The Benefits of a European Sleep Away Camp for Your Child

Summer Camp For Child

According to Peter Scales, an established author, educator, and psychologist, camps provide the perfect environment for your children to encounter and fulfill their desire for creative expression, physical activity, and involvement within a community environment; something which Peter says many schools have not been able to achieve.  

If you’re a parent, your desire is for your child to thrive in things they are passionate about. In today’s fast paced world, your children have to learn and master various skills to succeed. These include; self-esteem and resilience skills, self-reliance and problem-solving skills, and leadership skills. Camps provide the ideal and serene environment to nurture these skills, away from the hassles and bustles of the city.

What are Camp Organizers Doing to Maximize the Camp Experience?

With the recent popularity of camps for young children, organizers have listened to what the child development leaders have pointed out regarding children’s needs. This is why they are keen to adopt the best measures to ensure children get the best out of their European sleepaway camp

A group of children campers residing within natural surroundings and participating in camp related activities are some of the best instruments organizers utilize to make camps healthy, prosperous, and the ideal environment to have fun and relax. 

In such well-organized surroundings, children will connect with significant role models who are ready to talk and offer a listening ear, and professionals who help them reflect and relax. If you are struggling to allow your children to go for summer camps in Switzerland, perhaps the following benefits will convince you to let them go.

Separation from their Parents Influences Growth

European sleepaway camps may be short; however, they can have a huge impact on the child’s growth. Often, these mark the beginning of your child’s trips without you and while they allow the child to evolve in various levels, they also give you the opportunity to realize their growth. Remember, children are always developing and you will hardly notice it especially when you are with them on a daily basis.

Give them some time off to attend some of the best summer camps in Europe and you are bound to notice a significant change. Regular campers will not only be fit but they will also be happier and more exuberant, thanks to being exposed to sufficient sunshine and inhaling fresh air. By attending sleepaway camp, your child will experience physical, emotional, and social growth. 

They Master Independence

If you want to teach your children how to execute tasks on their own, camp is the perfect opportunity to do so. Remember, you will not be going with them to camp. This not only eliminates the need for you to do things for them, but it also means that they have no choice but to do what there is to be done.

Further, they will have to remember everything you would otherwise remind them such as; brushing their teeth, making their bed, taking showers and even making healthy eating decisions, failure to which they risk getting punished by their group leaders.

The good thing about European sleepaway camps is; they are an ideal opportunity where even vulnerable children can master the art of depending on themselves while they are away from their loved ones. Once the camp is over, you will see that your children are able to execute tasks without being reminded. 

Sleepaway Camps Enhance Determination

Children are encouraged to give their best in skill-building activities during camp. Further, they will feel the need to outshine their peers and this enhances their determination to achieve success.

The camp environment is conducive for learning activities and with robust role models, your children will be inspired to continue learning and improving their skills. It’s worth noting that there’s no ending curve when it comes to learning at the camps. Team leaders will be happy to cheer the children as they learn and advance various skills.  

They get Sufficient Space and Time to Execute New Skills

While at home, your children have to deal with many things such as home chores and completing their homework. These can deny them the time they need to try out new things. When your children attend international summer camps in Europe, they will not only be exposed to challenges, but they will also be introduced to a safe culture where they can take risks.

The fact that camp leaders are there to provide the support they need is enough to motivate the children to take risks. Even the most reserved child will be inspired to try new and adventurous activities such as ziplining or even public speaking. Attending camp will challenge the most soft-spoken child to stand up and defend themselves when conflicts arise. 

They Learn Social Skills

Social skills are not only essential for your children, but they are critical for everybody. With excellent social skills, your children will be able to communicate, interact, and work together with others with minimal struggle.

While some of the best summer camps in the world provide a wide variety of activities for your children, they also provide a community where your children can join and showcase their talents. The community comprises of camp instructors, counselors, fellow campers, and even the camp organizers. These possess the right expertise to instill in your child the social skills they need to; get along with fellow campers and master the art of collaborating to complete tasks with children from a different background.

