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Pocket MoneyTips for parents

Pocket Money for the camp

Upon arrival, students may deposit their pocket money in the camp bank at the reception for safekeeping and withdraw money as needed.

They can ask at the reception the amount depending on their needs each day. The reception will be open for the pocket money everyday at 5pm for the student use.

Parents who wish to set a limit on their child´s daily allowance may do so by request.

Spending money is generally used for the purchase of souveniers, extra snacks and drinks during activities or excursions and small purchases in the town shops including postcards, postage stamps, batteries, lollypops, etc.

It is recommended that each student bring about 100 CHF of spending money for each week they will reside in camp.

Before departure, any unspent money will be returned directly to the student.

How much?

This is a difficult question. Kids all have different needs and they don’t spend the same amount during the camp.
All is included in our camps so they only need pocket money to make shopping, buy memories, extra food, ice creams during excursions, etc.

To make you an idea to buy an ice cream on the lakeside, 1 scoop is 3-4CHF.

That’s why we use to recommend around 100CHF per week.