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Children don’t have to attend private lessons to learn the English language. Instead, they can do so within the confines of a summer camp in Verbier. Unlike a school setting where learners cope with strict deadlines, the camp offers a flexible and fun learning environment, as we’ll learn in this article. Further, campers can learn and engage in activities as a group, making the process exciting. If you want your children to learn english in Verbier, consider sending them to a summer camp.

Why Children Should Learn English in Verbier During Summer Camp

When children are fluent in English, they can communicate better with people from different countries. Did you know that approximately 370 million people speak English worldwide? It’s also the formal language of 50 countries. The ability to speak the language is not just about communicating with native speakers. Worth mentioning is that learning English helps campers socialize better in summer camp.

Learning English can have a positive impact on your kid’s academic development. Spending more time in an English-speaking setting helps children learn the language quickly and naturally. This boosts their language skills while eliminating the language barrier in other subjects like geography and history.

Why Choose Verbier for a Summer Camp?

Besides the luxury that defines Verbier ski resort, the location has lots to offer during summer. Whether you want your children to experience the culture, engage in adventurous activities, or enroll in a snowboard school, there is something for everyone. Here is why you should pick Verbier for your child’s summer camp trip.

· An Opportunity to go Hiking

Verbier has more than 500 km of marked trails for visitors to explore. If your child is a hiking enthusiast, this makes the location suitable for their needs. Whether children want to practice athletic challenges, go for long treks, educational tours, or even themed paths, Verbier is an ideal location.

· The Thrills

High school students will have a field day in Verbier during the summer. What with the incredible views of Combins massifs, Mont-Blanc, and the Alps? If your children are passionate about paragliding, they can’t go wrong with Verbier. Older children who are not afraid of adventurous activities can try the 4000m helicopter jump in breathtaking surroundings. Younger children can enjoy thrills from Medran’s Aerial Walkway. This is a treetop adrenaline-filled adventure that tests their skill, balance, and agility on different courses of varied difficulty.

· Mountain Biking

There are marked biking trails in Verbier, as well as a bike park with different trails of varying abilities. If your children love adrenaline ski, they will love mountain biking in the summer camp. Verbier hosts various bike events in the summer, which children will be elated to attend.

· Benefits of Learning English in a Real-world Context

What does it mean when children learn English in a real-world environment? They’re able to apply their skills and knowledge, which allows them to use and transfer what they learn into the real world. They’ll be likely to determine the relevance of what they have learned to their role.

Some studies suggest that learning programs can alter behavior and generate positive results when learners are engaged in their lessons. Learning in a real-world setting enables learners to value the application of the skills and knowledge the learning activity promotes. This increases engagement and motivation.

· Accommodation Options Available at the Camp

There are different types of accommodation to choose from in Verbier, as seen below.

Host Families

When your child stays with a host family, they can adapt to the new customs and schedule in a comfortable environment. Besides immersing themselves and learning a different culture, they’ll practise speaking English.


Staying in a dormitory is only ideal for older children. Usually, children will have individual bedrooms and bathrooms, allowing them to organize their daily schedule. This instills in them a sense of independence. Supervisors are in charge of each child’s well-being and ensure that the children follow set rules to the letter.



Chalets are structures built of wood and stone. Each has spacious recreation areas, a reception room, a living room, a terrace, a private dining area, a barbecue area, a library, a music room, a fireplace room, and a kitchen. Children can also conduct research in the available internet cafe.

· Support Offered to Kids during their Stay

Staff members are available to help your child learn in a manner that fits their needs. The summer camp has trained and experienced teachers who encourage your child in their quest to learn English Verbier course. Staff live onsite, which gives your child a sense of security.

A camp manager oversees the other staff members to ensure everything runs smoothly. Children also get pastoral care at summer camp. In this case, pastoral care involves peer support, mentoring, and counseling. Pastoral care is a foundational aspect that supports learning.

Language Learning Activities

Learning activities take place in a relaxed and fun-filled environment. Such a setting allows children to express themselves and practice using new words. Besides developing their communication and language skills effectively, it helps them become more confident and build lasting relationships. These activities include:

· Scavenger Hunts

Campers look forward to engaging in scavenger hunts. Camp tutors should ensure kids are doing language practice during the activity. So fun and exciting is this activity that the kids will learn without realizing it. Here are some fun scavenger-hunting versions children can engage in.

· Description Hunts

Instead of listing items for the children to find, tutors can write simple descriptions and clues in riddle form. This will help children practice and improve their reading comprehension.

· Vocabulary Hunts

learning from dictionary

A vocabulary scavenger hunt can be simple. For example, tutors can create a simple list of items the children have learned before.

· Adjective Hunts

Tutors focus on specific parts of speech, such as adjectives can provide learners with a simple descriptive items list instead of nouns. The campers will then need to find what each adjective could be describing. Always include adjectives the students don’t already know about to expand their vocabulary.