For instance, your children will participate in shared duties where they’ll have to coordinate with one another to; win a competition, keep their surroundings clean, or help one another master new skills. A perfect European sleepaway camp will enhance both cooperation and leadership skills in your children. 

They Take a Break From Technology

In today’s digital world where nearly everybody including children is techno-savvy, many parents are struggling to keep their children off the television, their tablets or phones. Many parents will agree that keeping children off these electronic devices and the internet is a major challenge.

Many European sleepaway camps are against the use of electronic devices and even if children have to carry their iPods or tablets, the organizers keep them safely until the camp comes to an end. This gives them sufficient time to engage in worthwhile activities. Taking a break from technology and electronics enables your children to make new discoveries, focus on their hobbies, and appreciate their surroundings more.

They discover themselves

Sleepaway camps expose children to group experiences from which they learn critical information about themselves. Participating in group-related activities during camps develops self-esteem, enhances self-advocacy, promotes self-discipline, and helps the children become more productive. These skills play a major role in preparing children for prosperous adulthood. 

Your Child will Become more Grateful

When they are at home, children have everything at their disposal so much so that they may take them for granted. It’s not until they go for European sleepaway camps that they learn how to be grateful for their: big bathrooms, a warm bed, gadgets, snacks, and sufficient food.

Spending some days away on summer camp can be all your child needs to be grateful for the small things that life has to offer. What’s more, your child will learn to value you. Often, children take their parents for granted. However, children who’ve been on a sleepaway camp learn to be grateful for the effort their parents make to ensure they are satisfied. 

They Form new Friendships

Is your child overly reserved? Do you constantly worry about their inability to make new friends? If the answer to these questions is yes, perhaps you need to expose them to an activity that gets them out of their comfort zone. Sending them for European sleepaway camps is one of the most appropriate ways of helping your children make new friends.

Of course, it won’t be easy for them to agree to attend a summer camp where they don’t have friends. However, they will get an opportunity to interact with other children and make friends with ease. Whether camp friendships are short-lived or last a lifetime, the experience helps your child to diversify and master the art of connecting with people from a different race and culture.  

Your Child will Learn how to Make Decisions

During European sleepaway camps, you will not be near your child and they will have no option other than making their own decisions. They will have to choose their meals, contemplate on whether to sleep on the lower or top bunk, choose between playing football, swimming, or going hiking instead, they will even decide how to spend their pocket money. Of course, camp leaders and counselors are not as controlling as parents, children will be responsible for their own choices. This will prepare them for teenage and young adulthood where they will need to make informed choices. 


Summer camps in Europe offers your child the perfect opportunity to interact with other children, make new friends, and get exposed to various learning opportunities. What’s more, they will get motivated by watching fellow campers do things differently. Not only will your child become more responsible, but they will also learn to appreciate the things you do for them. 

Do I need a visa to spend a summer in Switzerland?

Whether you are visiting Switzerland for vacation, to work, study, or even for permanent residence, you will require a Swiss visa. In this article, we shall discuss the Swiss visa requirements for visitors coming into Switzerland from various countries across the world.

General Documents Required for a Swiss Schengen Visa Application

First, let’s find out what the Schengen zone is. The Schengen zone is the area where 26 European countries terminated their internal borders to allow people to move freely in correspondence with prevailing rules for battling crime and regulating external borders by enhancing police cooperation and the judicial system.

Schengen zone covers a big percentage of the EU countries apart from Ireland, the UK and the rest of the countries that will soon be part of Bulgaris, Romanis, Cyprus, and Croatia. Other countries that are not EU members are included in the Schengen zone such as; Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, and Lichtenstein.

To apply for the Schengen Visa, you’ll need:

  • Download the application form and fill it well, with sincerity, and completely. You don’t however, need to download it as you can fill it electronically and eventually download the hardcopy.
  • Two recently taken photos showing the entire face and captured on a light background
  • Your passport complete with visas from your previous travels. The passport should at least have two blank pages.
  • Travel medical insurance confirmation of at least 30,000 € coverage within the entire Schengen zone
  • A return ticket reservation copy
  • A cover letter indicating your reasons for visiting the country and the itinerary
  • Proof of accommodation for the entire duration in Switzerland
  • Proof of civil status
  • Flight itinerary reservation complete with flight numbers and dates showing entry and exit from the country
  • Proof of enough financial means for the entire duration you will be in the country.

