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Children enroll in Les Elfes International camps for a variety of reasons, including the unique benefits that camps offer. The summer camp was established in 1987, with the popular Verbier resort becoming its core base. By 1995, the Les Elfes campus was constructed. The facility had sports fields and up to 140 beds.

Les Elfes has grown over the years, launching more campuses in Crans-Montana and a new camp in Verbier North, or La Tzoumaz. Today, Les Elfes hosts numerous students and campers from different countries annually. Les Elfes collaborates with professional and experienced staff to ensure campers enjoy the best services.

Besides language courses, campers can enroll in a wide range of sports programs at Les Elfes summer camps. How will your child benefit from attending camp at Les Elfes? They will learn how to be independent, communicate effectively, manage time, personal organization, problem-solving, and group dynamics.

Social Benefits

If you think your child is anti-social, perhaps summer camp can transform them or help bring out their social nature. It forces them to interact with new people and provides numerous activities that require teamwork. At this point, your child will have no option but to talk to new people.

One of the benefits of sleepaway camps is that children can develop excellent decision-making skills. Being away means mum, dad, or older siblings are not around to help them make informed choices. Deciding what they need to do boosts their confidence. But summer camps can also help your child form new relationships, as seen below.

· Sharing Experiences

During summer camp, kids participate in various competitive activities that require them to get out of their comfort zone. The interesting thing about this is that they do so in a supportive environment where camp supervisors encourage them to become better individuals. Whether they excel in starting a campfire or winning a sport during group or team activities, they share their experiences and appreciate each other’s achievements.

· Physical Interaction

Being away from the screen means that children have a better chance of interacting with their peers. It allows them to hold conversations with minimal distractions. Children can simply be themselves without worrying what the society or even the social media community thinks of them.

· Interaction with Counselors

If your child struggles to form new friendships, then the counselors at Les Elfes summer camp will come in handy. Many of these counselors already understand that some kids experience difficulties making friends. As a result, they mentor and help them develop social skills, helping them relate better with others.

· Diversity and Shared Interests

Summer camp is the ideal place for your child to meet people from different countries and cultures. Campers get a chance to understand other cultures and also speak about their own. These interactions help them make new connections while teaching them how to respect one another. Meeting people with whom you share an interest or passion helps you understand that you’re not alone. It’s also a stepping stone towards meeting new people.

· Evidence from Studies

Parents and guardians can use the summer period to help their children develop excellent social skills. Moderate studies revealed that some programs had tremendous social benefits for children. For example, those designed for anti-social youth and children revealed some evidence of boosting social skills and helping them form new friendships.

Considerable suggestive evidence shows that camps for children with diabetes or cancer can offer emotional and social benefits to the attendants. Some reviews of summer camp studies for cancer patients revealed that the facilities highly impacted the attendee’s emotional well-being, quality of life, empathy, friendship, and self-concept. For example, kids at a cancer patients camp said the event made them more confident in social settings and helped them engage with peers better.

One camper said: I was super nervous and shy ’cause I was bald—being a girl and bald, it does not work that well! But [my mother] made me come, and it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. After I left camp, I wasn’t shy. 

Physical Benefits

Summer camps help children discover their physical prowess. They even discover different ways to challenge themselves. In the absence of screens, physical activity takes center stage. Whether they engage in rock climbing, horseback riding, or swimming, the campers develop strength and self-confidence, which can benefit them in other aspects of their lives.

· Evidence from Studies

One study revealed that overweight youth and children who enrolled in a physical health summer camp for 29 days experienced short-term positive results in better blood pressure, weight loss, and enhanced aerobic fitness.

In another study that evaluated a 7-week summer camp program for migrant kids where they had an exercise curriculum and practiced healthy eating, researchers revealed an improvement in the participants’ BMI. Regular attendants reported better results.

Educational Benefits

Linda Cameron is the Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning department associate professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. She says, “Camp has been one of the most significant experiences of my children’s lives.” Her children have since transitioned to adulthood, but she admits that summer camp was instrumental in shaping their lives.

Summer camp provides a conducive environment for children to enroll in academic curriculums and learn in a caring and safe environment. Camp trainers nurture kids at the summer camp, helping them develop excellent learning skills in a real-world setting that the school year hardly provides.

Linda is an educator who expresses her concern about pushed and over-protected children. She says parents should allow their children to interact with peers, especially at summer camp where there’s diversity. Some of the education-based programs at summer camp include language and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math.)

Children who struggle with these subjects will enjoy studying them at the camp where no one judges their knowledge level. According to the University of Waterloo’s associate professor in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, Troy Glover, learning at the summer camp is enjoyable because the teaching environment is safe and effective.

· Evidence from Research

According to research, schools can eliminate summer slide by providing voluntary and free programs that integrate math instruction and reading with various summer-based activities. The research revealed that students who enrolled in these programs gained tremendous benefits.

