Youth Olympics in Lausanne, Switzerland


The Youth Olympic winter Games popularly referred to as Lausanne 2020 will kick off on 9th to 22nd January 2020. This will be the third Winter Youth Olympics edition, a dominant international multiple-sport event, and cultural teenage festival. It shall take place in Lausanne Switzerland, the center of the International Olympic Committee. 

About Lausanne, the Olympic Capital

Lausanne has for many years been the center of contemporary Olympic Movement. Currently, the region is home to over 50 international sporting organizations. This explains why sport and its positive principles have continued to be part of Switzerland as a whole. The vision of the YOG is to motivate the youth to embrace and live per the Olympic principles.

These are friendship, respect, and excellence from Lausanne, a great idea that many people across the city identified with. This has been instrumental to youths within Switzerland and across the world. Come 2020, both Switzerland and Lausanne are focused on highlighting the exclusive Olympic heritage.

Where will the Event take place?

The Youth Olympic Games will be happening around Lausanne near the Vaud Alps and along the shores of Lake Geneva. The Olympic village will be based in the central part of the city. This is where the 35,000 capacity student University campus lies. The Mascot is known as Yodli.

He is a hybrid animal comprised of various symbolic Swiss animals which dwell in the Swiss mountains. They include a St. Bernard dog, a goat, and a cow. The characteristics of these animals and their connection with the environment are epitomized in Yodli. These display the diversity of the people participating in the Youth Olympic winter games in Lausanne 2020. 

What will be Featured in Lausanne 2020


The Olympic Youth games program will for the first time in the history of the Winter Olympics incorporate ski mountaineering. This will involve mountain scaling on skis. Depending on the difficulty of the ascent, participants may need to carry the skis. Eventually, they will have to ski back to the starting point. The quest to embrace gender equality and showcase innovation has resulted in the introduction of new specialties. PyeongChang which made its debut in the Winter Olympic Games in 2018 is finally debuting in the Youth Olympic Games.

Various short sports at the Youth Olympics such as hockey 5s and 3 x 3 basketball have been successful. This has resulted in the addition of the inventive 3 x 3 ice hockey version. Two new women events, a combination of Nordic and double luge will be added to the 2020 YOG. These events are designed to help create a gender balance at the Winter Youth Olympic games 2020. 

The Lighting of the Youth Olympic Flame


The Youth Olympic winter games flame was lit on September 17th at a conventional ceremony in Panathenaic Stadium in Athens. The flame later returned to Switzerland to start a tour which would involve stopping at each district in the country.

Upon completing the tour, the flame will return to the Olympic Capital for the conventional torch relay event. The Youth Olympic winter games opening ceremony will take place on 9th January 2020. 

The Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Flame lit in Athens

The torch-lighting ceremony preceding any Olympic torch relay is one of the most symbolic Olympic events. On September 17th, it was Lausanne 2020’s turn to step into the spotlight as its Olympic flame was lit, marking the beginning of its journey from Athens, Greece to Lausanne, Switzerland.

During the ceremony, a crowd of 1,400 kids from local schools, as well as representatives from the Hellenic Olympic Committee, watched as the flame was lit using the rays of the sun, as was done for the ancient Olympic Games.

What does the Torch Lighting Ceremony Entail?

The torch lighting event that happens before the Olympic torch relay is a symbolic ceremony. The flame is lit with the rays of the sun, as was the case during the archaic Olympics events. This flares the Olympic torch up which continues burning until the Olympic Games Opening ceremony.

During the Lausanne 2020 flame lighting ceremony in Athens, approximately 1,400 school children witnessed the event. They were joined at the special flame-lighting ceremony by local organizing committee agents, Hellenic Olympic committee, and other guests.

Where did the Torch go next?


The flame proceeded to Lausanne for the official launch of the torch tour which began on 21st September. It’s expected to cover a 110-day excursion in a clear demonstration of the Youth Olympic spirit to the locals. The torch tour will incorporate collective activities related to the youth.

Further, there will be an exclusive program covering the Lausanne 2020 games. The icing on the cake will be the ceremonial torch lighting ceremony by popular guests such as Olympians. 

