Weather conditions in Switzerland during Summer

Yes this does deserve a special mention!

Some people imagine that Switzerland is as cold as Alaska, but this is far from the truth. In the plain, temperatures can rise to 30ºC (86ºF) in the summer, and even in the mountains the sun is hot.

The weather in Switzerland varies greatly between different places.

About 20 percent of Europe’s Alps mountain range is in Switzerland. There are around 100 peaks close to or over 4000m above sea level. The area of the Alps covers about 60% of the country.

The Swiss Alps act as a natural division between the temperate climate of northern Europe and the Mediterranean climate of Italy to the south.
The impact of this divide can be felt within Switzerland itself, despite being a relatively small country.

Our campuses are located in the South of the Alps, in the canton of Valais. The canton of Valais boasts of having the most sunshine in Switzerland and is situated in the southwest of Switzerland.

The Valais region has a micro climate and it is famous for being a little ‘Mediterranean’ during the summer months when it is common for the day time temperature in Sion to average 25-35°C from June – September. Returning back up the mountain to Verbier or La Tzoumaz is always a pleasure as the temperature is usually 5-7°C degrees cooler.

The Valais has over 300 days of sunshine a year. Depending on the region, Valais promises guests over 2000 hours of sunshine annually – even more than Switzerland’s most southern point.
How is this possible? Reason is, thanks to the Valaisan and Bernese Alps, which, like a barrier, separate the intermediate Rhone valley and numerous side valleys from the humid conditions often prevailing in more nothern or southern spheres. Rain clouds generally climb before these barriers – leaving the remaining winds to penetrate the Valais in the form of the dry and warm ‘Föhn’ windthat grants the region its Mediterranean-like climate.

Precipitation is distributed over the entire year. From June through August, rain usually comes in the form of thunderstorms.

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