How to Apply for a Switzerland Visa in the US

United States citizens who possess the blue tourist passport can travel to Switzerland for a limited stay of up to 90 days, and within a period of 180 days without requiring a Schengen visa. While citizens from the US don’t need a Switzerland visa before traveling, they will still require various essential documents with them to be granted entrance to Switzerland. 

Visa Application Documents Required for Underage Children

If your child is applying for a Switzerland visa, they will need to present a travel authorization signed by both parents and their original birth certificate. In cases where one parent is not situated in the US, their signed consent should be submitted at the Swiss consulate or embassy of their country of residence. 

Applying for a Switzerland Visa in the UK

Since Switzerland lies in the Schengen zone, any UK citizen who has a BOTC or a full Uk passport, BPP, BS, or BOC passport can travel visa-free to Switzerland. Still, many non-European Union nationals residing in the United Kingdom need to obtain a Schengen visa to facilitate their travel to Switzerland.

Visa Application Requirements for Children Below 18 Years

If your child is below the age of 18, they should be accompanied by an adult guardian or their parents at the Switzerland Embassy visa application center in London. Further, minors who are given a Switzerland visa cannot travel to the country alone and should be accompanied by an adult for the entire duration of their stay.

Required Visa Application Documents for Underage Children

Underage children will need to prove their parent’s regular income. They can do so by presenting a business license, bank statement, or a work contract complete with detailed monthly income. A notarized travel authorization from their parents whether they reside in the UK or not is also a must have document.

Applying for Switzerland Visa in India

Indian Citizens who are interested in visiting Switzerland for tourism reasons need to apply for a tourist visa. A comprehensive list of the requirements is available online. Students should present their school identification documents to make a visa application.

Children who are traveling alone should present a signed letter of consent from their legal guardian or both parents. The letter should be certified by the public notary. Children below the age of 6 years do not pay visa fees. When done right, your tourist visa should be approved within approximately 15 days. The time required for getting approval for the tourist visa to Switzerland generally takes about 15 working days.

Switzerland visa from the UAE

If you are applying for a Schengen Visa from the UAE, you need to place your application at the correct place. First, you should understand the specific country which should issue you the visa especially if you plan to explore more than one Schengen state. You’ll also need to know the specific body in that country (in this case Switzerland) which processes visa applications.

After that, you will need to book an appointment at the visa center or embassy and attend the visa interview and remember to carry all the required documents. The embassy will then process your visa which shall be taken through European Union systems such as Schengen Information System and Visa Information System. The processing will take approximately 15 days after which you shall receive a response.

Switzerland Visa in Brazil

If you are planning to visit Switzerland from Brazil for a more than 90 day period, you will need a Schengen visa. However, if you are planning a short stay, you may be exempted from obtaining a Schengen visa. Children aged 15 years are exempted from having passports if they are traveling with their guardians or parents, if their names are captured in their parent’s or guardian’s passport, and if they share the same nationality with their guardians or parents.

Fun and Exciting Activities that Your Children will Love in Switzerland

Switzerland is a beautiful country and your children will enjoy being there. There are numerous fun and exciting activities for your children to engage in such as camping and cultural excursions. Here, your children will have lots to see and learn even as they interact with children from various parts of the world. Here are other things your children will enjoy doing while in Switzerland.

1.      Theme Trails

Theme trails are an interesting method of encouraging your children to hike. There are numerous theme trails in Switzerland which will keep your children marveling at the interesting part rather than the fatigue that comes with hiking. The Toggen Tone Trail, for instance, is unique and features more than 20 collective musical instruments spread along the trail. Your children will be excited to keep walking in a bid to see the next fun instrument and get an opportunity to play with them. There are various picnic areas, playgrounds, and restaurants along the way to keep your children occupied and beat potential monotony.

