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Top Most Decadent Places To Stay In Switzerland With Your Children

What do you envision at the mention of Switzerland? Breathtaking mountain scenery perhaps? Chocolate? Timely trains? Or the spectacular Swiss Alps? Switzerland is home to extravagance, glamorous, and exceptional service.

The country has hosts the rich and popular celebrities from various parts of the world annually. If you are planning to take your entire family for a holiday soon, you may want to add Switzerland to your bucket list. Here are some of the topmost luxurious places to visit and things to do while in Switzerland.

St Moritz

St Moritz is said to be the hometown of Alpine winter tourism. Splashy St Moritz located in the Engadin Valley of Switzerland is popular for its magnificent skiing at the Corviglia. St Moritz is a family friendly location with many places where you can visit with your children. They include:

·         Muottas Muragl

Marvel at the spectacular and breathtaking panorama provided at the Muottas Muragl and you are sure to be astounded. Muottas Muragl is popularly known for its alluring views and is situated at a 2456 meter elevation overlooking the Upper Engadine. Muottas will give you exceptional views of nearly all valleys, lakes, and peaks across the region.

Do you love adventure? If you do, then Muottas offers some of the perfect hiking trails in the region. The best thing about it is your children can also participate in the hike depending on their ages. If your children are younger, Muottas can also be excellent, especially in summer.

Your children will enjoy riding the funicular and the entire family can indulge in exciting winter sports if you are visiting during the winter season. There are two mountain restaurants where you can enjoy a hot cup of chocolate.

·         Where to Stay in St. Moritz

There are numerous child-friendly places to stay in St. Moritz. The Kulm hotel, for instance, gives you exceptional offers for your children such as; professional childcare, a kid’s club, child-friendly menu, and child-friendly and fun activities for children of diverse ages.


Verbier is the hub of the massive four valleys Switzerland region. One astonishing fact about this area is; regardless of the weather, the Mont-Fort Glacier will always be snowing. If you enjoy exploring and adventurous activities, you can traverse through Veysonnaz, Nendaz, and Thyon to complete more than 410 kilometers of ski runs. This activity can be viable for your teenagers and they will love seeing new places, marveling at nature, and exercising along the way.

If you don’t fancy skiing or have younger children, there are numerous activities for you to venture in as well such as free riding championships, live bands, face-painting, and the street food festival where you can sample various exotic dishes.

·         Navigating Through Verbier

If you adore walking, Verbier is the place to be. The town is small and many times all you will need to move from one point to the other is just walk. If you are visiting during winter, you will need to navigate through the town by walking because many roads are closed due to extreme snow.

Still, there are complimentary shuttles which ferry you across different ski points in the town. You can even opt for the ski lift even though it may not be ideal for very young babies. Your older kids will definitely enjoy the stunning experience and alluring views from the lift.

·         Where to Stay in Verbier with Kids

There are numerous child-friendly places you can stay in Verbier. They range from beautiful hotels to privately owned and luxurious chalets. If you are planning to visit Verbier however, you may want to place your accommodation booking early in advance. This is because Verbier is a popular ski trip destination for families and it’s often fully booked and expensive.  

·         Things to do

One of the most exciting activities sweeping across the world has to be the escape room. Here, players converge together as a team and take up puzzle challenges in the room. Every puzzle is unique and requires a specific skill to solve. The fun part of this activity is that it’s family friendly and you can enjoy it together with your older children.


Canyoning is a vigorous yet refreshing summer activity. If you have teenage children, they will enjoy spending their energy on this activity. Children who are younger than 8 years are not allowed to engage in canyoning.

There are a guide and participants will be at liberty to descent down the cascades, splurge into water pools and ride across river rapids. Beginners can take short routes while the expert and more adventurous individuals can take the longer route.

·         Childcare Services

You will get some of the best babysitting and child care services in Verbier, available both in winter and summer. If you have very young children, this is your opportunity to enjoy various activities while satisfied that your babies are well taken care of.


Do you and your children enjoy cycling? Take racing along the cycling races in Verbier. You can traverse through Tour du Catogne and go through the  Col du Lin,  Verbier to Mauvoisin, or the Alberto Contador tracks


The rich and famous flock Gstaad to date and many of them enjoy hosting private parties rather than stay at the family-friendly hotels and lodges within the locality. Gstaad is the perfect place to take your family for vacation complete with a wide variety of outdoor activities and fresh breeze from the mountains.

·         Where to Stay

There are numerous family-friendly places to stay in such as;

·         Alpenland

The Alpenland is a picturesque wooden lodge nestled in the calm Lauenen village. It offers unparalleled sights of the Swiss Alps and a welcoming and affable family friendly restaurant. Your family will enjoy delicious and irresistible breakfasts as they listen to the soothing ballads before embarking on a leisurely stroll towards the hills.

There is a games room and an outdoor playground for your children where they will not only play, but they will get the chance to interact, bond, and even make friends with other children from various parts of the world. If you have a pet dog, you may want to bring him along seeing that Alpenland is a dog-friendly hotel.

·         What to do

You can never run of things to do while in Gstaad. These include;

·         Visit a Conventional Dairy Farm

When was the last time you and the children visited the farm? Gstaad will give you an experience of a lifetime with the numerous traditional dairy farms available. Gstaad has an indefinite population of one cow for each person and milk is the region’s staple diet.

A visit to one of the farms will be exciting to the entire family and an opportunity to learn how yogurt and cheese are produced without industrial machinery. The kids will love seeing and even touching the cows as they relax with their young calves. At the end of your visit, you will settle down for a hearty farmhouse meal.

Take a Trip on the Alpine Coaster

Race down the mountains at 40 km/hr speed on the Alpine Coaster. You will get the opportunity to enjoy scenic views of the farms and hills. If you are an adventure fanatic, you can attempt jumps and sharp bends up to approximately 6 meters away from the ground. Children from three years and above are allowed to slide down the track albeit under an adult’s help while older children can race on their own.


Lugano is a compact and alluring city complete with panoramic mountains, scenic lakes, and beautiful palm trees. While this town offers few child-friendly activities, your family will enjoy staying in the few available places. The museums, for instance, are interesting places to visit and learn from the exhibited artifacts and interactive games.

Some of the fun activities your children can engage in while in Lugano include cycling and pedal boating on the lake. Kids can even swim in the lake or engage in fun and exciting activities at the playground inside Parco Ciani.

Where to Visit

Some of the must visit places while in Lugano include:


Melide is a small village which you can access by train from Lugano. This village hosts the Swissminiatur Park complete with more than 120 models of all essential Swiss buildings, transportation means, and monuments. Your children will be thrilled by the little trains which traverse along the tracks, cable cars that travel up and down little mountains, and boats which sail over small lakes.

Once you are done exploring the park, you can take your children to the pool for a cooling swimming session. The younger children will enjoy the beautiful slide while the olde ones can go swimming at the floating pool in the lake.

Indulge in Chocolate at Caslano

Caslano is home to everything chocolate and you can visit the Alprose chocolate factory any time without aking reservations. A chocolate museum is located right inside and offers a free tasting area. After indulging in the chocolate you may want to burn the extra calories by hiking on the Mount Caslano. Seeing that its flat and approximately 90 minutes, you can even take your teenage children along.


Switzerland offers you exciting places to stay in and visit at some point in your lifetime. The exciting news is; there are numerous child-friendly places to go and things to do for children of diverse ages. Next time you are planning for a family vacation, consider Switzerland and you will not be dissapointed.