What the Torch Lighting Ceremony Attendants had to Say

Danka Bartekova, the chair of IOC Coordination Commission attended the ceremony. He said: “This Youth Olympic flame will inspire the amazing athletes training hard for Lausanne 2020, as well as young fans all over the world. Its journey around Switzerland will also help to highlight and celebrate all that Switzerland has to offer, and the talented young people involved in the preparations. It is an honor to be part of this journey and bring the flame back to the Olympic Capital.”

On her part, the President of Lausanne 2020, Virginie Faivre had this to say. “This is an important moment for Lausanne 2020, the City of Lausanne, the Canton of Vaud and our entire country. This has been a journey four years in the making. Since 2015, when Lausanne was selected as host of the Winter Youth Olympic Games, we have been working very hard to create unique Games. Games for young people, by young people and with young people. Today, we are not only lighting the Olympic flame; we are also lighting the Olympic spirit of a whole new generation of young people in Switzerland and around the world.”

The Arrival of the YOG Flame in Switzerland

On 18th September 2019, the youth Olympic winter games flame touched down at the Geneva International Airport. Various people were on the ground to welcome the flame. They included; Representatives from the Canton of Geneva, the Canton of Vaud, the City of Lausanne, Lausanne 2020. Other agents present were; the International Olympic Committee (IOC), SWISS Romande, and Geneva Airport.

A Swiss aircraft was specially commissioned to transport the flame. Further, there was a press conference held inside the terminal. It focused on the Olympic principles and the peace the flame would spread across Switzerland and part of France. The flame quickly proceeded to the next stop which was made easy by the Swiss rail network.

It’s worth mentioning that you can connect between Lausanne and Geneva Airport fast and easily. Are you planning to attend any of the planned torch tours? Or do you wish to attend the Youth Olympic winter games opening ceremony? If you do, you will have ease of access from Geneva Airport and Lausanne and vice versa. 

Approximately 3,000 Students Converged in Celebration of Lausanne 2020


On the 19th of September, more than 400 guests and 3,000 students converged at the Stade Pierre-de-Coubertin in Lausanne. The gathering was organized under the theme; “One Lausanne 2020 flag in each municipality of Vaud.” Here, they commemorated the Canton of Vaud.

The event was attended by a representative from each municipality accompanied by two students who carried the municipal flag. They would exchange their municipality flag with the Lausanne 2020 flag. The symbolic event was attended by 612 students.

In a surprising phenomenon, the Youth Olympic flame for Lausanne 2020 was at the event. Four young athletes had brought the flame to the stadium, days before it embarked on a tour around Switzerland.

The Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Flame also made a surprise appearance, brought to the stadium by four young athletes, just a few days before the torch leaves for its journey around Switzerland.

What did Leaders in Attendance Say?

Mayor of the City of Lausanne of Grégoire Junod said: “Gathering all the municipalities of Vaud and their schoolchildren here in Lausanne, the host city of these games, is a highly symbolic moment. It also reflects the city’s desire for this unique event to leave a legacy in terms of sports and culture.”

Also in attendance was Cesla Amarelle, the Canton of Vaud Head of the Department of Education, Youth, and Culture. He said: “I am proud of the way schools, teachers and students have taken ownership of Lausanne 2020. Young people from Vaud will be able to experience the games not only in the competition venues but also in classrooms, workshops, exhibitions or sports initiations – and always with an educational content that produced specifically for the occasion. These will be true life experiences for the students.”


The Youth Olympic Games aims at inspiring the youth across the globe to embrace sporting activities. Apart from raising awareness, these games persuade the youth to spread the Olympic movement messages to their fellow youth. At least 1,880 gender-equal athletes from more than 80 countries will participate in the Lausanne 2020 YOG. 

The Perfect Swiss Winter Ski Camp for your Child

Switzerland is home to some of the best skiing locations in the world. These include Zermatt, Davos-Klosters, St. Moritz, and Verbier, all of which are alpine resorts popularly known for offering a great skiing experience with a wide range of accommodation options, wide terrain, fine dining sites, and the ultimate apres-ski. Your child will not only enjoy going for a winter ski camp in Swiss, but they will also enjoy the various activities there are to sample. 

Why Choose Winter Camps?

