Top Kids Summer Activities

During the summer, many parents struggle to find the best way to keep their children occupied. Here is a list of exciting kids summer activities from various countries you can try this season. 


Best Summer Activities for Kids in Los Angeles, USA

Summers in Los Angeles vary from warm, hot, and dry. The summer season usually begins between late June and early July but it can also begin in late May. This is the best time for children to engage in exciting activities. Let’s discuss some of the fun kids summer activities in Los Angeles USA. 

· Go for an Art Walk


Parents can accompany their kids in this walk beginning from the art region in urban Los Angeles to the beachside area. Children will marvel in the beautiful artistic pieces such as glassworks, sculptures, and oil paintings.

The art walk is ideal for children who are interested in arts and crafts. The best part of this activity is that kids get a chance to sample delicious street food and get live music entertainment. 

· Discover a New Playground

While there are numerous playgrounds across Los Angeles, chances are that you only visit the same grounds every time. Leverage the summer season to find a new area to play. From slides, sandboxes, swings, or even climbing structures, you’ll have endless options to choose from. 

· Ice Cream Treats

Los Angeles summers will leave the kids craving for good ice cream. Parents can treat their children to some of the most delicious frozen treats in the city.

· Visit Disneyland

 The Disneyland resort is an impressive part of pop-art equipped with hotels, rides, and central Disney, a neighboring shopping center. The 60-year old establishment which is also known as “The Happiest Place on Earth” comprises two parks. They are the recently refurbished Disney California Adventure, and the near-mythic Disneyland. Kids will be overjoyed to visit the famous Disneyland. 

· Pick Strawberries

Pick Strawberries

There are numerous farms across Los Angeles where the kids can visit and have fun picking strawberries. They will enjoy picking and eating the sweet fruits, and also have a chance to learn about ancient hunter-gathering practices. 

Best Summer Activities for Kids in Moscow, Russia

Moscow is a vast metropolis filled with numerous activities that can keep your children busy. From ice caves, riverboats, and futuristic parks, here are some fun kids summer activities in Moscow Russia. 

· Traffic Signs

Draw two lines and maintain between three to six meters between them. Designate one child to be the leader or “traffic sign,” and have them stand between the lines. The other kids should be behind the leader and one of the drawn lines.

The leader will then call out a random color and have the other kids find it on their clothes. The kid who spots the color will then show it and cross to the opposite line. The leader will attempt to grab them before they can make their way across. The kid who gets caught will remain in place. 

· Hot potato

For this activity, kids will have to stand in a ring and toss a ball to one another. Children shouldn’t hold onto the ball for long since it’s assumed to be a hot potato. Kids who hold it for long or drop it will have to sit inside the ring and become the hot potato. The idea here will be to catch the ball while seated. If the kid catches it, then they can go back to the ring. The child from whom the ball was caught will then sit inside the ring. 

· I Know Five Names

Here, every participant will bounce a ball and on each bounce call out an item from a particular list. For instance: I know five species of dogs, I know five mountains, and I know five species of wild cats. Once the child is done, he’ll pass the ball to the next participant to play. The participant who either takes too long to think or loses the ball should release the ball and repeat their topic. 

· Ring

This is an ancient girly game that can be traced back to the 19th century. While this game has evolved over the years, the main feature which in this case is a ring remains. However, you can use other small items such as a button or coin.

All participants sit in a line with their hands curled up together. Their leader, however, will be clutching a ring. She’ll then approach the other participants one by one. All this time, she’ll try to place the ring in one of the player’s hands without the others noticing. The other participants will watch carefully to try and identify where the ring has been placed.

Once the leader is done with the line she’ll shout “Ring-ring, come out to the porch.” The participant with the ring will then run out and the other participants will have to stop her. If she manages to get away she’ll become the new leader.  

Interesting Summer Activities for Kids in Canada

Summers in Canada are sunny and warm, making it the perfect moment to engage in fun and exciting outdoor activities. Here are some enjoyable kids summer activities in Canada. 

