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Summer 2017 New Personal Development Programs

Summer 2017 News
We are also taking bookings for Summer 2017,  with a number of new personal development programs on offer:


Moutnain Fitness (Exlporers and Pioneers Only)

Utilising the stunning settings and outdoor environment in Verbier  our day program is run by professional Personal Trainers. The day  will include a studio circuit session whereby students will take part and enjoy some high intensity cardio/ TRX /spin sessions with music to match. Also included, a high altitude hike incorporating  yoga , Par Cours Vita and sessions orientated towards, body strength,  body weight circuits and active recovery stretch sessions. Students will also make there own healthy snacks and lunch, with focus on nutrition education and some recipes for them to take home. It all sounds hard work, but we assure you it is all conducted with a fun approach and there is something for everyone to learn and take home with them.



First Aid

Students will spend a day with a professional First Aider who has many years of experience training adults and children in this field. First aid awareness is such an asset to have, and we feel that the course is invaluable.  By the end fo the course the students will be able to understand the key aspects of first aid, and have the key information needed to recognize and treat an injury confidently. From resuscitation to choking, spinal injuries or wounds, a range of scenarios will be carried out. Upon completion,  all our first aiders will receive a certificate from World Class Training a recognized member of the Association of First Aiders.And following great results last summer we are still proposing the following for 2017;



 Our leadership programmes cover a broad scope across a range of parameters within the field. From the 2-3 hr. facilitation session designed to address single issues such as communication skills, team building and stress management to the 1-2 week residential courses encompassing the complete range of Les Elfes leadership and personal development programmes. Resources for programmes include specially designed games and puzzles that isolate a single aspect of learning and allow learners to experiment with skills in a safe and supportive environment and then be guided through reflective and analytical processes to examine experiences from new perspectives. Our most valuable resource however is our natural environment and our new residential leadership courses are delivered as much as possible within this natural environment, immersing learners in the setting which deepens meaning



Our career programme combines a practical development training model with components designed to equip student for the world of work. We have inspirational guest speakers to enlighten students about the range of different opportunities and paths for reaching their goals. Topics covered will be what choices career paths students have made currently and why, what direction or field of work they are interested in, and importantly what skill sets do they feel they are strongest. The course is a mix or classroom and practical outdoor tasks. The objective is for students to have a better understanding of their own talents and what it takes to achieve the success they seek.


Web Identity

Our Online Protection and Web Identity Course will give students an insight and understanding into an aspect of the web that they would not have had before, our aim is not to put students off from the likes of social media or to reduce the time they spend on the internet, but how to be more productive, protective of your data, and more importantly, protective of your personal image online.  Stéphane Koch, whose vast resume includes Masters of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Economic Crime Investigation,  a degree of Specialist in Public Relations (ISRP),  the position of Vice-President of High-Tech Bridge SA (a company specialized in Ethical Hacking) will be delivering the course to our students.


Arts, Cooking, Theatre

For our youngest students we offer a diverse range of activities designed to give students the opportunity to express themselves and to explore their creative talent. Our programme combines art classes with a local art school, cooking and food preparation workshops, theatre and improvisation sessions and a chance for public speaking and group presentations to build confidence and team working skills.