Many parents may opt to send their children for summer camps due to the friendly weather, however, attending winter camps can be interesting and fun. For starters, not many people go camping during winter, which means you’ll encounter fewer crowds and get the chance to sample your surroundings with minimal distraction.

To choose the ideal Swiss winter ski camp for your child, you want to be cautious during the planning process. Many times, the activities offered at your ski camp location determine whether or not the location is ideal for your child. Here are some of the sports and activities your child will engage in during ski camp. 


Snowboarding is a leisure and winter Olympic sport where participants steer a wide board made of either plastic or wood and proceed to either perform various tricks or race down a snow-filled mountain. The board is securely fastened on the snowboarder’s feet. To participate in snowboarding, snowboarders should possess excellent skateboarding, skiing, and surfing skills. You don’t have to worry if your child is going to engage in snowboarding for the first time.

Many ski camps have instructors who help children learn how to snowboard. If your child already has the skills needed to snowboard, they can participate in different races such as slaloms, where the snowboarders race between barriers. Other races include the half-pipe snowboarding where riders execute in air tricks as they snowboard in between the sides of a half-pipe or a U-shaped inclined plane.

Snowboarders can also engage in midair tricks such as spinning, turning, and grabbing where snowboarders grasp the snowboard’s edge and turn or spin upside down. Snowboarding which has been in existence since the 1960s, became an Olympic sport in 1998. 


Skiing is a popularly recognized winter activity where participants traverse over snow smoothly with a pair of narrow and long runners referred to as skis. Skis are secured to specially designed ski boots on their feet. To maintain balance, the skiers need narrow metal poles. Many ski camps in Swiss come with a vast terrain where children will enjoy skiing and engaging in ski competitions.

Your child doesn’t need to be experienced as there are trainers who will instill in them the necessary skills to help them learn how to ski. Experienced skiers can participate in fun skiing games such as ski jumping, alpine skiing, cross country skiing, or free styling on snow. Once your child has mastered the art of skiing, they can participate in cross country skiing for instance, where skiers hold competitions in long races which can stretch up to 50km or even more.

Children competing in ski jumping usually ski down a steep and raised slope referred to as a takeoff ramp and gain high speeds before they propel off the end and fly across the air to the furthest possible location. Skiing also includes free styling activities where participants execute turns, tricks, and spins or ski down ramps and slopes. Skiing is a fun and interesting activity and your children are sure to enjoy learning it. 

Ice Skating

Ice skating is an ideal way of enjoying a winter ski camp. It keeps the young campers warm during the cold weather and also comes with numerous benefits that surpass physical fitness. By learning and participating is ice skating, children will master the art of setting goals and striving to excel. Ice skating helps children gain self-esteem as well as develop a positive outlook towards life.

Through ice skating, children will gain the skills they need to operate under pressure and managing stressful situations. Apart from making friends and developing social skills, young campers will gain good sportsmanship skills. Overall, all these skills will come in handy to help them get excellent results in school.

Modern skating began between the 13th and 14th century and this saw the emergence of steel skates which featured sharpened edges along the bottom for enhanced control. These skates were specially designed to cut through the ice to create a varied range of movement. Until recently, ice skating was a leisure activity associated with the rich and famous. With it’s increased popularity, everyone can learn and participate in the activity. In terms of fitness, engaging in ice skating will enhance balance, posture, flexibility, endurance, muscle strength, and coordination. 

Winter Games and Competitions

There’s a wide range of games and competitions that children will engage in during their winter ski camp. Many of the ski camps in Swiss provide a conducive environment to allow participants a maximum experience. These include:

·         Snow Sculptures and Snowman Building

Children enjoy creating fun snow sculptures such as snowman. Remember, the snow should be in the right consistency to facilitate rolling. To build a snowman, you will want to classify the young campers into two or three groups and scatter them across the snowfield. Give them a specific time to create the ideal snowman.

Allow them to display their creativity by searching for the best materials to create eyes, arms, and buttons. You can make it more exciting by ensuring each group has a wacky hat for their snowman. When the snow is not the right consistency, the campers can carve snow sculptures instead. To make this activity more fun, use a snow tracker or plow to create snow stacks for the younger kids.