· Organize an Ice Cream Party

Ice Cream Party

Research simple Ziploc bag procedures that will keep children busy as they make their single-serving ice cream. Give them extra ingredients such as chocolate chips or chopped fruits and watch them get creative with decorating their cups.  

· Create a Field-to-Table Meal

Have the kids source local fresh produce from the nearest farmer’s market or your kitchen garden. Help them prepare an alfresco meal with their ingredients. There are numerous recipes available for you to choose from. 

· Get a Professional to teach the Kids to Mountain Bike

Once they are fully conversant with the activity you can have them take the trails for the ultimate off-road adventure. 

· Go Fishing


Many fishing events take place during summer in Canada. Take advantage of this to have the kids learn how to fish as well as get conversant with fish conservation practices.  

· Fun Kids Summer Activities in the UK

Here are some of the fun kids summer activities in the UK that will keep your children busy and happy.

· Visit a Museum

A visit to a London museum is one of the best kids summer activities. There are famous museums across some of the major cities in the UK that allow free access to exhibitions throughout the year. These include the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, the Science Museum, and the Museum of London which children are fond of. 

· Watch a Play

London has great theatre displays with fun kid-friendly plays to keep them fully entertained. 

· Teach Kids how to make Sweets

Teach Kids How To Make Sweets

Kids can visit some of the best confectionery makers in the UK. Here, they can learn how to mix flavors and colors before making rainbow-colored lollipops with skilled candy makers. Apart from learning a new skill, they will carry their tasty creations home. 

· Participate in National Play Day

The National Play Day falls on August 1st and children get an opportunity to play at the numerous community events. These include street parties complete with games, and group adventures in woodlands. 

· Go on a Day out at the Park

There are various beautiful parks across the UK where the kids can visit during summer. All they’ll need is packed lunch, waterproof gear, and outdoor toys for an exciting fun day out. 


If you’ve been struggling to find the best kids summer activities, this list should ease your search.

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It’s Time to go Summer Camping: Switzerland is the safest country in the world for COVID!

Life took a sudden turn when COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic. With no one unable to predict when everything will be back to normal, summer camping ventures were put on hold. While the world is still grappling with the pandemic, many countries have adopted stringent measures to bring it under control.

Currently, Switzerland stands at position one to become the safest country in the world for the novel coronavirus. This is exciting news, especially for hot weather tent camping enthusiasts. It’s time to go summer camping again. 

One of the Most Covid-19 Affected Regions

Covid-19 Affected Regions

Switzerland has been one of the most affected countries by the coronavirus in Europe. Up to 30,934 people have been infected out of which 1,923 have since died. A recently released report revealed that the rate of infections in the country has continued to decline. The rate of mortality and spread has also declined.

The study analyzed various factors that are critical to the re-opening of the economy while still ensuring that residents are safe. Here are the factors and how Switzerland scored to move from number 11 to become the safest country in the world. 

  • Quarantine efficiency – 144 points
  • Government efficiency – 188 points
  • Healthcare readiness – 101 points
  • Regional resiliency – 93 points
  • Monitoring and detection – 131 points
  • Emergency preparedness – 95 points

As a result of these impressive scores, the government has been relaxing the stringent restrictions while ensuring residents remain safe. Researchers involved in this study were quoted saying:

“In our previous safety and risk assessment, regions which had very high levels of emergency preparedness and a capacity to efficiently manage national crises achieved the highest score because they had the greatest likelihood of managing the early stages of the pandemic. However, now that it has become clear who did and did not succeed to face that first wave optimally, and as regions begin to prepare for relaxing lockdown conditions and economic freezing mandates, it is the factors which impact their capacity to withstand the future of COVID-19, and to prevent economic fallout without sacrificing public health and safety and the risk of second waves of infection, that take on the greatest levels of importance moving forward.”