Such trails will keep your children yearning for the next summer holiday. The Muggestutz Dwarf Adventure Trail, Berner Oberland, is a must visit trail for your children while in Switzerland. It features play stations that are similar to the Muggestutz storybook, which discusses magical dwarfs that are said to dwell in the region.

There are breathtaking swings that mimic an eagle’s flight, a ladder that leads up to a hidden treasure inside a nest, a maze, little dwarf houses, and a pine cone drying station. Inside the dwarf, houses are set tables and drying laundry. Your children will have a memorable moment along this trail.

2.      Summer Camps

Summer camps provide your children with an opportunity to gather together, have fun, and learn new tricks. Switzerland is an ideal place where your children can have the time of their lives. Apart from having fun, they will also improve their language. Many camps will teach English even though the dominant languages in Switzerland are French and German.

Your children will also have the opportunity to visit some of the most prestigious institutions in the globe. This is because many of them are situated in breathtaking areas with equally amazing panorama. Your children will be surrounded by scenic mountains and beautiful lakes and will have sufficient time to engage in various outdoor activities with minimal struggle. While in camp, your kids could attend various excursions such as a visit to the Cailler Nestle factory where they will learn how chocolates and cheese are made.

They will be happy to have a taste of freshly made sumptuous products. If your children love adventure, then Switzerland is guaranteed to give them a lifetime experience. They will get a chance to marvel at the dark gorges, mighty mountains, charming lakes, mystical moors, and flowing waterfalls. They will also discover the flora, pure nature, and fauna. After their trip, your kids will come home re-energized.


Letting your children go on vacation on their own can be a daunting task and many parents will not agree to the idea. However, allowing them to go for a summer holiday in Switzerland will be a life-changing experience for them. Not only will they learn new things, but they will also make new friends, relax, become more confident, unplug from technology, and enhance their social skills.

Travel Arrangements

How to make sure children reach the camp safely?

Thousands of kids and teenagers go on holidays without their parents every year and they have a great – and perfectly safe – time.

Many of the risks that are associated with children flying alone can be overcome by using common sense and taking a few basic precautions. The following tips will help both children traveling solo and those responsible for the child to deal with many of the problems that may be encountered.

10 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How and where do you welcome children coming by airplane? Les Elfes welcomes campers in the arrival hall of the Geneva Airport (GVA). We have our own office here. Our friendly and helpful staff will take care of the youngsters right away and then drive them with our private bus to the campus. Both of our campuses can be easily reached within 1h50 after leaving the Geneva airport.
  2. Can I accompany my child to the campus? Yes! We always are very happy to meet the parents when they visit the camp. We can arrange the welcome and transfer for the parents as well. You also can drive your child to the campus. We will of course provide you the travel details.
  3. If I accompany my child to camp, can I stay the night nearby? Absolutely. We can advise you some beautiful hotels in the resort. You may also wish to spend your holidays in Switzerland to enjoy the peace of the Alps or to discover the lake Geneva region.
  4. Are there any preferred arrival or departure times? No. Because kids arrive from all over the world, the time of the arrival depends on the flight possibilities. Les Elfes handles this in a very flexible way. In any case we will arrange the transfers according to the flight times of the kids.
  5. Should your child fly alone? The unaccompanied child: Airlines call a child who flies alone an unaccompanied minor (UM). Generally, a child must be five years old to fly alone, and each airline has its own policies, restrictions and requirements. The airline will request from parents the name and phone number of the pick-up person. We would provide you all those relevant information if required. Once the child boards the plane, he is in the care of a flight attendant. If it is a non-stop flight, the flight attendant will transfer the child to the adult waiting at the arrival city. If the child will be making a connection to another flight, the flight attendant will accompany the child to the gate agent or airport employee who will then take the child to the appropriate gate. There should be an adult airline or airport employee with the child at all times. Depending on the number of legs on the trip, the child may be under the care of several different adults. If the child will be spending some time in the airport, the airline may have special kid-friendly lounges for UM’s. These may not be in every airport or available from every airline. The reservation agent will know if there is one in the airport a child is traveling through.
  6. When is a child ready to fly alone? Parents are the best judges of that. Is the child comfortable around strangers? Is he/she able to keep track of her belongings, follow directions and entertain herself quietly for extended periods of time? The responsibility that goes along with flying alone can give kids a great sense of independence and confidence. But, if a child is unsure of herself, shy or scared, flying can be a frightening experience. Parents can help alleviate some anxiety by preparing the child ahead of time. Like so many other parenting situations, children pick up on their parents’ feelings. The child should know what will happen at the airport, through security, on the plane and at the destination. If he will be changing planes, parents need to stress that he follows the directions of the flight attendant or gate agent.
  7. Is the Pre-boarding different? On the day of travel, parents should allow extra time at the airport to fill out paperwork and pass through security. Some airlines ask parents and UM’s to arrive three hours ahead of time. The reservation agent can provide that information. Parents can go through security to the gate with their child but won’t be able to board the plane with them.
  8. Additional Fees? Not all airlines charge a UM service fee, but many do. Charges can vary depending on whether the flight is domestic or international and if there are connecting flights. If two or more children are flying together, the fee is usually charged just once.
  9. Happy landings? Airlines ask parents to stay at the gate until the plane has pulled away from the gate since mechanical problems or weather delays could result in passengers deplaning. The plane should be well on its way before adults leave the gate. There should have be a back up plan (or two) for picking up the child at the destination. The child should have names and phone numbers of the persons he may need to call.

