Tips & Rules for Parents

Dear Campers, Parents and Friends,

Everyone is becoming increasingly excited about the coming season and we at Les Elfes are no exception.
Of course it is pretty tricky to predict how much snow we will have this year, which seems to be the topic of conversation. But the snowfalls have started and the resort is fantastic at making sure the pistes are ready to go come December. It is always a great way to start the season and we are really looking forward to kicking off very soon.

As for the availability well there are still some places left so please get in touch with Head Office accordingly.


Autumn Snowfall,

The snowline is beginning to descend here in Verbier as the new Autumn snowfall covers the surrounding peaks. It is due to be an exceptional Winter in the Alps with the El Nino cycle bringing fantastic skiing conditions. We are nearing the start of the season and looking forward to welcoming some familiar faces to the camp and some new ones to show around the expansive resort.

For those of you who have booked here are a few tips/rules:

Please make sure you have read the packing list that we have sent you, there is a lot of items on there! Goggles and Gloves may be purchased at the camp. For the students please read the rules of the camp, especially mobile phones, they are allowed but read the policy! Then of course parents, there are some rules for you too! When dropping of your child, always try to liaise with the Resort Manager or Head of Individuals and use that person as your point of contact. If you are staying in the resort, make sure you do not come to visit every 5 minutes! Let your child settle in and always contact the campus before coming, it has been known that parents enter unannounced go straight to the bedrooms and look for their child, this isn’t an option, please understand!

Much like the snow slowly creeping into the resort our wonderful team of staff will start returning from their breaks and gearing up for the seaso. Our training weeks begin at the end of this month, with a combination of on snow training, first aid, fire training, as well as all of the in house training that takes place.

We look forward to all of your arrivals, and  hope to see you soon.
If you have any questions at all regarding session dates, or the programs please get in touch on

3 Questions Every Asian Parent Should Ask

Do you see a growing interest in camps for children in Asian countries? If so, can you share a little bit more on this?

Les Elfes was founded in 1987, starting with 20 students and now providing Summer, Winter and Spring Camps to over 5000 students worldwide, we have seen growth from all over the globe. Asia is no exception, with over 300 International Schools attending our camps, including many top schools from Asia, the increased reputation and profile has paved the way for parents to send their children to our Summer Camps. Increasingly we are seeing affluent families from Asia choosing Les Elfes and this trend can be seen in other camps also. The world is becoming smaller, with air travel costs at an all time low, and connectivity at an all time high, the prospect of sending a child across the globe to Switzelrand to Camp is becoming less of a far fetched notion. India, Hong Kong, Singapore, have historically been very strong markets with steady growth over the last 20 years, China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, following suit more recently. Overall therefore we have definitely seen a growing interest in Summer Camps from Asia.

What do children get from time spent at Les Elfes that they would not get at any other place?

Although Les Elfes has been running camps for nearly 30 years, we have still kept a family feel. A key factor to success at camps is the relationship that monitors and staff have with the campers and of course the campers with each other. In our Verbier resort with 146 beds and a students to staff ratio of 5:1 everyone gets to know each other very quickly, and this helps them all settle in, become relaxed and ultimately have more fun! Being the only camp in the world that is open from December through to October, allows us to keep hold of our staff all year(s) eradicating the problem of high staff turnover which other camps inevitably deal with. With a massively international mix, over 40 nationalities, and a vast choice of activities Les Elfes isn’t just any other place, it’s a very special one.

What life skills do children get from time spent here?

The benefits of camps are endless. It is not just a great program with superb activities, learning languages and going on cultural excursions. Life skills such as understand how to live in a different environment and community away from home and school. Developing their resilience, independence, and self-confidence, as well as connecting with nature and being physically active all set un the stunning backdrop if the Swiss Alps.
What makes an experience here so special?
A good question and one in which our campers will answer better than me! From my experience, the campers constantly talk about the friendships they have made with other campers and monitors. At the start of the camp they are a little sad because they are away from home and missing mum and dad, but by the end they are sad because they don’t want to leave! The camp is a special place in many ways, as said earlier it has a family atmosphere, and with our returning rate of students increasing every year, the camp has a really positive feel. Without the pressures of exams and academia at school, campers can grow and learn new skills in a fun safe environment with new friends. A unique setting in the mountains with new activities and adventure every day, where lifelong memories are made.

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