There’s still a lot to do

Even though Switzerland is currently leading, the government should adopt measures to ensure residents remain healthy and the economy thrives post the pandemic. According to the report, one of the most effective ways of doing so is by cutting down the country’s dependency on export-related income. Authors of this report also noted that: 

“Switzerland has proven to be a fundamental actor in the fight against Covid-19 and its management scheme a model to keep in view, but it is important that the reopening process of the Swiss economy is carried out with caution, assessing the dynamics of the virus, otherwise all the sacrifice and joint work of citizens, government and organizations will have been meaningless,”

You can now Go Summer Camping!

Summer Camping

Following the relaxing of the COVID-19 restrictions, you can now allow your children to go for summer camping trips. The Swiss government has put in place stringent measures to ensure campers are safe throughout the camping session. For example, only a limited number of campers can attend camp at a time.

Summer camps have laid down strategies on how to operate their camping sites while adhering to the laid down measures. This means you shouldn’t worry about missing out especially if you had booked in advance. How will summer camps ensure that campers are safe? Read on to find out. 

Regular Screening

Screening on the campers and staff at the camp should be done regularly. Children attending day-time summer camp should be screened at the drop-off point. Part of the screening process should involve checking body temperature and asking families about exposure and symptoms. Campers who have a fever and those that report any exposure should stay at home. Anybody who’s sick should also be encouraged to stay at home.

Parents and their children should be screened every day. While screening is important, it’s worth mentioning that between 15 to 45% of people are asymptomatic (showing no symptoms) even when infected. This means that while screening will reduce risk, it won’t eliminate it. 

Stay Outdoors where Possible

Stay Outdoors

According to the CDC, outdoor activities are less likely to expose you to the virus. This is because maintaining a safe distance is easy to achieve while outside than when indoors. Due to this campers should engage in outdoor-related activities as much as possible. Any indoor related activities such as arts and crafts should also be done from outside.

In case of poor weather, summer camps may want to postpone especially if they’re unable to adhere to social distancing requirements. As summer camps resume, Les Elfes has put in place measures to ensure that campers and staff are safe.

Part of their plan includes having proper camping essentials such as masks and soap and water to facilitate hand washing. Frequently touched surfaces at the camp are also disinfected regularly and hand sanitizers are strategically located in various areas. Further, supervisors will talk to the campers every day on how to protect themselves and others from getting infected. 

Staff and Camp Supervisors should be Cautious both Inside and Outside the Camp

During pre-Covid times, it didn’t matter how people spend their weekends and evenings. Today, however, what you do may expose you to the virus. Due to this, staff and supervisors should be cautious during off-hours to avoid contracting the virus and introducing it to the campers. The camper’s families too should be cautious during their day to day activities.

Remember, any action you take during these uncertain times can expose you and those that you love to the virus. When all the parties involved remain vigilant, we’ll not only keep each other safe, but we shall also beat the virus. 

What about Overnight Summer Camp?

Overnight Summer Camp

Overnight camp can be both risky and safe. How can a camping facility run an overnight camp effectively while ensuring that everybody involved is safe? The facility may demand that every registered camper self-quarantines before the summer camping trip.

The camp can then have strategies in place to test all attendants on arrival. They can also promote strict self-distancing practices and have everyone wear their masks. Campers should maintain a safe distance from one another even during meal times. The camp can run more tests after one week.

If no one tests positive, then they can be sure that the camp is virus-free. Does this mean that campers will be free to engage in activities and mingle together freely? This will depend on whether the camp remained closed to visitors during the quarantine season. If no visitors came in, then campers can engage in their favorite activities without risk of contracting COVID-19.

Campers, Counselors, and Staff should Strictly Remain at the Camp

To ensure that the camp remains virus-free, campers, counselors, and the staff should remain inside the camp for the entire camping period. Further, no visitors from outside should be allowed at the camp. Remember, whatever makes summer overnight summer camps safe could also make them riskier.

