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Are you thinking of reserving a summer camp for your child, but the health news related to the coronavirus makes you hesitate. Do you want to guarantee your child a place this summer but you don’t want to risk paying fees in the event of cancellation? 
At Les Elfes we have decided to bear for you the risks linked to the coronavirus and we, therefore, allow you to book your child’ stay guaranteeing the full refund if you decide to cancel the trip before the  30th of April 2020. This offer is valuable for reservation received from today, the 9th of March 2020.

Les Elfes International organize all-year long camps from kids and teens since 1987. Every year we welcome more than 5000 students coming from all around the world and more than 40% of them are returners. 
Our staff and nurse have been trained for extra measures to be taken since the Coronavirus scenario took place and we are more than willing to keep on providing unforgettable experiences to our campers.