When your child is ready to fly alone, you have every reason to expect it will be a positive experience. A little bit of preparation and careful planning can make it a pleasant journey. Opportunity for your child to spread his wings and fly!

Top Most Decadent Places To Stay In Switzerland With Your Children

What do you envision at the mention of Switzerland? Breathtaking mountain scenery perhaps? Chocolate? Timely trains? Or the spectacular Swiss Alps? Switzerland is home to extravagance, glamorous, and exceptional service.

The country has hosts the rich and popular celebrities from various parts of the world annually. If you are planning to take your entire family for a holiday soon, you may want to add Switzerland to your bucket list. Here are some of the topmost luxurious places to visit and things to do while in Switzerland.

St Moritz

St Moritz is said to be the hometown of Alpine winter tourism. Splashy St Moritz located in the Engadin Valley of Switzerland is popular for its magnificent skiing at the Corviglia. St Moritz is a family friendly location with many places where you can visit with your children. They include:

·         Muottas Muragl

Marvel at the spectacular and breathtaking panorama provided at the Muottas Muragl and you are sure to be astounded. Muottas Muragl is popularly known for its alluring views and is situated at a 2456 meter elevation overlooking the Upper Engadine. Muottas will give you exceptional views of nearly all valleys, lakes, and peaks across the region.

Do you love adventure? If you do, then Muottas offers some of the perfect hiking trails in the region. The best thing about it is your children can also participate in the hike depending on their ages. If your children are younger, Muottas can also be excellent, especially in summer.

Your children will enjoy riding the funicular and the entire family can indulge in exciting winter sports if you are visiting during the winter season. There are two mountain restaurants where you can enjoy a hot cup of chocolate.

·         Where to Stay in St. Moritz

There are numerous child-friendly places to stay in St. Moritz. The Kulm hotel, for instance, gives you exceptional offers for your children such as; professional childcare, a kid’s club, child-friendly menu, and child-friendly and fun activities for children of diverse ages.


Verbier is the hub of the massive four valleys Switzerland region. One astonishing fact about this area is; regardless of the weather, the Mont-Fort Glacier will always be snowing. If you enjoy exploring and adventurous activities, you can traverse through Veysonnaz, Nendaz, and Thyon to complete more than 410 kilometers of ski runs. This activity can be viable for your teenagers and they will love seeing new places, marveling at nature, and exercising along the way.