· Hiking

Camp supervisors can organize a hiking trip complete with written directions for the children to follow. Of course, they will accompany them on the trip, but the children will be the ring leaders. To make this exercise more fun, hide a token for the campers to find. Don’t give them longitude and latitude coordinates. Instead, give them written directions to help them find the prize. The kids will enjoy the searching process and practice reading while at it.

· Caption That

What if camp tutors capture fun photos of their campers, print them out, and ask the children to caption them? Campers will love captioning the images and reading what their peers write.

· Puppet Plays

Children passionate about arts and crafts will have fun about this activity. Start by creating a puppet and organize the students into different groups. Let the learners devise a puppet show for their peers in the other group. Ask them to write a script or come up with an activity that requires them to entertain the audience and still put in some vocabulary practice.

· Nature Impressions

Summer camp offers children an opportunity to explore the outdoors. Learners can create impressions of things they find, such as rocks, fern leaves, or branches in salt dough, reusable clay, or a ball of dough. Once the impressions dry, the campers can guess the materials their peers used to make the impressions. Tutors can use this time to teach children adverbs of frequency or modal verbs.

· Campfire Songs


Summer camp evenings are never the same without a campfire. Tutors can use this opportunity to help children with their language practice. For example, how about singing grammar or other songs that teach a particular vocabulary? Rewrite the lyrics of popular songs according to what you want the children to learn. Let them sing in turns until each grasps the entire song. You can teach them the meaning of the song as the language lesson of the day.

Qualified Language Instructors

Are you planning to send your children to summer camp in Verbier? Do you want them to learn English while at it? Language instructors in Verbier are not only trained, qualified, and experienced; they’re conversant in teaching the English language to children. They understand how kids’ brains work and possess the right skills to accelerate learning. They have adopted a raft of teaching methods designed to create a suitable environment for campers, as seen below.

· A Cooperative, Supportive, and Active Environment

An active learning environment includes and facilitates various learning tasks to help learners move around in group lessons. This keeps them focused while ensuring they remain attentive and motivated in their tasks. Language classes should be comfortable enough for every learner. They should have the freedom to ask questions, make mistakes, and make progress in the pursuit of learning the new language. The tutors in Verbier encourage learners to communicate with one another in English as much as possible. Doing so develops their core language skills and fluency.

· Addressing Student Needs

Tutors in Verbier prepare their classrooms to ensure the environment meets their student’s needs. For example, they ensure the learning area is orderly, calm, and secure. Learners get more motivated when their psychological and physical needs are met. Sometimes the teachers involve the learners in planning, helping them create their preferred learning environment. Creating a conducive learning environment encourages students to do their best.

· Visual Materials

Educators use visual materials to help learners actualize what they are learning. Tutors in Verbier begin with items that learners encounter frequently at the summer camp. They also use pictures and labels to outline lessons.

How Kids Can Learn English in Verbier

Learners attending camp at Verbier can attend language lessons as a group of a maximum of eight students. Tutors can arrange private classes and a conducive place within the camp. The services you will get include reading and writing, conversation classes, homework support, immersion courses, and exam preparation.

Classes start between 9 am and end at 4 pm. There are breaks in between to allow campers to engage in other activities. Learners are grouped based on their age groups to make learning smoother.

The program focuses on the immersive English language environment concept. This means that learners speak, listen to, and learn the language in original everyday settings and interact with it in their surroundings. That helps them learn the language naturally like they would their mother tongue, with minimal vocabulary stress or even pressure.

Benefits of Learning English in Verbier

Learning a new language through the immersion concept comes with various benefits, which include:

  • It helps children become bilingual while acquiring proficiency in the language.
  • Learners who learn through immersion perform better in English-based tests than their counterparts who don’t.
  • Children who have gone through the immersive language learning process are better prepared for the job industry, where being bilingual can be an asset.
  • Immersion learners develop higher cognitive flexibility and demonstrate better memory, problem-solving, and attention control skills. They also display an improved understanding of their core language.

Learning English opens up the following opportunities for children.

· Ability to Travel More

Traveling to a new country where you don’t speak the primary language exposes you to a communication breakdown. Learning the language from an early age helps you communicate better in your future travels.

· Connecting with People

Language can hinder you from communicating with people you meet in a different country. However, being conversant with the language they speak helps you create lasting connections.

· Opens Career Opportunities

Speaking English can be all you need to land your dream career. Today, the job industry is global, meaning numerous companies look for bilingual staff who can communicate with clients and partners globally. English can play a crucial role in advancing your career.


Learning English in Verbier during summer camp eliminates any language barrier children may have in other lessons. Apart from communicating better with their peers, being conversant in the language improves a learner’s performance in school Verbier.

A summer camp is an excellent place for children to acquire fresh ideas, have fun, and make new friends as they learn English in an immersive environment. If you want your child to learn the language and have no idea where to start, consider enrolling them in a summer camp in Verbier. The enrollment process is simple. Navigate to our user-friendly website and book your slot for the upcoming summer camp.