Summer camp enthusiasts travel from far to get to their preferred camping centers. Should any of them test positive or develop coronavirus related symptoms, then there wouldn’t be a nearby quarantine facility. Infected kids would have to return home. Assuming that kids developed symptoms while at the camp, the supervisors would have no option but to cancel the event.

In the end, all the parties involved will be left with frustrations having wasted an entire summer. Still, personal health is more critical than the fun that comes with going summer camping. Supervisors at Less Elfes are committed to ensuring that campers are safe and protected at all costs.

Parents can be assured that players at the facility will do everything to ensure children go back home virus free. This strategy is designed for overnight summer camps that run for more than two weeks. They should also have in place strict guidelines on arriving and leaving the camp. In this case, all the participants should arrive on the same day and remain inside the camp until the event is over.  

Can Summer Camps be Safe and Still be Affordable?

Currently, many families are struggling to meet their basic needs. This means they won’t afford camp if the process of making them safer raises costs. What can camps do to make the premises safe but affordable?

Camps should avoid a situation where only people who can afford camp achieve safety while those who can’t are exposed to danger. To make camp affordable and safe for all, authorities can pledge public funds to camps. When camps start operating again they’ll be helping the economy.

More parents can go back to work while the kids enjoy their time at summer camp. Summer camps can even serve as an example for schools as they prepare for re-opening. Players should strive to determine the best way to ensure that kids are safe in groups. Achieving success in summer camps increases the chances of succeeding in school. 


People across the world have been under quarantine for a long time now. You can break this routine by attending summer camp as a family, or sending your children on a summer camping trip. Switzerland is currently the safest place to go summer camping in the time of coronavirus.

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Summer Camps Sleepaway: How to Choose the Best for Your Child

If you are considering sending your children on a camps sleepaway vacation, there are various factors you should consider.

First, you’ll want to ask yourself the following questions. Are the kids old enough to attend a sleepaway camp? Where will they be staying? Does the camp offer child-friendly activities?

Summer Camps Sleepaway

Today, camping is a popular practice for both children and adults, especially in summer. With the many overnight camps available today, choosing the best for your child can be a difficult task. Here are tips to ease the process. 

Define Your Expectations

Before choosing a sleepaway camp it’s important to define your expectations. Figure out what you want your child to achieve from the camping experience.

Do you want them to meet and mingle with other children with whom they have similar interests? If you do, choose a camp that offers their favorite subjects. Do you want to keep them occupied and active when school is out with a combination of outdoor and indoor activities? In this case, an academic camp would come in handy to keep them intellectually active. 

Involve Children in the Planning Process

The main objective of sending your child to a camps sleepaway trip is to ensure they enjoy their stay. Involving them in the planning process plays a huge role in achieving this success. If you have teenage children, for example, they may frown at the idea of an overnight camp.

However, by involving them, they get a chance to choose a camp program that best caters to their needs. For example, they may be more interested in going to sports camps with their peers.

The idea here should be to find programs that cater to their current interests. Involve the child from scratch to ensure you’re reading from the same page. Remember, your child will only benefit from the camp program if they’re interested in the same.  

Decide Whether Your Child is Ready for a Sleepaway Camp

Determining whether or not your child is ready to go for a camps sleepaway trip is not just about their ages. Determine this by their willingness to attend sleepovers alone. Some children will be comfortable with being away from home from a younger age.

Others, on the other hand, might show little interest even when they are older. Here are some tips to help you figure out whether your child is ready to go for a sleepaway camp. 

· If they can Maintain their Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene

Counselors and supervisors at the camp will remind children to shower and brush their teeth. However, the child should be able to do these tasks on their own. While camp helps campers become independent, a child should already be conversant with various tasks such as bathing. 

· If they are Pestering You to Go for an Overnight Camp

Is your child asking for your permission to attend camps sleepaway events? If they are, chances are that they are ready to experience a different adventure for some days. Still, some children have to be pushed to think about going camping. Ensure your child is comfortable with the idea and avoid forcing them to do something they don’t like. 

