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Reasons For Taking Your Child To The Best Summer Camps in Europe

While Europe is a relatively small continent, it has an astounding historical, cultural, natural and artistic diversity. Europe attracts more tourists than anywhere in the world, thanks to its momentous history, breathtaking landscapes and cutting-edge culture. With our vast selection of summer camps, we have a rich choice of destinations which are carefully selected based on the following things;

  • Quality of the location
  • Choice of activities that are close by, to ensure that there is a harmonious combination of leisure, language and fun
  • Comfort of accommodation

Best summer programs for students

While many students look at summer as a time to disconnect from the stress that comes with being in school; for a lot of their parents this is a time that they are fraught with anxiety wondering if their children are making the most of their time in school.  One of the best ways your child can spend their summer holiday is by being active both mentally and physically. Summer programs provide students with an intelligent, curious, inquisitive and adventurous nature, a chance to break out from their strict and stressful school routine an back into the old world. This allows them to engage in an unforgettable experiential learning opportunity that is not only a chance at taking a deep dive into preexisting interests but also perspective-expanding.

Summer programs are important because no matter what your child does over this holiday, it should have some value added effect especially if they are in high school looking to apply for college later. With that said however, your child should pursue his or her own passions over the summer. Our summer camps feature interactive teaching methods, exciting excursions, activity-driven afternoons and entertaining evenings. Therefore, it is paramount that your child develops knowledge and skills over the summer and that can only be done through some immersive summer program.

Why your kid should participate in summer programs in Europe

Visiting a new place with a different language and culture can be as terrifying as it is thrilling. There are many benefits of letting your child experience culture shock first hand. They range from boosting their confidence to unmatched educational experiences, challenging themselves with a new routine. Typically, our school travel programs in Europe  combine experiential travel with some degree of cultural immersion. What this means is, if there are not chatting with the locals, they will probably be leaning about cultural customs in galleries, museums or hands-on workshops.

For older students looking to join international colleges and universities, traveling to Europe for the summer might just be the start of things. Keep in mind that  youth and inexperience are unique factors that are associated with teenage years making a summer camp in Europe right choice to make. This way, your kid will discover more about themselves, unlock their potential career opportunities as well as have a unique resume by they time they graduate high school.  

Why Europe is a great place for your kid to attend summer camp

Students who travel to Europe for a summer camp have a wide choice of programs to choose from coupled with picturesque surroundings, activities, languages and nature. Here are some of the reasons why Europe is the best place for your kid to attend summer camp.

Ideal weather

During summer, the weather is generally sunny hence why it is the best time to discover Europe. Summer camps for students usually take place from June to late August with average temperature for July ranging between 25 to 32 degrees Celsius in major cities throughout the continent.

Food culture

Many people believe that Europe represents the height of culinary accomplishments. Each country in Europe offers a unique culinary history recognized by many people. They may include Swiss chocolates, French cheese, Spanish tapas and Italian meats and pastas among many others.


It doesn’t matter whether the campsite is at the lake, in the city, in the mountains or at the sea, routes leading there are very accessible.

Quality accommodation

We take accommodation very seriously hence why we aim at providing the best quality. Often, children are housed in rooms with separate accommodations for boys and girls.

Choice of program

Summer camps in Europe will provide your kid with a broad choice of both sports and other activities. In addition to this, they get to choose educational options such as performing arts, language lessons or leadership courses.

Activities and programs that take place at summer camps in Europe

Europe offers an endless choice of sports that is why it is has the best summer camps. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a bike, on foot, in the air, on water or in the Alps. We have have age-specific programs and activities that boost confidence, build character adds new skills. Below are some of the activities that take place at summer camps in Europe.

Summer camp excursions

During our summer camps, we have a an excursion planned during every week. They include day trips to some of the historic and interesting places as well as all day mountain hikes. They may also include a hiking trip that involves camping. Both hiking and camping are very popular activities with kids and always prove to be the highlight of the camp program. The excursion exercises are meant to provide your child with all the best Europe has to offer.

Weekend programs

Saturday’s tend to be more relaxed when it comes to activities. After completing their morning chores, the students normally have free time to play outdoors. On the other hand, Sundays are for all-day excursions. They are organized to provide your child with an opportunity to see different parts of Europe as well as learn about the Alpine environment. This involves visiting lakes, local mountains and trips to the zoo.

Special events day at the summer camp

With every camp session, there is a number if specially organized events including the following;

  • Camp fires
  • End of session disco
  • Barbecue
  • Pool parties
  • Among others

Our camp sessions usually end with a “Special Events Day” where your child gets to participate in a variety of swimming and field events. After the special dinner, kids are then recognized and awarded for their achievements in interest groups, hiking, language, camping and swimming. Both camping and hiking give students allows students to increase their awareness of the environment and also practice outdoor skills.


During summer camp, students get to choose between a number of clubs, which they will be required to attend. At the end of the session, they all join to present what they have learnt. There are several clubs to choose from including the following:

  • Photography
  • Arts and craft
  • Mountain Orienteering
  • Tapas
  • Rockstar
  • Dance Academy
  • Hollywood
  • Music Video

Language courses

A good percentage of Europeans speak at least more 2 languages or more. This is because it is compulsory to study a second foreign language in over 20 European countries. You are guaranteed to find the language your child is interested in studying be it English, French, Spanish, German, Italian or more. We have 8 hours per week compulsory language learning lessons as well as 15 hours per week intensive language courses.

Sports and activities

A wide array of sports and activities are offered to children as interest groups. For instance, we have more than 40 different sports to choose from including football, mountain biking, tennis, horseback riding, wakeboarding, rock climbing, paraglading and golf, among many others. Your child decides which fun group activity they want to pursue and participate in. With multiple lakes and rivers, snowy mountain peak and a turquoise sea, Europe is an outdoor paradise which offers unlimited opportunities for kids to engage with the nature and the great outdoors. This way, it is not difficult to find something fun that piques their interest, even if they are shy.

Personal development programs

Adolescence can be hard, especially when a lot is expected from you (academically and morally), as you are still trying to make sense of your mood swings and becoming aware of the changes in your body. This can be a trying time for your kid, hence why it becomes a rebellious stage for some. The good news is summer camps help to some extent.

Your child will not only be in the company of others going through the same but they will also be attending dynamic and interactive workshops that will enable them to know themselves better and become better people. Our personal development programs allow students to develop a toolbox of teamwork skills which will help them build mature and long-lasting relationships with colleagues and friends. They also get to create imaginative, complex solutions to potential problems that they may face in their everyday lives. This way, they get to focus on their ’emotional intelligence’ using practices and theories from professionals in the field of experiential learning.


In addition to everything mentioned above, attending the best summer camps in Europe, allows your child to make new friends from all over the world this making their summer holiday a truly memorable experience.