If you don’t fancy skiing or have younger children, there are numerous activities for you to venture in as well such as free riding championships, live bands, face-painting, and the street food festival where you can sample various exotic dishes.

·         Navigating Through Verbier

If you adore walking, Verbier is the place to be. The town is small and many times all you will need to move from one point to the other is just walk. If you are visiting during winter, you will need to navigate through the town by walking because many roads are closed due to extreme snow.

Still, there are complimentary shuttles which ferry you across different ski points in the town. You can even opt for the ski lift even though it may not be ideal for very young babies. Your older kids will definitely enjoy the stunning experience and alluring views from the lift.

·         Where to Stay in Verbier with Kids

There are numerous child-friendly places you can stay in Verbier. They range from beautiful hotels to privately owned and luxurious chalets. If you are planning to visit Verbier however, you may want to place your accommodation booking early in advance. This is because Verbier is a popular ski trip destination for families and it’s often fully booked and expensive.  

·         Things to do

One of the most exciting activities sweeping across the world has to be the escape room. Here, players converge together as a team and take up puzzle challenges in the room. Every puzzle is unique and requires a specific skill to solve. The fun part of this activity is that it’s family friendly and you can enjoy it together with your older children.


Canyoning is a vigorous yet refreshing summer activity. If you have teenage children, they will enjoy spending their energy on this activity. Children who are younger than 8 years are not allowed to engage in canyoning.

There are a guide and participants will be at liberty to descent down the cascades, splurge into water pools and ride across river rapids. Beginners can take short routes while the expert and more adventurous individuals can take the longer route.

·         Childcare Services

You will get some of the best babysitting and child care services in Verbier, available both in winter and summer. If you have very young children, this is your opportunity to enjoy various activities while satisfied that your babies are well taken care of.


Do you and your children enjoy cycling? Take racing along the cycling races in Verbier. You can traverse through Tour du Catogne and go through the  Col du Lin,  Verbier to Mauvoisin, or the Alberto Contador tracks


The rich and famous flock Gstaad to date and many of them enjoy hosting private parties rather than stay at the family-friendly hotels and lodges within the locality. Gstaad is the perfect place to take your family for vacation complete with a wide variety of outdoor activities and fresh breeze from the mountains.

·         Where to Stay

There are numerous family-friendly places to stay in such as;

·         Alpenland

The Alpenland is a picturesque wooden lodge nestled in the calm Lauenen village. It offers unparalleled sights of the Swiss Alps and a welcoming and affable family friendly restaurant. Your family will enjoy delicious and irresistible breakfasts as they listen to the soothing ballads before embarking on a leisurely stroll towards the hills.

There is a games room and an outdoor playground for your children where they will not only play, but they will get the chance to interact, bond, and even make friends with other children from various parts of the world. If you have a pet dog, you may want to bring him along seeing that Alpenland is a dog-friendly hotel.

·         What to do

You can never run of things to do while in Gstaad. These include;

·         Visit a Conventional Dairy Farm

When was the last time you and the children visited the farm? Gstaad will give you an experience of a lifetime with the numerous traditional dairy farms available. Gstaad has an indefinite population of one cow for each person and milk is the region’s staple diet.

A visit to one of the farms will be exciting to the entire family and an opportunity to learn how yogurt and cheese are produced without industrial machinery. The kids will love seeing and even touching the cows as they relax with their young calves. At the end of your visit, you will settle down for a hearty farmhouse meal.

Take a Trip on the Alpine Coaster

Race down the mountains at 40 km/hr speed on the Alpine Coaster. You will get the opportunity to enjoy scenic views of the farms and hills. If you are an adventure fanatic, you can attempt jumps and sharp bends up to approximately 6 meters away from the ground. Children from three years and above are allowed to slide down the track albeit under an adult’s help while older children can race on their own.


Lugano is a compact and alluring city complete with panoramic mountains, scenic lakes, and beautiful palm trees. While this town offers few child-friendly activities, your family will enjoy staying in the few available places. The museums, for instance, are interesting places to visit and learn from the exhibited artifacts and interactive games.