· They’ve Successfully bee Away for Sleepovers

Has your child attended a sleepover at their friend’s or relative’s house? If they have, what was their experience like? Did they connect with their friends? Did they manage to sleep comfortably?

Were they anxious? If they have been to several successful sleepovers this is a good sign that they are ready for camps sleepaway. Remember, you’ll need to speak to your child about getting homesick and how they can overcome it while on camp. 

Choose the Right Category

Once you’ve defined your camps sleepaway expectations, select the different programs that can help you meet them. Here are some popular camp categories to choose from. 

· Art Camps

Summer Art Camps

Art camps allow campers to focus on developing their creative interests with their peers. Some camps allow campers to engage in 3D printing and computer-oriented design while others focus on visual arts, drawing, and painting. 

· Academic Camps

These camps are designed to ensure that children continue learning even when schools are closed. Academic camps offer a great combination of extracurricular and education-based activities. They often focus on topics that are hardly taught in schools such as skill development.

Academic camps are a perfect way of educating students who hardly cope with traditional instructions. They allow students to target a specific academic skill or activity and advance it throughout the camp session.

At Les Elfes for instance, there are various programs to choose from. These include language arts, math, photography, theater, and computer-based studies. 

· Athletic Camps

Athletic Camps

These are ideal for sporty children who are interested in learning new skills in summer. They also help keep teenagers and young children active when schools are closed. 

· Adventure Camps

These camps are engaging and fun, and a great way of engaging in new challenges and experiences. These can be similar to an ordinary outdoor camp with a special activity such as field trips, hiking, going for nature hunts.

· Special Needs Camp

These are specially designed to create the perfect environment for campers who are unable to attend normal summer sleepaway camps. This could be due to emotional, mental, and physical challenges. Camper to staff ratios, in this case, is low to guarantee exclusive attention. This helps create a comfortable environment to meet the children’s needs.

Choose a Camp that Doesn’t Interfere with Your Schedule

Ensure the camp program you choose fits in with any family commitments or vacations you may have for summer. Start your search for the best camp early before registration deadlines hit. Consider contacting the camp if you have any inquiries to make. 

Consider Camps that Offer a Wide Variety of Activities

Wide Variety Of Activities

If you’re trying to establish your children’s interests consider camp programs that offer a wide range of activities. Many summer sleepaway camps offer different activities that enable children to determine their interests.

If your child chooses a particular program it should be what they’re interested in pursuing. Choose a program that will nurture your child to become the best version of themselves, and not what you expect them to be. 


Summer camps sleepaway vacations are ideal opportunities for children to engage in new challenges and experiences. Use these tips to establish the best camps that will be benefit your kids. Enroll your child for the next summer camp and enjoy friendly discounts.

Fun and Exciting Camping Games that Families will Love this Summer

Camping games are a perfect way to keep children active during the summer season. A camping trip allows kids to reconnect with their peers and make new friends.

There is a wide range of fun camping games to choose from. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can even make your games. In this post, we shall discuss fun family camping games that families can indulge in during your next camping trip.

Camping Games for the Whole Family

Whether your campsite will be in your backyard or out in the wilderness, camping games are ideal during the summer season. Playing family games together is a proper way of strengthening your relationships. Further, you get to spend valuable time with the people you love. What a better way to relax and break away from the hustles and bustles of daily life? Here are some nature scavenger hunt inspired games you can try.

· I Spy

I spy is a great game that the whole family can play after lunch or when relaxing from a hiking trip. Every participant gives hints about an item they can notice near them and repeat: “I spy with my little eyes” The person who can guess the object correctly becomes the winner.

· Card Games

Card Games

There are numerous card games available for players of all ages, such as Kings Corners. Two players can play this game, where each receives seven cards. The remaining cards are then placed in a pack, face down, in the middle of the playing area.

A player then snaps four cards from the stack and puts them to the east, west, north, and south of the pile. Players take turns playing their cards lower in position and a different color on the packs. Players place the kings in the corners, and once the feeder pile is gone, the first player that runs out of cards wins.