Rand Corp conducted a study comparing the performance of third-grade learners who enrolled and attended these summer programs to those who didn’t. The study revealed that students who attended the program saw an improvement in math.

Emotional Benefits

When you send your child to summer children camp, they will acquire the following emotional skills.

· Coping Skills

One of the benefits of English camp is that it teaches children various life skills to cope with challenges they may face. For example, they learn how to start a campfire, complete a ropes course, and how to form relationships with peers and adults. Being away from their parent’s support and guidance leaves them with no option but to adapt. They also learn how to ask for help when they need it, take small risks, and volunteer without their parent’s input.

· Resilience

Camp can be lonely, especially for first-timers. Some children will even want to return home to their parent’s comfort. But they will adapt to the new environment within a short period. Children tend to bond with peers easily, more so when they’re far from their loved ones. Resilience is one of the skills children can rely on to navigate life’s challenges.

· Self-confidence

Children attending camp at Les Elfes have a chance to engage in various activities that challenge them mentally and physically. These include swimming, zip-lining, and rock climbing. Participating in these activities helps kids understand their ability to achieve anything. Meeting and interacting with new people and making friends is a good way of boosting their self-confidence.

· Independence

At summer camp, kids have no choice but to figure their way out. They’ll learn how to organize and take care of their stuff and fit into the routine. Doing so is critical in developing and supporting their independence. It also results in maturity and growth throughout their stay at the camp.

· Personal Growth

If you’re looking for a place that nurtures your child’s growth and wellness as they try new things, look no further than a summer camp. This experience fosters self-esteem while helping children to become more self-confident. Culinary arts, digital photography, and fashion design are some of the activities children will engage in while at the summer camp.

· Evidence from Studies and Personal Anecdotes

Parents said their children had exemplified positive changes in behavior and attitude after attending camp. Other parent testimonials demonstrated the impact of summer camp on fostering emotional intelligence in children. Here’s what some of the parents said:

  • “Upon returning home, my son was more sensitive and aware of his sister’s emotions and their interactions.”
  • “My daughter used to be hypersensitive to the emotions and feelings of others. After camp she has found a healthy balance and now takes her needs and wants into consideration, and much more seriously.” 
  • “Since camp, my child is very aware of those less fortunate, aware of classmates struggling with school work or social integration and…tries to go out of his way to reach out and help.” 
  • “After camp, my daughter came out and actually told me how she felt while her sister was going through chemo.”

Types of Les Elfes International Camps

Les Elfes is home to the following camp types.

· Sports Camps

Whether your child knows how to snowboard and ski or not, there are instructors at the camp ready to train them from scratch. These activities form the largest part of the Les Elfes International camp.

Children are trained by professional and experienced instructors who monitor their progress keenly. Campers can rent skiing clothing at the camp, and every weekend a ceremony takes place to reward participants for their good performance. Sports programs at Les Elfes are designed to empower your child’s:

Educational experiences. Campers get an opportunity to enroll in language courses, and this promotes intercultural harmony and cultural awareness. Campers who enroll in Les Elfes sports camps acquire inspirational life lessons and critical values. Interacting with athletes from other countries teaches the kids the importance of organization, sharing with others, and respecting one another.

· Arts Camps

Arts and crafts are some of the most effective activities that enrich a child’s developing brain. Your kid doesn’t have to be an artist to attend an arts camp. According to a report from Harris Poll, 93% of people living in America say that arts are crucial for offering an all-rounded education and an important link to the learning process and eventual success.

Research suggests that an arts-oriented education can stimulate the brain to become creative in ways humans can’t understand. Arts camps play a critical role in shaping children’s minds.

· Academic Camps

Academic camps are important for your child, especially if they experience a summer slide. These camps occur in a secure environment where educators encourage children to develop a love for learning. If your child struggles with science, technology, engineering, and math, academic camps should interest you. Enrolling your child in an academic camp opens the doors for them to:

· Prolong Learning Past the Classroom

Studying in the classroom day in and day out often becomes monotonous, regardless of how much your child loves school. Academic camps at Les Elfes are often student-led and project-based, and this makes them quite interesting. This means that the children alternate between spending the day in a classroom environment and going outdoors for a practical form of learning. Students get to work in small groups and practice what they learn.

· Help Children Develop a Specific Interest

Academic camps are usually designed to help children improve their interest in a specific subject. For example, if your child loves robotics, math, or computer coding, they can join the academic camp but focus on these subjects. If the child wants to learn a new language, they can also enroll in a language class at the camp.

· Learning from Role Models

Teachers motivate children in school. But sometimes learners, especially those with a particular interest, want to engage with experts. Les Elfes collaborates with professionals in various fields. Sometimes the camp invites college and university students to teach the campers and mentor them in preparation for their future education endeavors.

