Camp?

As spring break approaches, it’s important to start planning what kids will be doing during the Easter-break. While the whole family may be unable to vacation, holiday camps can be ideal. Spring break campsites allow young campers time to relax and engage in new activities away from school life. Sending your little ones on a spring camping holiday can improve their mental health and social life. Read on to learn more about spring camping during the Easter break


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What Dates are Easter holidays 2023 UK?

Easter break in the UK falls on April 9, 2023, near the end of the school holidays. Good Friday will fall on April 7, which will also be a national bank holiday break in the United Kingdom. Easter is not recognized as a nationwide bank holiday in Scotland. However, some councils like Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dundee recognize it as one. 

What is the Difference between Easter and Spring Break?

Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus on the third day following his crucifixion. It happens after a fasting period known as Lent, where many churches set time aside for remembrance and repentance. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, culminating on Good Friday, day one of Jesus’ crucifixion. 

Pope Gregory 1 relied on the 40-day pattern of Elijah, Moses, Israel, and Jesus’ time in the wilderness to establish the 40 days. Easter is significant in Christianity and the core of the faith. Many families leverage the Easter break to go on a getaway holiday and participate in various fun Easter activities.

During Easter, you can enjoy special offers or receive vouchers upon making purchases. On the other hand, spring break is a common practice in college life for many students. Some consider it the highlight of their collegiate experience.

While some students use their February half-term break to relax and recharge, others use it to engage in sports activities, learn new skills, or visit holiday parks. Spring break traditions vary from region to region and school to school, but the experience has become a critical part of college life. 

What are the Benefits of Easter break in Spring Camp for Kids?

Enrolling your child in a spring multi-activity camp during Easter is one of the best ways to keep them active and physically fit. Spring camps offer many fun activities, such as gymnastics and Easter egg hunts. If your child is passionate about sports, you can enroll them in a multi-sports camp where they can enjoy an amazing camping experience. Whether you choose overnight glamping or full-day camp for the Easter break, your children will:

· Meet and Make New Friends

Apart from being welcoming, staff in many spring camps are welcoming and ready to help campers settle in fast. They group kids based on their age groups, ensuring they spend time and bond with their peers from the beginning.

Activities in these camps are designed to ensure campers interact with other children within their groups to break down possible barriers. Even though they go camping as strangers, they get to meet and make new friends during their stay. Children adapt fast to new friends and often will make lifetime friendships with their peers in other age groups and camp staff.

· Try New Things


Spring holiday clubs offer a vast range of activities allowing children to try new things. Camps have different sessions every day with a selection of activities for each. These provide campers with an opportunity to choose something they are passionate about or one they want to learn. There is something for every child, from swimming pool to crafts, sports, science, and drama. Older children can even engage in specialized activities like archery, motorsports, fencing, and robotics.

· Develop New Interests

The numerous activities available in spring camps can help children develop new interests. For instance, visiting the motorsports track can inspire them to become the next Lewis Hamilton, while watching the Talent Show can stimulate a camper’s journey to becoming the next Jodie Foster.

Spring camps offer numerous opportunities for kids to discover a new passion. Further, children going camping for an entire week can book extra skills builder courses to get comprehensive experience in their preferred course. 

· Break from Routines

Often, camps have a similar schedule as schools. However, the routine is different and new, giving children a break from regular school day activities. Spring camps allow children to reset and return to school rejuvenated. 

· Unplug from Technology

Many camps have a no-screen policy. Enrolling your child in a camping facility helps keep them away from their tablets, phones, and the television for some time.

· Maintain Physical Activity

Children playing

Outdoor physical activity is critical. Spring camps ensure children engage in physical activities at the Easter camping facility.

· Parents will have Peace of Mind

There are various reasons to enroll your children in a spring or summer holiday camp. For example, suppose you want them to get quality childcare and remain active during the holiday without distracting your work schedule. Spring camps offer flexible solutions based on your schedule and needs.

For example, you can drop off your children in the morning and pick them up in the evening. Some camps offer single-day to full-week packages, while others offer extended days and standard hour packages. Besides having impressive Ofsted ratings, spring camps are safe environments for children.

Staff camp is trained and experienced enough to care for the kids while providing home-away-from-home services. Parents can have peace of mind knowing their kids are well taken care of.

Where to Spend Easter Break in Spring Camp on the Slopes, Ski Until the end of April in Switzerland

Crafting Materials

Skiing during spring can be a rewarding experience with long days and brilliant weather. Spring skiing can also give visitors the most pleasant snow conditions of the ski season. Here are places to spring ski during the Easter break.

· Verbier

Verbier is a popular location to ski during Easter break. It has altitudes between 1,500m and 3,023m and connects to Mont-fort along the 4 Vallées, where the snow-making technology thrives, increasing visitors’ probability of having a great skiing experience. Themed activities, such as an Easter egg race and egg hunts around the resort and slopes, mar Easter celebrations in Verbier. 

· Saas Fee

Not many resorts in Switzerland have snow reliability similar to what the Saas-Fee glacier offers. The entire family can visit the local ice rink, sledding, ski, or swim at an indoor swimming pool. 

· Zermatt

Zermatt is a must-visit during the Easter break. The ski area has 21 km of snow-guaranteed runs at the Theodul glacier, altitudes of around 3,899m, and many north-facing runs. Visitors will also enjoy excellent late-season snow in the Alps. The highest mountain station in Europe is in Zermatt, guaranteeing visitors an unforgettable late-season skiing experience. 

· St. Moritz

St. Moritz is famous for having high ski slopes and two glacier ski areas, a town center with excellent places to eat and shop. The town is located on the edge of a frozen lake, facing the 4000m peaks reclining towards Italy. There are 350km of slopes available in 4 different areas for skiing.

Long red runs winding back downtown are available for intermediates, while three snow parks are available for people wishing to practice tricks. Beginners have various nursery slopes, while young kids can have fun at the children’s play area, kindergarten, and ski school. Advanced skiers can venture off-piste or use the challenging black runs.


The Easter season is an ideal time for kids to take a break from school and enjoy fun times at a spring holiday camp. Sending your child to camp can improve their physical and mental health. Besides meeting and making new friends, kids will learn new things and take a break from technology. Are you considering sending your child to a spring camp during Easter break? Visit our website for enquiries. 

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