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 Summer camp trips are fun and exciting. If you’re planning a summer camp for teens, however, you understand it can be challenging. While teenagers are energetic, they can be choosy. This means pleasing them can be a difficult task.

You want to involve them in the planning process to ensure they don’t end up bored while on holiday. Allow them to voice their expectations, and plan in advance to make their summer camp for teens experience a memorable one. Here are some activities your child can try while on a summer camp trip.

1.      The Down, Down, Down Game

The game that first originated from Australia has today been adopted in other summer camps across the world. It’s similar to Twister, a popular American game. To play this summer camp for teens game your child needs a tennis ball. Two players then stand some distance apart and toss the ball backward and forward at each other.

If one player misses the ball for the first time they’ll have to go down on one knee. When they miss the second time they go down on two knees. If they continue missing they’ll need to go down on one elbow then the other.

This trend continues until one player is tossing the ball while on their elbows and knees. The first player who misses the ball when down on all their elbows and knees becomes the loser.

In this case, another player will have to come on board to face off with the winner. This game is fun and interesting and teenagers will be excited to participate.

2.     Bean Bag Tossing

Bean Bag Tossing

This is a common summer camp activity for teens that takes up little space. Setting it up is easy and there are various ways of maintaining scores, and making the game more interesting. An ordinary bean bag throw game is a frame or wooden frame that rests at an angle on the ground.

The frame comes with five holes. One hole is located at the top, two are right below it, while three are at the bottom part of the frame. Teenagers can either give each hole a different score or toss at the different levels with contrasting colored bean bags. The bean bag tossing game is a fun and competitive activity that teens will love. It’s also ideal for restricted spaces.

3.     Wet Shirt Relay

Summer is the perfect time of the year to engage in water-related games. The wet shirt relay game is an action-filled, fun, and thrilling summer camp for teens game. It’s a great outdoor activity for your kids to cool off on a hot day. Teenagers need around three buckets and three big tee shirts.

Divide the teens into teams and give each team a bucket and a tee shirt. With the buckets filled with water and placed some feet apart, immerse a tee shirt in each. Each team will then have a member race to the bucket.

Here, they’ll need to pick and wear the wet shirt on top of their bathing costume. After this, they’ll need to run to the next group member, remove the tee shirt and hand it over.

The team member who gets the t-shirt will immediately run to the bucket, immerse it, and wear it before racing back. The team that finishes first wins the race.

4.     Water Balloon Volleyball

Water Balloon Volleyball

This is a throw-and-catch summer camp for teens game that campers play outside with water balloons. You’ll need to get the teenagers to fill up between 25 and 30 water balloons in preparation for the game.

Tie a rope or net between two trees where the hurling of the balloons will take place. Divide the teenagers into two teams. Each team should have a towel that acts like the balloon sling. Water balloon volleyball is played like ordinary volleyball.

However, the water balloon is thrown over the net with the help of a towel sling, and caught in the same way. When the balloon breaks on one side the opposite team gets a point. To prolong the game and make it more exciting you can replace the balloons every time they break.

5.     Mad Libs

The mad libs game can be played indoors. It’s a verbal pattern word game where one player asks their peers for a series of words. The words are then used as alternatives for blanks in a narrative before they can read it aloud.

Teenagers attending a summer camp trip can practice mad libs as a pastime or party game. Apart from having fun, participants in this summer camp for teen game will find it educational.

Mad libs is available in different themes that teenagers will find interesting. Some of these focus on cartoons, flowers, and pets. There are different free mad lib word games available online. Teenagers will have a wide range of options to keep them busy during their summer camp vacation.

6.     Twenty Questions

This is a spoken word game that teenagers can play in the evening by the campfire. This game first originated in the United States. It stimulates deductive creativity and reasoning. To play this game the camper who’s chosen to begin thinks of an item.

The rest of the teenagers then ask the participant questions one after the other to try and figure the item out. Some of the questions can be: is it a loaf of bread? Is it a domestic animal? Or is it a tree?

The participant can only give a yes or no answer. Any teen who’s certain they know the answer can just shout out the answer. However, if the answer turns out to be wrong then they’re suspended from the game.

The teenager who guesses the right answer becomes the winner. However, if no one gives the right guess then the participating teenager wins.

7.     Shave the Balloon

Shave The Balloon

Shave the balloon is an outdoor summer camp for teens activity that can be fun but messy. Here, three of four participants are chosen to challenge one another. They are then tasked with shaving a balloon that’s coated in shaving cream. This task may seem easy but a small scratch will make it burst, splashing shaving cream all over.

The first teenager who manages to shave the balloon successfully becomes the winner. Completing this task requires the use of sharp objects. The summer camp facility should have qualified personnel to ensure teenagers are safe while playing. A pair of leather gloves and safety razors will guarantee safety.


These activities will be fun and exciting for your teenagers. Further, but they’ll also leave them looking forward to the next summer camp for teens trip.

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