· Enhance their Academic Performance

While summer camp doesn’t hold the keys to making your child excel in school, it nurtures them, helping them develop a love for learning. Eventually, they return to school excited about learning and doing well in their studies. Academic camps help kids take a break from their gadgets while stimulating them to think critically and retain everything they read.

Adventure Camps

Children aged between ten and 17 years can enroll at the Les Elfes adventure camps. Here, the children spend most of their time outdoors, engaging in challenging activities and making friends.

These camps are designed to create a growth-oriented and supportive community for campers to participate in new and challenging experiences like kayaking, nature art, rock climbing, and archery. Activities are customized to let children know each other better and explore activities they’re passionate about.

How Les Elfes International Camps Help Children Grow and Develop

Children attending the Les Elfes camp will develop in various ways, as seen below.

· Independence and Self-confidence

Camp introduces children to a world far from their parents and siblings. Of course, this means they must learn how to face challenges and take some risks. In so doing, the kids develop confidence, resilience, and independence. Les Elfes international camps expose kids to numerous new opportunities, and this means they may end up loving some of them. These activities include mountain biking, music, dance, tennis, and golf.

· Responsibility and Leadership Skills

Les Elfes offers personal development programs curated to meet the needs of children between 12 to 14 years. The leadership program is divided into five core groups to develop well-rounded leaders. They are:

  • The adventurous leader’s program is designed to help campers acquire bold leadership techniques. Children learn how to be different and apply these skills in adventurous outdoor activities.
  • The aspirational leaders initiative is for children with a drive to succeed and who plan to apply their acquired leadership skills in their future career or professional endeavors. This program teaches children how to set clear goals and succeed.
  • The innovative Leaders program helps campers establish creative solutions to any challenges they face. Further, they also learn the art of using complex leadership strategies.
  • Inspirational Leaders is a program where Les Elfes invites individuals to speak to share their life stories with the campers. Listening to personal experiences helps kids focus on achieving their set goals. Eventually, campers will develop excellent communication skills and the desire to collaborate with peers towards achieving a common goal.
  • Progressive leaders program helps children set clear targets and adopt reflective strategies of developing an ever-evolving and adaptable leadership style.

At the camp, kids are tasked with various roles. For example, they must maintain proper hygiene while keeping their cabins well organized. Besides making their beds, they .arrange their clothes and clean their shoes.

Camp presents kids with an opportunity to make decisions, and this can be a new experience, especially for younger kids. At the end of the camp program, the children will have learned how to be independent and responsible.

Cultural Awareness and Empathy

The more technology advances, the more the world becomes connected. Today, people can communicate and connect with others from different parts of the world. Parents should focus on nurturing cultural awareness in their children. But what does cultural awareness mean? It’s the ability to understand and respect people from different cultures. It involves knowing that everybody has unique traditions and customs which should be honored.

Les Elfes offers various opportunities to instill cultural awareness and empathy in children. For example, in the evenings, campers get a chance to share stories with their peers and camp staff as they enjoy a campfire. These stories help campers understand each other’s cultures and traditions.

Food is one of the most critical parts of human culture. Besides helping children understand and appreciate a different culture, food encourages them to try new cuisines and flavors from different countries. Other methods of instilling cultural awareness in children at the Les Elfes camp include:

  • Listening to music
  • Learning a foreign language
  • Engaging in art and crafting activities
  • Making friends with peers from other countries

Les Elfes camp accommodates children from different neighborhoods, social circles, and cultures. Campers interact with peers who practice traditions and attend schools they may deem unfamiliar. This experience helps them understand the common similarities and differences that unite humankind.

· Environmental Awareness and Stewardship

Environmental stewardship is the adoption of sustainable practices to improve human well-being and ecosystem resilience to preserve the natural environment. Teaching young children and the youth how to care for the environment is critical in various ways. For example, it nurtures children to engage in environmental conservation practices.

Les Elfes provides fun, rewarding, and engaging ideas for campers of all ages to learn how to protect the environment. These include:

  • Planting trees
  • Tending to the camp garden
  • Composting yard garbage and leftover food
  • Switching lights when not in use
  • Saving water
  • Watching an environmental awareness movie


Attending summer camp has various benefits. For example, your child will acquire life skills that will help them counter challenges in the future. Being away from parents and loved ones means that children must do everything on their own. From making their beds to brushing their teeth and taking a shower daily.

Children learn how to be independent yet responsible. Camp provides the right environment for kids to interact with peers from different countries and cultures. Besides making lifetime friends, they learn how to respect and appreciate others.

One of the benefits of community camp is that children acquire communication and time management skills. They also learn resilience and teamwork and spend lots of time connecting with nature while staying away from the screen.

Les Elfes international camp is a safe environment where children engage in meaningful activities under the supervision of the camp staff. Staff at the camp are committed to nurturing children to learn new activities and achieve their goals.

Are you considering enrolling your child in a summer camp? Visit our website or give us a call, and we’ll be glad to give you an irresistible offer for your child.