· Park Ranger

To play this game, you need a big playing area complete with preset boundary lines. Choose one player from the group to become the park ranger. He (park ranger) will start in the middle of the playing area while the other players stand shoulder to shoulder in a line in front of the park ranger. Each player will pick the animal they want to be, but not reveal it to the other players. The park ranger will announce features that the other participants’ animals should have. What happens if a participant’s animal lacks a characteristic the park ranger mentions? They have to run through the area before the park ranger labels them. The park ranger attempts to tag as many people as he can. Tagged players will become trees where they remain stationary without moving their feet. The last person who does not become a tree wins.

· Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is one of the great games to include in your camping activities list. Prepare a list of things that campers may find on the trail. You can also get a printable scavenger hunt list on the internet. Let them mark off the objects they see instead of collecting them. Adults should confirm the finds and the first camper who discovers all the objects will receive a gift.

· Campfire Games

Campfire Games

Apart from roasting marshmallows by the campfire, there are other games that campers can play in the evening. All that young and older kids need to play campfire games is enough warmth and creativity.

· The Telephone Game

To play this game, players should sit shoulder to shoulder. The participant sitting at the beginning of the line creates a long sentence. They then whisper it to the player seated to the right, who then whispers it to the next person. The last person on the finish line will repeat the sentence loudly and will not be the same as it was in the beginning.

· Twenty Questions

Participants play this game in turns. One player thinks of an object, and the other participants can ask twenty questions to figure out what the item is. The player who has the answer can only respond to yes or no questions.

· Name That Tune

Participants will take turns playing this game. One player will hum a specific tune for approximately a minute while the others try to guess the song. The participant who makes most correct guesses becomes the winner.

· Camping Trip

Camping trip is a fun game that kids will enjoy. Each child repeats: “I’m going on a camping trip and I’ll bring…” they will then say what they will bring from their camping trip. The trick here is that the players must complete their phrases with an item whose name begins with the preceding letter. For example, if the first person will be bringing acorns, the next player must bring an object whose name starts with letter B like Bananagrams.

· Two Truths and a Lie

To play this game, campers around the campfire will share three details about themselves. Two of them will be true, and one will be a lie. The rest of the players must guess the lie correctly.

· Charades

Charades is an ideal campfire game for a small or large group. Have the participants write down some camping ideas to try on pieces of paper, and put them in an empty coffee mug or hat. Move around the campfire clockwise, pick slips, and act out hints to the phrase you choose until the other participants guess it right. Winners can enjoy s’mores by the campfire.

· Glow in the Dark Jenga Games

Glow In The Dark Jenga Games

Jenga is a miniature piling block game that is fun to play both during the day and in the evening by the campfire. You can purchase the stacking blocks from Amazon. Jenga games will bring out the fun on a rainy day.

· Cornhole

Cornhole is ideal for small campsites because it does not include lots of running around. To play this game, form a group of two or four people and have them stand 25 feet apart. Each group should have a board with a hole cut through it. Every team member will toss beanbags and try to pass them in the hole. The first team that gets 21 points becomes the winner. What happens if you do not have boards? In this case, you will need to exercise your creativity. Sketch a goal on the ground and toss pine cones.

Active Camping Games

These outdoor games are ideal in a spacious place and require more movement. They are perfect for energetic children.

· Knot Tying

You can make this a knot-tying challenge. Ensure each child can tie and untie a knot before the game begins. Assign one participant as the timekeeper, and let the players compete to tie up the perfect knot. Organizers can set the game up in barrier course format with different knot tying stations on various items. The first player to tie and untie the appointed knots becomes the winner.

· Go Fish Yourself Game

Go-fish is a fun game that is perfect for the whole family. Up to 6 players can play at once. You will need a sense of humor to enjoy this game. The idea of the Go-fish yourself game is not to set up pairs. Instead, you will be forcing your peers to set up pairs. Each pair creates a set of funny rules for the participants to follow. If you cannot follow the rules, then you will have to exit the game.