Some of the fun activities your children can engage in while in Lugano include cycling and pedal boating on the lake. Kids can even swim in the lake or engage in fun and exciting activities at the playground inside Parco Ciani.

Where to Visit

Some of the must visit places while in Lugano include:


Melide is a small village which you can access by train from Lugano. This village hosts the Swissminiatur Park complete with more than 120 models of all essential Swiss buildings, transportation means, and monuments. Your children will be thrilled by the little trains which traverse along the tracks, cable cars that travel up and down little mountains, and boats which sail over small lakes.

Once you are done exploring the park, you can take your children to the pool for a cooling swimming session. The younger children will enjoy the beautiful slide while the olde ones can go swimming at the floating pool in the lake.

Indulge in Chocolate at Caslano

Caslano is home to everything chocolate and you can visit the Alprose chocolate factory any time without aking reservations. A chocolate museum is located right inside and offers a free tasting area. After indulging in the chocolate you may want to burn the extra calories by hiking on the Mount Caslano. Seeing that its flat and approximately 90 minutes, you can even take your teenage children along.


Switzerland offers you exciting places to stay in and visit at some point in your lifetime. The exciting news is; there are numerous child-friendly places to go and things to do for children of diverse ages. Next time you are planning for a family vacation, consider Switzerland and you will not be dissapointed.

Top 10 reasons to send your child to ski camp

Skiing is a popular winter sport which
can be used as a recreational activity, as a means of transport or even a
competitive event. Participants use skis to slide on the snow. Skiing is one of
the interesting outdoor activities your children can engage in during winter.
Rather than having your children curl up in front of the television round the
clock, why not book your children for a ski camp? Here are the top 10 reasons
to send your child to ski camp.

1.  Skiing is a Great Outdoor
Activity for the Winter Season

Winter is usually cold and there are minimal outdoor activities to engage in. With the increase of childhood obesity and adoration for video games, convincing your children to get out of the house especially during winter can be an arduous task. Having your children attend a ski camp gives them an opportunity to remain active during winter.

What’s more, they will have a wide range of winter-related activities to participate in too such as
snowboarding, skating, and snowshoeing. In the end, the ultimate ski camp for
your children should keep them active throughout.

2. Children are Fast Learners

Young children have fresh and sharp
brains and therefore learn faster compared to adults. Children can master various
physical skills such as biking, dancing, and skiing, as well as languages way
faster. Many institutions where your children can learn how to ski offer lessons to children starting
from three years of age. Still, children as young as 2 years can learn how to

3. It Stimulates Imagination and Free Judgment

Ski camps give your child a chance to be
imaginative and attempt to gain technical skills. For instance, your child can
master various skills such as coding, photography, or even videography. The
good thing with ski camps is that they allow your child to try new things
without competing with their colleagues.

Your child’s imaginative level cannot be hindered
since they are not concerned about failing. This gives them adequate
opportunity to excel. Sending your child on ski camp will also help them gain
an all round resilience which goes a long way in developing your child as they
evolve from being young children to considerate, robust, and competent adults.

Did you know that allowing your child to attend ski
camp for children will drive some sense in their minds? They will get enough
time to meditate, think about the things they take for granted at home, and
learn how to appreciate them, whether it’s their siblings, parents, or even
home-made meals.

4. Establish Interests

The ideal ski camp will provide a
nurturing surrounding for your child to explore programs and activities that
can become long lasting passions. It’s worth mentioning that ski camps happen
during the winter season which can be extremely cold. However, winter does not
have to be boring as there are numerous activities to engage in and even more
exciting activities for your child to explore. This explains why a ski camp for
your child will be the ideal place to identify their interests that they want
to continue with after the camp.

5. Enhances Self Esteem

Is your child shy? Does he take forever
to make friends or even open up to others? Have you been thinking of ways to
boost their self-esteem and make them more confident? If the answer to any of
these questions is in the affirmative, you may want to send your child to ski
camp. Going on camp promotes your child’s general confidence.