If the children are older, they can create the snow stacks on their own. With the campers in groups of two or three, you can have them participate in a carving competition. For this, they will need sticks and garden tools to create their favorite sculptures out of their imagination. Once they are done, you can inspect their creations and award them accordingly. 

·         Snow Wall Tug of War

Winter ski camp is never complete without a snow wall tug of war. To engage in this activity, let the young campers create a huge snow wall. If they can make it higher than their chests, the better. Once they are done building the wall, they can proceed to make a hole in the middle of the wall and pass a rope through. Divide the children into two teams each on either side of the snow wall. Let the campers have fun pulling the opposite team until the snow wall finally comes crashing down. 

·         Footprint Tag

The young campers can engage in a footprint tag game especially in the morning when there’s a newly formed blanket of snow. The children will find this activity fun and it will be the one thing they look forward to doing each morning. You want to begin this game b having the children play a round of tag for approximately five minutes in the snowfield. Once they are done, let the children step on the footprints they have created on the snow only. This will be difficult but exciting and will help them develop their reasoning and concentration skills. 

·         Mammoth Snowball Rolling Contest

Just like the snowman building game, the mammoth snowball rolling contest will only function well under the right snow conditions. If the fields are filled with sticky snow, then proceed to play this game. You will need to divide the campers to form groups of five and let them begin the snowball rolling process. This game shall continue until the snowball is too big for the kids to continue rolling or when there’s no more sticky snow. 

Factors to Consider when on a Winter Ski Camp

There are various things that camo organizers need to consider when going for a winter ski camp. They include:

  • Choose a winter ski camp location that’s well secured to keep the wind at bay. Further, you want to ensure that your chosen location is free from icefall danger. 
  • Wear the right gear for winter camp to keep the cold away. These will include a strong tent, sleeping pads and bag and a specially designed stove for the cold temperatures. Further, you want to have enough warm clothing such as fleece pants, waterproof jackets, and a puffy coat. Include warm gloves, a hat, socks, and sunglasses. 
  • Proper hydration and nutrition go a long way in keeping you and the young campers warm. Prepare nutrition filled hot meals and pack enough snacks, water, and your favorite juices to keep you hydrated. 


If you’re choosing the ideal Swiss winter ski camp for your students, these factors will help you identify the best location that meets all your needs. Switzerland is a beautiful country, especially during the winter and you’ll want to stay in a winter ski camp that not only helps the children develop various skills but one that maximizes their experience. 

Food Served at Les Elfes Summer Camp


Nothing beats a great food shared with friends or loved ones. Food brings people together, they share joyful times, and everlasting memories are created. Food comes is a critical component that campers can leverage to help them maximize their summer camp experience. In this post, we shall discuss food served at summer camps. 

Planning a Summer Camp Menu


A great summer camp meal starts with the planning process. Here, it’s important to accommodate everybody’s needs. Remember, some people are allergic to some types of food which means they don’t consume them. During the planning process, find out whether anyone in the group has special food needs. Here is how to go about the planning process.

Develop a Menu

You want to begin by going through the regular meals consumed at home and figure out which ones would be ideal for a summer camp. Factor in everybody’s needs before coming up with the final menu. Don’t forget the special groups such as vegetarians, campers with gluten and lactose intolerance, and vegans. Remember to include snacks, drinks, and water for each group of people.

Prepare Your Shopping List

For you and the fellow campers to have a great time and enjoy the food, you’ll need to create a well thought out list of items. Eventually, make sure you shop and only pack what you’ll need. To make the work easier, you may want to discuss with your group to establish what they prefer for each meal session. Ensure the items you choose are not only versatile but non-perishable to ease storage. 

Pack Appropriate Appliances

If you have a great menu without appropriate appliances you’ll be unable to create mouthwatering meals. Depending on your camping location, some campsites will provide you with the basics such as a grate and a fire pit. You’ll need to carry everything else you may need during the camping session. Choose compact, simple, and portable appliances and forget about your sophisticated pieces when going camping. You don’t want to be struggling to transfer your cooker to and from the vehicle. Here are some necessary items you can choose.