· Glow in the Dark Frisbee

When the darkness sets in, many campers will be looking forward to going to bed. However, this does not mean the end of camping games for the day. Older children can continue playing as the glow in the dark frisbee brightens the surroundings. You can even make an illuminated nightfall ring toss using glow sticks.

· Sleeping Bag Relay Races

This game is similar to potato sack relay races, with the only difference being that the sleeping bags. Carry some old sleeping bags and get the children to hop-race up to the finish line. Gift the winner with a packet of s’mores.

· Yahtzee Board Game

Yahtzee Board Game

Yahtzee is one of the standard board games that you can play on a flat surface like a picnic table. Players roll 5-dice in turns three times, hoping to make 1 out of 13 categories. However, they do not always achieve this. The game ends once all the participants enter a zero, or a score in all the thirteen categories. The players then compare their scores to identify the winner.

· Camping Bingo

Camping bingo is a fun game that helps campers to improve their problem-solving skills. Each kid receives a large card, each containing phrases, words, or pictures. While each child gets the same words, they are usually in a different order. Once the supervisor calls out a word, the kids look for the correct square on their card and outline it. The first child to get five words highlighted vertically, horizontally, or in a row becomes the winner.

Camping Games are an Ideal Entertain Option in Summer

Playing a wide range of camping games can be entertaining for the whole family. If you are planning your next camping trip, make sure you try some of the games we have discussed here. Apart from being easy to play, these camping games will teach the kids critical life skills.

Register now and enjoy some of these fun camping games with your whole family.

Summer Camp for Teens

Summer is the best time for your children to attend camp. Various summer camp for teens programs offer a wide range of fun and exciting experiences for the youth. For example, by attending overnight camps your child will learn how to be independent.

An adventure camp, on the other hand, is a great way of creating unforgettable memories. A summer program comes with numerous benefits for your teenagers as we shall see below. 

Specially Designed Activities for Teens

Specially Designed Activities For Teens

Compared to the younger campers, teenagers are mature intellectually, physically, and emotionally. Many times, teenagers prefer being in social engagements and camp activities with their peers.

Many camps in Switzerland offer various events and activities for children depending on their ages. Some of the specially designed activities for teens include water rafting, rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, and team-building sports.

It’s important to understand that teenagers often experience unique challenges and taking care of them emotionally is critical. Studies show that teenage campers engage and understand activities better when they share their experiences with fellow teens. As a result, you may want to keep the young campers in a different summer camp to avoid these limitations. 

A Productive Learning Environment

When older campers attend summer camp for teens they get a chance to enjoy social comfort and physical activity the entire day. Remember, teenagers can remain focused for longer periods compared to young campers. This allows counselors to aim their attention on outdoor activity engagement and skill development.

Being active is critical for a healthy lifestyle. Exposure to new challenges in performing arts camps triggers curiosity in teenagers which encourages them to discover new passions or hobbies.

Teen camps can enhance and covert this attention to mental and physical wellness in a social, fun, and exciting way. Whether your teenage child attends sleepaway camps for teens or a sports camp, they will learn new skills. This will help them cultivate positive social interaction practices within a specially designed environment that promotes their success. 


Inclusivity can be difficult if a summer program involves numerous campers of different age groups. This would deny teenagers a chance to be included in their preferred social groups. In summer camps for teens however, every camper gets a chance to participate in the stipulated activities.

At the Les Elfes summer camp, for instance, there are specially designed facilities for the teens. Onsite supervisors have created teen-focused activities to keep the children active throughout the camp experience. Staffs here are friendly and enthusiastic which helps create a fun and inclusive environment for the campers. 

Learning to Appreciate Small Things 

Being away on overnight camps means that campers will be unable to enjoy the comforts of being at home. This camp experience helps the teen appreciate the things they often take for granted.

These include mobile gadgets, television, serene bathrooms with warm running water, and a fridge full of food. Through this, the child will realize that life in their homes isn’t as bad as they may think.

