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If it’s snowing where you are, chances are your kids are out there having fun, and that’s good news because snow play is good for them. Here are some of the many ways that fun in the snow will enhance your children’s health, success and happiness.

At Les Elfes winter camps, students will spend most of their time playing in the snow.

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By building physical fitness

Snowball fights can be a lot of fun, and a lot of work too, not that your kids will notice. All that clambering and leaping over the snow takes energy, getting hearts pumping and lungs filling with fresh air. No wonder they come back indoors looking so rosy and bright-eyed! They’ll be building muscle power too, from the pure joy of mucking about in that snow.

Snow Play is Good for Your Kids - Snowball fight

By developing coordination

Whether your children are naturally sporty or not, playing in the snow will help develop their physical coordination. They’ll improve their balance as they negotiate uneven snow and slippery slopes, while every snowball they throw will train their judgement in aim and control.

By teaching self-preservation

Building a snowman with numb fingers is virtually impossible; it’s also painful, miserable and dangerous. That’s why your children come running home to warm up, and why they remember their gloves next time. The cruel side of snow teaches them to beware of it and take measures to protect themselves, which is a lesson for life.

By nurturing empathy and care

Your children will appreciate that if the snow is cold for them, it’ll be cold for their friends as well. They’ll instinctively stop at, or before, the critical point when pummelling each other with snow or setting each other challenges. If one loses a glove, the others will help find it, knowing how much it’s needed, and they’ll learn to extend this caring approach to other situations.

By lifting and inspiring the mind

Snow is beautiful, and your children will be inspired by its magic. From the delicacy of a snowflake to the graceful sweep of a white hillside, its wonders will delight and fascinate your kids, soothing away worries and other negative thoughts. How about setting out some coloured cards, white paint and brushes on the kitchen table afterwards, so they can turn their impressions into a picture? Then their creativity will get a boost too.

Snow Play is Good for Your Kids - winter crafts for kids

By giving joy

Playing in the snow is wonderful fun. You don’t have to be an expert at anything, or over a certain age, to join in, so there’s special freedom to playing in the snow which adds to the joy. Your children require plenty of happy times to empower them for life’s challenges, and the snow outside your door will prove a great provider. Moreover, besides games such as snowball fights or making snowmen, there are many winter activities you can do with your children.  

By enriching family bonds

However busy you are, try and take time out to join your kids in the snow. Your company will hugely enhance their fun as they show and share their games with you. They’ll also be glad of your help with tricky aspects like pulling the sledge up the hill, steering it down and holding younger children steady. They may need help with building their snowman or shaping a snowball too. Take the opportunity to ask if they’re warm enough from head to toe. It may be time to coax them back indoors.

When your children go out to play in the snow, check first that the area is as smooth as it looks, with no sharp objects or icy patches below. Keep a regular check through the window, even with your older ones. Provided they’re safe and happy, you can rest assured that they’ll be thriving out there.