  • Spatula
  • Mixing bowl
  • Cast iron skillet
  • Wooden spoon
  • Portable grill
  • Zip-top bags
  • Disposable or reusable cutlery
  • Portable grill
  • Dishtowels
  • Grill brush
  • Prep as Much as you can

Whether you’re preparing food for the campers or you’re entertaining friends at home, prepping is a necessary step. Remember, when you go for summer camp chances are you’ll not want to cook leave alone prepping for meals. However, you’ll find that prepping is quite essential as it helps you cook faster and find time to relax after a long day. Here are things you can consider preparing ahead.

  • Portion meat and keep it safely in Ziploc bags
  • Clean and peel your vegetables. You can even go ahead and chop them
  • Portion the seasonings you plan to use in your recipes

Maintain Organization

Maintaining organization while on camp is essential. This ensures you can locate items easier and saves you lots of time. Achieve this by: 

  • Cross-checking your shopping list
  • Labeling the bags or boxes that contain your stuff such as: silverware, plates, cups, and spoons. 
  • Having labels on all coolers to ensure easy identification of food items
  • Placing similar items together inside the car

Will the Campsite be Friendly for the Kids?

Whether you’re taking your kids for summer camp or they are going in the company of their peers, you want to ensure that the campsite you choose is kid-friendly. Does it offer child-friendly facilities and food? These are important factors to consider if you intend to give the kids maximum fun.

How to Eat Healthy Meals while on Camp


Summer camps provide both adults and students with an opportunity to exercise, engage in their favorite sports and activities, spend quality time with loved ones, and meditate. You get to connect with nature and relax both your mind and soul. Eating healthy meals while in camp can be an arduous task which is why you should start planning before embarking on your trip. Here are tips to help you stay healthy even when you are having fun.

Drink sufficient amounts of water to stay hydrated. Remember, you’ll be exposed to lots of exercising and sun which means your body will lose water. You may want to freeze water in individual bottles and store it inside your cooler boxes for convenience. 

Plan healthy snacks and buy all the ingredients you will need to execute the same. Include lots of fruits such as pineapples, apples, grapes, and pears. Include pre-cut watermelon for enhanced hydration and instant energy. Freshly prepared fruits such as celery, carrots, and even nuts are good snacks for you while on camp.

Prepare sandwiches and salads before embarking on your journey this will give you and the kids something easy and healthy to eat on the way to your camping destination. If you prefer hot meals, you can wrap some vegetables such as squash, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin in foil and warm them in the campfire. 

Foods You’ll Eat while in Camp

Should you choose to go for an all-inclusive camping experience, you will be served by experienced and professional kitchen staff and a chef, all of who are trained to prepare nutritious, delicious, kid-friendly, and safe meals that you will love. Many of the great camping sites offer diverse food options and practice stringent food procedures which include:

  • A vast range of exotic cuisine from across the world to choose from
  • Meals served in buffet style complete with staff members in each table to ensure every camper is satisfied
  • Special meals section where campers with special needs such as vegetarians and people with allergies are served. Meals for these groups are prepared depending on individual needs
  • Fresh fruits which are perfect snacks
  • Fresh juice extracting machine and other drinks such as iced tea, lemonade, and peach
  • Fresh and cold drinking water in each table. Kids will be treated to milk for breakfast and dinner
  • Dessert is available at dinner 
  • Strict adherence to health standards

Popular Food Options Served in Camps

Here are some of the meals you will be served while in camp.


  • Sausages, pancakes, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs
  • Bacon, toast French toast, egg mcmuffins, home fries with breakfast bake
  • Ham, wraps with scrambled eggs, red pepper saute and onion sauce, cheese, and salsa
  • Hash Brown patties, whip cream complete with strawberry juice, Belgian waffles
  • Freshly baked muffins, tea biscuits, cinnamon buns, hard-boiled eggs with granola, and yogurt croissants
  • Cereals such as cornflakes, Rice Krispies, corn pops, frosted flakes
  • Oatmeal porridge, milk, and juice


