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What to Do with your Kids and Teens on Holiday in the Alps

Family holidays can sound like a great idea at first but when it comes down to it, pleasing little ones and teenagers alike can be a tall task!

When you think of holidays in the Alps, skiing is probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, you might be surprised at how many alternative activities are on offer that provide fun for the whole family.

From sledging to star gazing, there’s a whole host of fun ways to spend a holiday in the Alps with kids and teens. Here are some of our favourites.

Toboggan Down One of the Longest Runs in Switzerland

Even if you’ve got a non-skier in the family, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on fun on the slopes! The Tzoumaz luge run stretches for 10km, descending 848 metres down the mountain. Guaranteed thrills for daredevil adults and restless teenagers! 

Go Sledging with a Huskie Pack

Slightly less hair-raising than whizzing down the mountain on a toboggan, sledging is an equally fun (but less scary) activity to be enjoyed by families with younger children.

Glide through the stunning alpine scenery with some furry friends leading the way!

Try Traditional Dishes

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? A traditional crepe is guaranteed to go down nicely after a long day of outdoor activities.

Choose from a savoury ham and cheese crepe or go for a Nutella and cream dessert. Verbier is home to some excellent traditional creperies. (Le Moutin Noir is one of our favourites).

Chill out at the Spa

Soothe sore legs in a bubbly hot tub or splash around in the pool. There are heaps of pools and spas to choose from in and around Verbier ski resort with whirlpools, saunas and water slides to explore.

Try Out Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is a great alternative to skiing that doesn’t require previous experience. Trek through the mountains in special footwear that allows you to take on the snow with ease. Spot wildlife and enjoy the relative safety and calm that this sport brings.

A Walking Tour of Verbier

There are a myriad of walking trails around Verbier for all ages and abilities to enjoy. Breath-taking mountain views, waterfalls and fresh mountain air. A great active alternative to skiing.

Go on a Helicopter Ride

For a fantastic birds eye view of the valley, a helicopter ride is one of the best ways to take in the alpine scenery in all its glory.

Trips from 20-60 minutes can be arranged depending on what you’d like to see on your journey.

Visit an Escape Room

Escape rooms have become super popular recently, with different scenarios to work through as a team. Verbier is now home to its own escape room emporium. Get a piece of the action, solve some puzzles and (hopefully) escape!

Ice Karting

This one is a great activity that anyone can get involved in. Specially designed karts are ready and waiting for some fun on the ice. Race each other to the finish line to find the champion!

Adjustable seats, safety bars and speed control makes ice karting a great family-friendly option.

Fuss-Free Travel

Traveling as a family can be a handful at times. To make your journey to the Alps as easy as possible, a transfer from the airport could be the answer.

There are a number of van services that leave directly from the Geneva airport. One is called Alp2Alp and the other is the Alpy Bus service. The service during the winter months is quite regular and cost effective.