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International School Trips For Kids

Fun fact! Did you know that Europe is divided into a 44 incredible countries? If you are talking about the European Union, there are 28 countries. Switzerland, which is where we are located is not actually in the EU, but is of course in Europe.

Europe makes it a perfect place to go on legendary international school trips for kids. The historic sites, picturesque landscapes and cosmopolitan cities of Europe offer plenty to keep school-going kids of all ages entertained. From adrenaline-fuelled bike riding and hiking the great Alps to visiting cultural places, you are guaranteed to find a whole host of options for your kid. Whether they would like to understand the origins of Western civilization or simply want to seek a higher culture, a school trip in Europe will prove to be worth the while.      


There is something about taking in the sensory joys of landscapes coming back to life, so the best time to hike the Alps is between May and October. Offering dazzling mountain scenery Alpine lakes, mountain streams, fir forests and hundreds of glaciers, the Alps is the best supported trekking and hiking destination in the world. It also offers plenty of walking and hiking opportunities for people of all ages. The heart of the Alps opens up to reveal a fascinating mountain world where both climbers and hikers can roam and master the various trails available. Remember,  the Alps are an extensive mountain system stretching over eight different countries.

In addition to all these, there is no better place that one can enjoy drop-dead gorgeous mountain scenery and never have to carry anything more than a light day pack. This is because there are a plethora of well-linked accommodations, spaced out nicely along its length. The Alps also offer magnificent day hikes that are not only well marked but also easy to follow. This way, one can hike the mountains from either direction. It also means that you can enjoy the wildflowers ,waterfalls, wildlife, mountain scenery and glaciers during the day and still move on to the next alpine destination or be back on town before sunset.

Some of the treks on the Alps are defined by high alpine passes and trails that have been used for hundreds of years and some even more. Making hiking in the Alps, one of the best international school trips for kids.


Peaceful, untouched, neatly tucked between the firs and pine forests, a slice of heaven, all these are words used to describe camping. The countryside is often overlooked by most city dwellers thus why it offers a learning experience of life outside of the bustling city. Camping also shows a slower and kinder image of the countryside. Stunning Alpine campsites can be found right across the Alps as well, surrounded by glaciers, meadows, forests or frozen rivers thus epitomizing the wonders of high-altitude camping.

In Europe, camping is a great way to revisit the simplicity of nature without necessarily giving up on the every day comforts. The lazy afternoons, bird calls and meandering trails can be a welcome distraction from every day living. In addition to this, camping is equals to the warm glow of a campfire and star-filled nights. It is quite an old-style outdoors holidays where children of all ages can enjoy,  either goofing around the campsite or taking  nature walks

Wild camping is not allowed in In some parts of Europe, meaning that one can only camp inside a camp-site where services, tourists and any other thing you need can be found. Other than that, the Alps tend to be significantly populated, such that you are bound to come across villages near almost all the places on the ‘must visit’ list. While snow news is good news, when it melts in Spring, the Alps turn into a paradise for nature-lovers, sport enthusiasts and also walkers.

The Alps is a hidden gem that features plenty of options for both outdoor adventures and relaxation. There are a plethora of reasons for going camping in the Alps including taking in the fresh air, fresh scenery, fresh experiences, fresh food and fresh blooms. Offering a traditional alpine way of life,  camping in the Alps is also a good way for refreshing your senses, taking in the scene and admiring the beauty.

Ski trips

Europe is the world’s best destination for ski enthusiasts. Thousands of people enjoy ski resorts in Europe because they are among the most stunning in the world. The snow record, diversity of slopes and picturesque views are among the many reasons to go skiing. From December until the end of April, the prestigious Swiss resorts in Verbier, La Tzoumaz and Crans-Montana offer great skiing activities. All the ski trips are fully supervised and guarded with professional instructors and staff from when the kids arrive at the airport of the destination.

Ideally, since the Alps cover such a great area, it hard to clearly define when the skiing season truly starts or ends thus you can ski all year round depending on where you plan on going. Even with some man-made creations, pristine parks and sparkling snow help to beauty the place a little better. While skiing during winter months make more sense, the summer and spring months months in the Alps are almost beautiful. In fact, kids are bound to have a more memorable vacation when they go skiing during summer. This way, they can try out other activities such as hiking or trekking the excellent foot paths to experience the Alps from a new point of view.

A myriad of ski resorts found along the Alps have everything your child may need. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether they are pro at skiing or they just want to enjoy the experience. In Europe, skiing is a long-standing tradition especially with the Alps providing a magnificent background and skiing wonderland. Some of the slopes have even been the subjects of films. All your child needs is to come ready to hit the slopes with their snowboard or skis.

Bike riding

Biking is becoming popular especially in the lesser-explored regions in Europe. During the summer the Alps are a truly magical place for mountain biking, offering epic rocky descents, high-altitude blasts and hidden single tracks. Bike riding in the Alps is a fun activity and a good way to pursue personal health goals as well as attain a feeling of accomplishment.

Of all the destinations of the world for riding a bike, none is as defining and integral to the activity as cycling in the Alps. Stretching over 1,200 kilometers across Europe,  the Alps are a grandiose mountain range that features majestic valleys, soaring snow-capped peaks and high-altitude grassy plains, all of which are characteristics of the best known mountains in the world.

There is no region in the world that has had a greater impact on cycling together with its history than the Alps. The best time for cycling in the Alps is September, regardless of which part of the range you choose to visit 

Learning languages

The best way to become deeply involved in other people’s culture is by being able to talk their language. This is why language learning is included in some of the school trips. This way, students can dip their toes in the water with a beginner’s course or go all out with an advanced language immersion program and language exchange.

In a number of European countries, children have to start leaning a second language that is not necessarily English. Since kids tend to acquire languages using different principles, they learn languages faster than adults. Since most European countries speak more than one language, they is plenty to keep your child occupied. Gorgeous scenery, crisp and clean air as well as other fun activities offer a great way to enjoy Europe as well as learn a language or two. Therefore,  if your kid is interested in adventure and immersing themselves in some specific culture, then consider getting them to take language learning lessons.

Visiting cultural places

Europe is the only place in the world with a plethora of art galleries and museums, all of which are both exciting and educational for young minds. There are also tens of thousands of cultural activities that students can take part in. 

In addition to this,  Europe is the birthplace of some of the  most profound artists. Thia has helped us to change  the way we view the world and living. It is here where the likes of  Leonardo da Vinci, Dali, Duchamp,  Shakespeare, Picasso, Baudelaire, Van Gogh, Renoir and Cervantes among many others were born.

Europe also has some of the most beautiful landscapes that inspired the most beautiful decorations and paintings that may be seen in films. Another good thing about visiting cultural places in Europe is that it is easier to move from one place to another using the speed train. There are plenty of interesting cultural spots where one can learn a lot about the European history.

Everybody loves a good European adventure whether it is going hiking, camping, skiing, bike riding or simply visiting cultural places. While here, one can never ran of fun activities to do or places to go. Therefore,  if you are looking for a city break for culture-rich long vacation, Europe is one of the best places for international school trips for kids.