The ultimate objective of any excellent
ski camp is to ensure that your child fits inappropriately and even excels
accordingly. Of course, the first day at ski camp can overwhelm them. However,
placing your child in new surroundings gives them the opportunity to learn and
adapt and soon they will be in the company of new friends trying new things.

The opportunity of experiencing new
situations and excelling makes them more confident. Having high self-esteem
enables them to make better decisions and even improve their grades.

6. Exposure to New Skills and Sports

Prior to modern technology when phones and tablets were as popular as they are, children would spend lots of their free time playing. Today, however, there are numerous forms of digital media where many children spend most of their free time especially if they are not regulated.

According to a study conducted in
Canada, only a small percentage of children aged between 6 and 19 years
received the recommend one hour per day exercise they required. Sending your
child to ski camp plays a major role in exposing them to new
activities and sports
they are
unfamiliar with.

Such sports provide them with new
adventures and your child gets the chance to discover hidden talents which they
would otherwise not have known before. It’s also a great way of developing
already acquired skills. Ski camps will give your chance the opportunity to
choose the sports they love.

Further, playing enhances their quality
of life while allowing them to exercise their social skills. When you send your
child to ski camp, you can be guaranteed that they will get sufficient social
interaction and play time.

7. They Master Independence

Part of your child’s development
involves giving them the chance to learn the art of making decisions by
themselves. You can do this by ensuring that your child attends ski camp. Such
camps provide the ideal surroundings for your children to begin carving their
personalities while learning how to be independent.

Taking your child away from a familiar
environment can have a huge positive impact on their lives. Remember, children
are quite adaptable and can easily adjust to new surroundings better than many
adults. Without their parent’s and sibling’s safety net, your child gets the
opportunity to be responsible.

While there will still be adult
supervision at any ski camp you send your child to, the daily situations that
their parents often take care of will be upon themselves. This enables your
child to learn themselves more. If you ask any parent whose child has been to a
ski camp, they will tell you that they came back with tremendous changes.

8. They Master Social Skills

The ideal ski camp for your child is a
great surrounding for your child to learn how to cope with others. Any child
who has attended ski camp before will tell you about the good friendships they
build during the camp period. Once your children are in a new environment, they
learn, evolve, adapt, and grow fast. Engaging with others in play and getting
acquainted with the complexities of social interaction is one of the benefits
of sending your child to ski camp.

9. They Make New Memories

Ski camps give your child the opportunity to create new and long-lasting memories. Even when the children are going ski camping as a group, they will meet and interact with new people from across the world. Every parent is happy to see their children evolve and augment their circles. Often, children develop friendships that could last forever and create memories they will cherish forever.

Another reason to send your child to
ski camp is the fact that it enables them to bond with adults who can have a
positive impact on their lives. Ski camp counselors are chosen carefully, and
as a parent, you can rest assured that your child is in able hands.

10. They Master Leadership

If you want to develop your child’s
leadership qualities, then send them to ski camp. The camp environment is ideal
for learning, and the activities they engage in teaches them leadership
qualities. Through their day to day experiences, they learn how to adhere to
conform to someone else’s lead and this can encourage them to want to become
leaders as well.

As your child approaches teenage, the
more opportunities they have to develop leadership skills. Numerous ski camps
to provide programs that are specially designed to develop your child’s
leadership skills. While on ski camp, your child will be entrusted with various
programs and activities which including looking after the younger children.

Understanding how to take charge gives
them the opportunity to practice how to be good to others. Your child will gain
skills that will help them understand how to operate within a group. They will
also learn important lessons about choosing right from wrong.


There are numerous reasons to send your
child to ski camp. Your child will not only carry back memories they will
cherish for a lifetime, but they will also learn valuable lessons, and make new
friends. While they may be in the company of fellow children from their school
or even community, they will also have the chance to get exposed to diversity.
A ski camp is often the meeting place of children from other countries. This
means that your child will get the opportunity to interact with new people and
learn about new cultures. Parents will also get a perfect opportunity to take
care of their own well-being, knowing that their children are under good care,
more so if they don’t plan to accompany them to the ski camp.