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Camping is an adventurous activity that is exciting for children and adults alike.

Are you considering going to winter camp? Temperatures during winter can be uncomfortable.

However, camping in winter allows you to enjoy adventurous moments without having to grapple with the crowds that flock campsites during summer.

In this post, we shall discuss winter camping tips and look at some of the best winter camps 2020 to choose from.  

Winter Camping Tips 

Many people would prefer hibernating during winter.

However, with proper preparations, equipment, and safety measures there are numerous outdoor activities you can engage in.

To have a successful winter camp you will need adequate information and the right gear. Here are some tips to help you maximize your winter camping experience.

· Select a Practical Destination

When it comes to choosing a winter camping destination, consider your expectations and limitations.

Are you passionate about the snow? Have you always wanted to go to winter camps? Can you withstand extreme temperatures?

If you answered in the affirmative, chances are high that you will enjoy camping in the best winter camps 2020.

However, if cold weather makes you uncomfortable, you may want to consider a more favorable climate.

While you may enjoy winter camps, it’s worth mentioning that its magnitude varies depending on the location.

For instance, some regions can get more frozen than wet. Regardless of your preference, you’ll have an easy time exploring and engaging in winter-related activities free from massive crowds.

· Wear Suitable Clothing

You will need proper winter clothing to keep you warm. These include thermal
, warm boots, a warm jacket, gloves, and wool socks.

Dress in layers where possible. This way, you’ll have an easy time managing your body temperature.

What’s more, you can reduce the layers when temperatures get warmer. Pack your clothes depending on the climate in your preferred camping

· Monitor the Weather Prediction

Be on the lookout for the weather in your preferred camping destination before embarking on your trip.

Establish the anticipated low and high temperatures or storms.

Remember, winter storms are usually unpredictable and you should always be prepared to deal with sudden weather fluctuations.

· Pack Appropriate Winter Camping Gear

Proper winter camping gear guarantees you comfort. For instance, choose a sleeping bag designed for the winter season.

You can choose a down air mattress or an additional foam pad to help you cope with cold air on the ground.

A good winter tent is also ideal especially if you’ll be camping in extreme winter conditions.

Some winter camps will either offer you a stove or you can hire one on arrival. If you have to carry your stove, make sure you have sufficient fuel to last the entire trip. 

· Ensure your Sleeping bag is Warm before using it

During winter your sleeping bag will take time to warm up with your body heat. You may want to pre-warm it to have a comfortable night.

To do this you’ll need to: boil water and put it in a hot water bottle. If you don’t have one you can simply use a well-sealed container.

Using a leaking bottle could ruin your sleeping bag and deny you a comfortable night’s sleep.

Place your hot water bottle or container inside the sleeping bag for approximately 20 minutes before going to sleep.

With the heat, you will not only have an enjoyable night, but your body will also maintain the temperature throughout the night. 

· Winterize your Camper or RV

Whether you will be staying in a trailer, camper or an RV, remember to winterize them.

Remember, everything including water lines in RVs tends to freeze in winter.

You may want to refer to your RV’s user manual for winterizing tips depending on its model.

Ensure the heater inside your RV is in good working condition before embarking on your trip. 

· Prepare Healthy Meals

Many campers survive on fruits and sandwiches during summer. The cold season, however, calls for a healthy well-prepared meal.

Pack canned stews and soups and include your preferred hot beverages such as tea, coffee, apple cider, and hot chocolate for the

· Carry Enough Firewood

Campfires not only keep you warm in the evening and at night but they also help you enjoy cooking from outside.

However, finding firewood during winter can be an arduous task. Carry some dry firewood and matches.

Remember to wrap them using a waterproof material. 

Which are the Best Winter Camps in the World?

Winter camps can be found in various parts of the world.

Many of them offer different winter-related activities such as snowboarding and skiing training programs for children.

You can send your children to some of the best winter camps 2020 during their school break.

Many winter camps in Asia, Europe, and America are located in scenic places where your children will enjoy.

If your child loves winter sports, a winter camp would be ideal to help them hone their skills.

Apart from making new friends and learning new cultures, your kids will learn how to be independent.

What’s more, flights during winter could be cheaper and the crowds are minimal.

If you are looking for the ideal winter camp for your kids, here are some options for you to choose from. 

Sítio do Carroção

Founded in 1971, Sítio do Carroção gives your child a wide range of options to choose from.

Apart from schools, children get the opportunity to participate in educational games, participate in adventurous activities, as well as special activities.

Accommodation in this winter camp is in the form of rooms and languages spoken here are Portuguese and English.

The camp can accommodate up to 300 children at once and supervisors are committed to guaranteeing safety for all.

This camp is ideal for your adventurous child who enjoys discovering new and strange things. 

Les Elfes International Winter Camps

Les Elfes winter camp is one of the biggest camps in Switzerland.

Located strategically in the Alps, this winter camp is a must-visit whether you live in or outside Europe.

The camp runs throughout the year and offers various outdoor activities in Winter that your kids will love.

Les Elfes was launched in 1987 and has evolved from hosting 500 children per year to hosting more than 5000 children annually.

Apart from offering winter sports programs, there are campuses here where children can enroll in and enhance their skills in various ways.

Les Elfes also offers language lessons and seeks to help children develop various attributes such as public speaking, self-confidence, networking, and independence.

Les Elfes has gone a step further to launch a charitable organization that seeks to help girls from underprivileged backgrounds receive an education.

The team behind this project is committed to providing a family environment, improved lifestyle, and better education to transform their future lives.

Once in a while, campers participate in field trips that help them discover Les Elfes and the surrounding areas. 

Traidhos Camp

This winter camp in Thailand was founded in 2010. It’s an all-year-round camp and English is the main language.

Traidhos camp provides a wide range of themed project camps such as Scuba diving, Superheroes, and team and habitat building.

Each activity camp is designed to help children develop various skills such as resilience, independence, and risk-taking skills in a regulated environment.

Every week comes with a designated theme where campers analyze one topic extensively.

There are extra activities to make the experience fun and exciting. 


SuperCamps was founded in 1996 and is located in London and accommodates children aged between 4 and 14 years.

The facility is popularly known for being a top Ofsted-certified childcare organization in the UK.

There are numerous activities for children to sample and the team strives to ensure that every camper has fun and remains safe.

The fundamentals of this camp are: to offer deeply immersive experiences for the kids under the leadership of well trained and experienced staff.  

Aurinko camp

Aurinko camp offers a comprehensive entertainment and language program. It prides itself on having an affluent history.

It offers both day and overnight camping services. The camp was established in 2000 and English is the main language used here.

The team behind this facility strives to be present for the campers and offer the necessary support they need.

There are daily updates on the facility’s social media pages to keep parents informed.

Your children get a chance to learn a new language as well as enhance their winter sporting skills.



This camp located in one of the world’s best ski destinations in the world. Why the best? Because the amount and quality of the snow, make Japan one of the deepest and snowiest places on the planet.

And what better place to have your child go ski than Japan, or Japow as in powder, as die hard ski enthusiasts call it. 


MNK Niesko has three incredible resorts in the location of Niesko.  The resorts are The Orchards, the Country Resort and Akazora. The camp features all the things you would expect at a world class resort and youth camp. Skiing, snowboarding, sledging, cultural excursions, top rated and quality food and professional friendly camp instructors. 

All ages are welcome, English friendly. 


Are you considering sending your child to the best winter camps 2020? If you are, this list should help you choose one that best suits your needs.

Your children will get a chance to be active outdoors regardless of the cold conditions.