  • Oktoberfest sausages, perogies, and garden salad
  • Sub sandwiches, three meat portions, and home-style cooked soup with garden salad
  • Hard and soft shell meat tacos served with tortilla chips and Mexican rice
  • Sweet potato fries with a chicken quesadilla and garden salad
  • Home-style prepared cheddar cheese macaroni with garlic toast and salad
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches with soup and vegetables
  • Hummus and pita wedges with soup and chicken Caesar salad
  • Pork buns with coleslaw and baked beans
  • Chicken wraps with salad and hummus
  • Vegetables, chips, dip, pasta salad and BBQ hamburgers
  • Nachos with garden salad, onion rings, and vegetable salad
  • Garlic toast and chili salad
  • Nachos with guacamole, salsa, and garden salad
  • Beans dipped in tomato sauce and bun bacon, green salad, and potato salad
  • Bread and stir fry with salad
  • Corn salad and buns
  • Poutine and chicken wings with vegetable dip 
  • Buns, corn, and sloppy joe
  • Vegetable tray accompanied by chips and soup, sub buns, and assorted cold cuts
  • Gyro meat with pitas, soup or salad, and tzatziki
  • A wide variety of soups such as vegetable soup, chicken noodle soup, tomato soup, beef soup, cream of cauliflower soup. Other lunch options include: asiago cheese bisque and baked potato


Eating too much food for dinner or eating the wrong food can result in difficulties with sleeping. Further, if you don’t eat well, you will get hungry and want to eat unhealthy foods. Here are some healthy options you will be served during camp. 

  • French fries with chicken burgers and vegetables with dip
  • Beef stew with hot vegetables, potatoes, and buns
  • Garlic bread, caesar salad, and pizza casserole
  • Buns with salad and pasta with olive oil
  • Bread and corn with mashed potatoes and meatloaf
  • French fries, chicken nuggets, and vegetables with dip
  • Garlic toast, meatballs with spaghetti and caesar salad
  • Samosa and naan bread with spinach salad and chicken curry
  • Garlic toast with fettuccine alfredo chicken and caesar salad
  • Rice and rolls with salmon and hot vegetables
  • Hummus with pita, greek salad, tzatziki, rice, potatoes, and seasoned chicken breast
  • Assorted rolls, chips, fish, and peas
  • Potatoes roasted in the oven, BBQ pork chops, baked potatoes, assorted rolls, and hot carrots
  • Garlic strips with salad and Kintail pizzas
  • Chicken balls, spring rolls, garden salad, chow mein noodles, and fried rice
  • Buns and peas, scalloped potatoes, and oven-baked ham
  • Garden salad and chicken stew
  • Bread rolls, garden salad, and chicken pot pie


  • Pretzels
  • Fresh fruits
  • Homemade cookies
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Crackers and cheese
  • Marshmallows
  • Popcorn
  • Cheese and crackers


  • Iced cake
  • Freshly baked cookies
  • Ice cream
  • Fresh fruits
  • Pudding
  • Apple sauce
  • Cheesecake
  • Iced cupcakes
  • popsicles


Apart from making friends and gaining life-changing skills, going for summer camps is a perfect opportunity for you to sample diverse meals. Every person is catered for regardless of their needs. 


What a Summer! Thank you For Visiting

Dear Parents,

What a summer. If you haven’t been to the Alps in Summer, do it I promise you it’s well worth it, fresh air, healthy living, tranquillity, and harmony all around. Les Elfes Verbier is no exception, although we do have up to 140 running around taking part in Summer Camp, maybe a little less tranquil than the Sound of Music, but fun is the word.

As I write this, the annual Horse Riding Festival is taking place, earlier this week Verbiers inaugural E-Bike Festival welcomed avid cyclists from all over Europe,  July welcomed the Verbier Festival ( World Famous Classical Music ). It has the best of both worlds, a quiet village tucked away in the mountains, and yet a vibrant family-friendly resort bringing in energy and atmosphere paralleled only by the landscape and scenery.

The question isn’t why would you send your child to Summer Camp here, its Why Wouldn’t You? Please look at our latest Testimonials from Campers, follow us on social media and you will get a great picture of what Summer Camp has to offer.

To those of you who have sent your children to us this Summer, I have to say from all of us, a massive thank you. Each year we have the privilege of taking care of your children, being a father of three myself, I know the journey can be as tough for the parents as it can be for the children! Each Summer I see amazing displays of character from the children, and I look forward to seeing you return.

Winter Camp is upon us soon, many of you have been enquiring, and I hope to see some familiar faces on snow. A magical Summer Camp can only be matched by Winter, for more info do get in touch.