Further, the experience is enough to help them understand that they only need a few things to be happy. These include caring parents, a warm bed, few trustworthy friends, and healthy meals.

Teenagers who often take their parents for granted will have a change of perception on spending some days in a teen summer camp. After the summer experience, you’ll notice that the teens will appreciate your gestures such as preparing their favorite meals.

Accountability, Responsibility, and Independence

A teen-oriented outdoor adventure can be an ideal place where teenagers learn how to do things independently. Here, they’ll be far from their parents or guardians. This means they’ll have to choose healthy meals, remember to brush their teeth and shower, and even wear sunscreen.

Getting used to summer camp teen programs can be difficult at first. However, the children will be in the company of their peers and this makes learning and coping easier. The young people will be tasked with new responsibilities that will help them grow.

Camp supervisors and directors will be ready to monitor and ensure that teens understand what needs to be done. Some teens are more dependent than others. Still, being under a camp program helps boost their self-reliance and independence.

What’s more, they will go back home with a different attitude towards doing daily tasks. Further, supervisors at the best summer camps ensure that every camper is responsible for their actions. 

Enhances Teamwork

Enhances Teamwork

A great teen summer camp would be one that offers various day programs. Still, this camp should provide a wide range of activities for the campers. Such a summer experience provides a good environment for your teenager founded on shared values. These include curiosity, accountability, and acceptance.

Whether your teen will be attending an overnight or day camp, your child will learn how to collaborate with their peers. They will also enjoy developing different skills with teenagers from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures.

Campers at the Les Elfes summer camp work together to execute various tasks. These include: cleaning their cabins, teaching their peers new skills such as paddling a canoe and participating in community service plans.

Children in a teen summer camp should learn how to work together with their peers and adults. This way, they’ll become productive members of their teams. 

Helps Teens Develop a Unique Interest

Teen summer camps provide an ample environment where high school students can engage in diverse activities outside the school setup. These include entrepreneurship and archery.

Has your teenager shown interest in engaging in different subjects out of sports or the school’s curriculum? If they have, various camps offer a vast range of subjects and activities.

These include visual arts, video games, and rafting. Summer camps for teens offer a great disturbance-free alternative environment and gives them time to discover new interests. 

Making Friends

Making Friends teens

Bonding with new campers can be difficult even for children who’ve been to a YMCA overnight camp before. However, great academic programs make it easy for teens to interact and make new friends.

Teenagers have an easy time sharing small spaces with their peers. Living together in the summer camp cabins helps strengthen friendships. This helps campers learn fundamental life skills, and encourages them to appreciate people from different communities.

Once the summer camp is over, campers will have made friends from different backgrounds. Often, sleepaway camps give teenagers a chance to expand from their traditional group of friends and help them connect with others positively.

Allows them to Exercise

Technology today takes center stage in the upbringing of modern-day youth. Many parents take advantage of summer camp to ensure that children stay away from their gadgets. While on camp, many teenagers get a chance to engage in various physical and educational activities.

These include performing arts sessions and creative writing classes. Assuming your child is an athlete, for example, a sports camp would be ideal to keep them occupied. Parents whose teens are yet to establish their preferred sport can consider a day camp that helps campers engage in something new.

Provides Mental Stimulation

stying fit during covid-19

With the ongoing Covid-19 global pandemic, many schools are closed. This has denied children a chance to engage in physical activity.

Once the pandemic is controlled and teenagers can finally leave the house, parents should consider sending them to a summer camp. This will help them engage in both physical and mental activity. Does your child enjoy video games or visual arts?

Have you been searching for a way to keep them off their gadgets and into more mind stimulating courses or activities? If you do, a summer experience could be what your child needs to become innovative.  


A camp experience gives your teen a chance to transition from school to extracurricular activities. It’s worth noting that different environments are critical for child development.

By attending camp, children will become self-confident and independent. Apart from acquiring new skills, they will also make new friends. 

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